Biking For Transportation With Lisa Corriveau (aka Spokesmama)

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike more for transportation?  Many of the benefits we get from cycling as a sport–exercise, endorphins, being social, getting outdoors–we can also get from cycling as a means of getting where we need to go.  Plus, the added benefit of helping the environment.  


In this episode, I interview Lisa Corriveau, better known as Spokesmama.  She’s a blogger, cycling advocate, and bicycle educator.  More importantly, she’s somebody who knows pretty much everything you would ever need to know about bicycling around town.

lisa corriveau

We discuss:

  • How Lisa got started bike commuting (she’d never owned a car!)
  • Her involvement as a cycling educator teaching cycling to kids and adult women
  • Organizing bike to school or bike to work activities
  • How to find good routes for biking safely
  • Recommended bikes and gear for commuting
  • The benefits of biking as a means of transportation
  • Biking in inclement weather
  • Bicycling with children
  • Cargo bikes and electric bikes

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