5 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Hydration Packs

A hydration pack is arguably one of the most important and most personal items a mountain biker has.  It can quite literally save your life, whether by providing water or in the cases of many, by cushioning your back in a serious crash.  Aside from water, a hydration pack carries all our favorite stuff–a cell phone, your snacks of choice, maybe a special rock or two.

Considering that the hydration pack has a lot of important work to do and that you are going to be carrying it for many many hours and miles over its lifetime, it makes sense to put some thought and energy to picking one out.  For women, this task may be even more critical, as most hydration packs are not particularly female-friendly.

Women to have different upper-body builds then men.  Our shoulders are narrower, our hips are wider, and our torsos are shorter.  All this means that they best hydration pack is likely women-specific.  MTBers also need a slightly different hydration pack than folks in other sports.  We need large quantities of water for long rides and plenty of pockets and straps for storing tools and helmets.  All that in mind, here are our favorite women-specific, MTB-specific hydration packs.

Osprey Raven

osprey raven hydration pack

The Osprey Raven is my personal hydration pack of choice.  It works equally well on lunchtime quickies and all day epics.  It comes in an array of bright, solid colors, has a roll-out tool pouch, a clip for your helmet, and plenty of other extras.  The hydration bladder holds up to 3L which is plenty for most rides.

For more information, read our detailed review of the Osprey Raven.

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Dakine Women’s Session

dakine session

The Dakine women’s session does more than “pink and shrink” the popular men’s Session pack.  The female version has a higher sternum strap so it doesn’t squeeze your boobs and a waist strap that accommodates larger hips.  We appreciate the fleece-lined sunglasses pocket and the attractive two-tone color scheme.  The only bummer is that the bite valve doesn’t have an on-off knob so its easy for its prone to leaking when sitting in the backseat of your car.

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Camelback L.U.X.E.

camelback luxe

Camelback is the original pioneer of hydration packs, and the L.U.X.E is their current women’s-specific mountain bike pack.  It offers a 3L water bladder, an on-off bite valve lever, and an expandable outer pocket that works well for stuffing a jacket.  As expected in a mountain bike pack, it includes a tool compartment and a helmet clip.

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Platypus B-Line

platypus bline

If you don’t want to have the same hydration pack as everybody else on the trail, consider the Platypus B-Line.  This attractive pack is made in the U.S.A., has a clip for a blinky light, and offers all the other extras you would expect.  The pack doesn’t leak (score!), but it is a little tougher to suck water out of than other packs, so keep that in mind.

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Evoc CC

evoc cc

The Evoc CC isn’t actually a women’s-specific pack, but its narrow profile makes it work well for a woman’s anatomy.  The self-adjusting shoulder straps help with getting a good fit as well.  The pack has a handy tool compartment, good back ventilation, and includes a 2L water bladder.

Price & Where to Buy:

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Comparison Chart

PackMSRPStorage CapacityWater Bladder SIze 
Osprey Raven 10$13010L3L
Osprey Raven 14$14014L3L
Dakine Women's Session 8L$858L2L
Dakine Women's Session 12L$9512L2L
Camelback L.U.X.E.$1107L3L
Platypus B-Line$1105L3L
Evoc CC 16L$11016L2L
Evoc CC 10L$6010L2L

Now What to Put in that Hydration Pack?

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