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19 Bike Tattoos You’ll Love

Cover photo credit: @keljs78

Thinking about getting a new tattoo? If not, you’ll probably be thinking about it after seeing these bike tattoos.

For bicycle lovers, what better way to profess your passion than adding a little bike ink to your canvas? We’ve rounded up a bunch of bicycle tattoo ideas from the cycling community to get your creative juices flowing.

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Bicycle Tattoos on the Wrist

We love these tiny feminine bike tattoos. Proof that a bicycle tattoo doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to express who you are.

Cruiser and Vintage Bike Tattoos

Whimsical, sweet, and nostalgic, these bicycle tattoos remind us of cruises through the country and along the beach boardwalk.

Mountain Bike Tattoos

If you’re like me, you eat, breathe, and dream mountain biking. Express your love with one of these rad tats.

Ankle Bike Tattoos

Peekaboo! What’s that hiding behind those bike socks? One of these fun designs.

Road Bike Tattoos

There’s no place you’d rather be than the open road. But sometimes you have to get off the bike and go to work or run errands (lame, I know). Make sure everyone knows what you’d rather be doing with one of these tatttoos.

Bike Tattoos with Text

You’re not limited to a generic bike icon. These tattoos incorporate text to get their message across.

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