Kristen Bonkoski

Hi there!  My name is Kristen, and I’m the face behind Femme Cyclist.  I started this site because I noticed the lack of women-specific media in the cycling industry.  It seemed like a lot of the big websites and magazines catered to men, and any articles by or for women were treated as a side-niche. 

The intent of Femme Cyclist is two fold.  First, to create a safe-place and space for women in cycling.  Second, to encourage and inspire women to enter and continue in the sport.

We celebrate all forms of cycling because, quite frankly, they are all rad.  Whether you enjoy mountain biking, commuting, road cycling, cyclocross, bike touring, or unicycling — we are here to support you.


We are always looking for submissions from rad women cyclists (that’s you)!  If you have a story you’d like to tell, or if you’d like to write a review of your favorite bike/helmet/pair of bike shoes, shoot us a note at kristenbonkoski@bpcole.org.


Are you a bike brand that would like to see your product featured on Femme Cyclist?  Send us a note at kristenbonkoski@bpcole.org for a Media Kit.


Have a question?  Feel free to shoot us a note.  We will either respond to you directly or write a new post about it.  If you’re wondering about something, somebody else probably is too.

About Kristen

I’m the creator, editor, and primary contributor to Femme Cyclist.  An avid cyclist for a few decades now, I took to cycling during my late teen years — a time when I needed something to help boost my self-esteem and confidence.

Mission accomplished, the sport has become an important part of my life.  My favorite disciplines are mountain biking and bike commuting, although you can also find me cranking out a century on my road bike and touring with my husband and son.  If it has to do with two wheels, I enjoy doing it.

I also run Rascal Rides, a website about biking with kids.