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hannah ross

How Women Changed The World On Two Wheels With Hannah Ross

My two big passions in life are cycling and reading, so of course if there’s a book about bikes, I’m going to read it. Obviously, I was excited when I heard about a new book about the history of women on bikes.  It’s called Revolutions:  How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels. I ended

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7 saddles

7 Best Women’s Road Bike Saddles

Nothing can make or break a ride quite like a saddle.  If your bottom-side isn’t comfortable, the miles can go be verrrrry slowly.  Or even


cycling solo

7 Tips For Solo Cycling

While many women LOVE going on group rides, there are many others (myself included) who actually prefer to ride by themselves. And even if group


womens hybrid bikes

9 Best Women’s Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bike (like the name would imply) is a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike. It has skinny, fast-rolling tires like



ella shreds

Video: Ella Shreds

Have you ridden the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont?  If not, you’ll want to visit after watching this video from Transition Bikes. You’ll not only be