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7 Stylish Bike Helmets That Are Actually Cute

Bike helmets are intended to protect us from the unthinkable–bad crashes and collisions–but is it so much to ask that they also look cute? It is not. Fortunately, several helmet brands agree and have created lids that aren’t only safe, they look stylish as well.

Whether you are commuting to work or pedaling the boardwalk on your beach cruiser, these seven women’s bike helmets will make sure you look good getting there.

stylish womens helmets
Photo credit: Yakkay


nutcase womens bike helmet

Nutcase makes great helmets for the whole family, but their women’s helmets are particularly fun. Whatever your favorite color or personal style, there is guaranteed to be a model that fits your mood. These helmets also have reflective details to help keep you visible when riding in low light conditions.

Unlike many bike helmets, the Nutcase helmet is certified for multiple sports, so you can use it not only for bicycling but also for skateboarding, scootering, roller-skating or whatever wheeled pursuits suit your fancy. The helmet adjusts easily via a rear fit dial, magnetic buckle, and sliding side straps.

We also appreciate that they’ve also recently added MIPS technology to their helmets!

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Price: $80

Thousand Heritage

thousand premium helmet

The Thousand Heritage was designed to look like a vintage moto helmet. I think it looks like an equestrian helmet, but either way, it’s a beautiful helmet. Don’t like the gold pictured here? Don’t worry–it comes in a bunch of different color options.

The Thousand helmet has faux leather straps, a magnetic buckle, and even a hidden lock hole. It also works well for larger heads, so if that’s you, consider this helmet.

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Price: $99


The Yakkay helmet is a Danish brand that allows different “shells” to be added to the exterior. Each one is super stylish. In fact, you’ll probably want to buy a couple so you can switch out your look. (Pictured above are the Paris Oilskin cover and the Tokyo Rose cover).

Do be aware that the helmet runs REALLY small, so make sure to take a look at the fit chart before ordering or else you’ll be disappointed.

Price: $199

Bern Watts 2.0

bern watts 2.0 helmet

The Bern Watts is ideal for urban riding. Reminiscent of an equestrian helmet, the Watts has a small hardshell visor to keep sun off your face and comes in a variety of fun colors.

We also appreciate that it is certified for use both on the bike and in the snow–so you can use it year-round. For the colder months, you can order an additional winter liner to help keep your noggin toasty.

Finally, the helmet has MIPS technology which offers additional safety and protection.

Price: $100

Bern Hudson

bern hudson bike helmet

The Hudson comes in feminine colors and has a fun, flirty fabric visor. The visor is part of an inner liner that helps control moisture.

The best thing about the Hudson, however, has nothing to do with looks. It’s incredibly safe, includes MIPS and an integrated light. And it is designed for high speeds. If you’re riding an e-bike, this helmet would be our top pick.

Price: $140

Specialized Tone

specialized tone helmet

Looking for something urban, sleek, and somewhat futuristic? The Specialized Tone is your helmet.

The Specialized Tone comes in several different understated color options and looks good on. It’s also safe thanks to an excellent fit system, MIPS technology, and the fact that it’s compatible with Specialized’s ANGi crash sensor.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this helmet has very little ventilation, so it’s best used on cooler days or for shorter commutes.

Price: $80

Retrospec Remi

retrospec remi helmet

The Retrospec Remi looks nearly identical to the Thousand Heritage helmet we listed above, but at a more affordable price. It’s not quite as high of quality (it lacks a rear fit dial, has fabric rather than leather straps, etc), but if you’re on a budget, this is a good option.

The helmet is both cute (what you’re looking for, right?!?), and it meets the CPSC safety standards.

Price: Price not available (Last updated: – More Info)

Comparison Chart: Women’s Bike Helmets

So how do all these helmets stack up? Use our comparison chart to help decide which helmet is best for you.

Helmet# of Vent HolesWeightDial Fit?MIPS?
Nutcase11420 gYesYes
Bern Watts 2.010394 gYesYes
Thousand Heritage7410 gYesNo
Bern Hudson12330 gYesYes
Specialized Tone3YesYes
Retrospec Remi11NoNo

Things To Consider When Buying An Urban Bike Helmet

Do your research before buying. We recommend considering these things when shopping for a bike helmet.

How Big Is Your Noggin?

You might be suprised how much our head sizes differ. Don’t just guess on what size bike helmet you need, measure your head first.

thousand heritage review

You will want to measure your head circumference by using a cloth tape measure. Measure around your forehead right above your eyebrows.

You’ll want to take this measurement in cm or mm and then compare it to the size chart for the helmet you are considering buying. Some helmets are one size fits all, but in our experience, you’ll get the best fit buying a helmet that offers multiple sizes.

Fit Systems

When considering a helmet, pay attention to what kind of fit systems it has. The cheapest helmets will only adjust with padding and have straps that are more challenging to adjust as well.

Our favorite helmets have a rear fit dial that help cinch down to the size of your head so you can get a perfect fit. We also like helmets that have no-adjustment require ear straps, or ones with sliding adjustments.

Finally, take a look at the buckle. While you certainly don’t need a magnetic buckle, they can be kind of nice to have especially on urban helemts.


MIPS is the most advanced helmet safety technology, and something you may want to consider. It is an additional liner within the helmet that helps provide additional protection from rotational forces in the event of a crash.

mips internal layer

Just a few years ago, most urban and commuter helmets did not have MIPS technology. That’s slowly changing, and there are several helmets on this list that now have MIPS.


Sadly, most of the really “cute” helmets out there also have terrible ventilation. If you live in a hot or humid climate, and you don’t want your hair to get totally destroyed, make sure to pay extra attention to the ventilation. The more vent holes (and the bigger they are) and channels on the inside of the helmet, the more breathable the helmet will be.

Nutcase Helmets Ventilation


Finally, pay attention to the weight of the helmet. Though it may not be noticeable at first, the longer that you ride, the more comfortable a lighter weight helmet will be.

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