7 Best Dog Baskets for Your Bike

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Want to bring your best friend (aka dog) along for the ride?

snoozer dog basket for bike

That’s totally doable with a dog basket specifically designed for use on a bicycle. We surveyed our gal pals that ride with their dogs to find the 7 best dog baskets for your bike.

At the bottom of the article, you’ll also find a comparison chart, safety tips, and other options for riding with bigger dogs.

Solvit Tagalong

Solvit Tagalong

The Solvit Tagalong is perfect for heading to the farmer’s market or the beach. The basket detaches from the bike and includes a shoulder strap so you can carry your pooch while you walk.

We also love the detachable sunshade, which protects your pet from the hot summer sun, but can be removed on cooler rides or to give your doggie more space.

The interior is comfortable with it’s full sheepskin liner, though the basket is small enough that it may not be roomy enough for dogs on the upper end of the weight spectrum.

Con: The safety strap is quite short, limiting the ability of your pet to move inside the basket.

Weight Limit: 13 lbs

Price (MSRP) & Where to Buy:

Price: $69.95 (Last updated: 2023-03-19 at 21:59 – More Info)

Travelin K9 Pet Pilot Original

Travelin K9 Pet Pilot Original

Looking for a product that is durable and super sturdy? The Pet Pilot is what you want. The basket is made of STEEL and doesn’t bounce or move around while riding.

While the suggested weight limit is only 8 lbs, we found that it will hold any amount of weight so long as your dog fits within the size dimensions.

The basket also comes in a MAX version* which fits slightly larger dogs.

Con: The basket may not have enough padding for some. Many folks we talked to use a small blanket on the bottom.

Weight Limit: 8 lbs

Price: $128.00 (Last updated: 2023-03-19 at 21:59 – More Info)

Axiom Premium

Axiom Premium Rack

This basket can be used as either a front basket or mounted on a rear rack, though we prefer it as a rear basket. We like the high-quality, sturdy, and no-fuss design. The steel basket will last for years.

We did find that the top cage was too restrictive for most dogs, though it is easily removable.

Con: No padding. Plan on adding a blanket or some sheepskin.

Weight Limit: 15 lbs front, 55 lbs rear

Price: $107.83 (Last updated: 2023-03-19 at 21:59 – More Info)

Snoozer Pet Rider

snoozer pet rider dog bike basket

For use on a rear rack, the Snoozer is one of our top picks. It can hold substantial weight (up to 24 lbs) and holds up well over time.

The interior is fleece and seems quite comfortable for the dog. It’s also machine washable so you can take out the liner and clean it periodically which we like.

Con: Even with the safety straps, your dog may be able to jump out of of the basket. If you go this route, we suggest using a harness rather than a leash.

Weight Limit: 24 lbs

Price: $116.36 (Last updated: 2023-03-19 at 21:59 – More Info)



Okay, so the BuddyRider isn’t technically a “basket” but we’ve included it anyhow, ’cause it’s awesome. This product is more of a front mounted bike seat similar to what you’d see a child in. Your dog will love being able to face forward and be a part of the action.

Because the seat is mounted on the top tube of the bike, many folks find that the easier to steer and balance than baskets mounted on the handlebar or rear rack.

Con: The seat isn’t compatible with all bike frames, and for shorter riders, there may not be enough space to pedal with the seat installed.

Weight Limit: 25 lbs

Price (MSRP): $160



Like the Solvit Tagalong, the Petsfit basket doubles as a dog carrier off the bike. This makes it ideal for outings where you’ll be walking as well as biking. There are several pockets for stashing your keys, phone, dog snacks, etc.

We also like the Petsfit for hot climates, thanks to the extensive and breathable mesh material. There is also a mesh cover so you can “zip” your doggie safely in.

Con: The tether strap is NOT secure. Plan on adding your own safety strap if you choose this basket.

Weight Limit: 10 lbs

Price: Price not available (Last updated: 2023-03-19 at 21:59 – More Info)

Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

Snoozer Sporty

Live in a rainy climate? You might want to consider the Snoozer Sporty, the only basket on this list that includes a rain cover.

In addition to the waterproof awesomeness, the Snoozer also provides just want the name would indicate: a basket so comfy that your doggie will want to take a nap while you bike.

We like the pockets that you can use to store a leash, snacks, etc. It also collapses flat so is easy for storage and transport.

Con: The basket can be a bit wobbly.

Price: Price not available (Last updated: 2023-03-19 at 21:59 – More Info)

Comparison Chart: Dog Bicycle Baskets

BasketMax WeightFront or Rear Mount?Dimensions (exterior)
Solvit Tagalong13 lbsFront13.5"x10"x10.5"
Snoozer Sporty14 lbsFront10″x10″x13″
Axiom Premium15 lbs (handlebar); 55 lbs (rack)Both16"x12"x8"
Snoozer Pet Rider24 lbsRear19"x16"x10"
BuddyRider25 lbsCenter of bike
Petsfit 10 lbsFront15.8"x12.8"x9.1"
Travelin K9 Pet Pilot Originalif the dog fits, it can carry itFront16" x 13.5" outside ;(15" x 12.5" inside)

Weight Limits

Most dog bicycle baskets work only for small dogs. Front baskets usually work for dogs up to 10 or 15 pounds, while rear baskets work for dogs up to around 25 pounds.

If you have a larger or heavier dog, you might want to consider a different option for hauling them.

Other Options

If your dog is too big to fit in a bicycle basket, or you are worried about balance and stability with a basket, there are two other good options for biking with a dog. The first, and most affordable is to use a bicycle trailer.

The second option is to use a bucket-style cargo bike. For larger breeds, labradors for instance, a cargo bike can be the most comfortable option.


Most front dog bicycle baskets mount directly to your handlebars and are compatible with most bikes. Keep in mind that using a front-mount basket will affect your steering and balance slightly.

A rear mount basket is great for heavier dogs. You do need a rear rack for these baskets, and it needs to have a weight capacity that can handle both your dog and the basket.

If your bike doesn’t already have a rack, you can add one (as long as your frame has eyelets for rack). Our favorite rack for use with dog baskets is the Planet Bike Versa*. It can hold up to 55 pounds and is easy to install on most bikes.

Safety Tips

Whatever type of basket you end up choosing, here are some safety tips to make sure the experience ends up being a positive one.

  • Use a harness on your dog. You’ll want to strap your dog into the basket to keep them from jumping or falling out, and most baskets come with a built-in strap (or straps) for retention. They will work best with a harness rather a collar, and a collar can even be downright dangerous.
  • Add a kickstand to your bike. It is easier to get your doggie on and off the bike if it is stable. The best way to do this is with a kickstand. If your bike doesn’t already have one, they are easy to add.
  • Don’t go over the weight limit. Stay under the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit. Not only could the basket fail if you put too much weight in it, but a heavy front load is also dangerous. Put too much weight on the front of your bike and it will affect your ability to steer and handle the bike.
  • Adjust your air pressure. When using a front basket, you’re adding additional weight directly over the front tire.
  • Start small. Do a few small rides around the neighborhood to give you a chance to get used to riding with a dog; and for your doggie to get used to riding on a bike.

Getting Your Dog Accustomed to Using the Basket

Mellow dogs tend to do best on bikes. If your doggie is hyper or nervous, they may not do great in a basket (a trailer could be better).

That said, there are some things you can do to make the adjustment easier. In addition to starting with small rides, as we suggested above, you can even start getting your pooch comfortable with the basket indoors.

Put the basket on the floor with a treat or a favorite blanket. Make it an attractive place to take a nap. If your dog becomes comfortable and accustomed to the basket off the bike, they are more likely to be comfortable in it on the bike.

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