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BlueJay Premiere Edition Review: A Stylish E-Bike!

So, you want an e-bike that looks stylish? That shouldn’t be so much to ask for, right?

Luckily for you, that bike exists. It’s the BlueJay Premiere Edition.

This is BlueJay Bike’s original dutch-style e-bike. Unlike most heavy, bulky, and dorky looking e-bikes, the BlueJay Premiere is sleek and chic.

It also comes stocked with higher end components–a high quality Bafang motor, a Shimano internally geared hub, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. This is an e-bike that looks good and performs well also.

bluejay premiere edition

Review In A Nutshell


  • Stylish, sleek design
  • Woman founded company
  • Two sizes to better fit a wider range of riders
  • High quality components
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Comes with rack and fenders
  • Integrated lights


  • Motor disengages while shifting
  • No throttle
  • More expensive than other dutch style e-bikes

Price & Where To Buy:

  • $3,295 List
  • Buy at

An “Eco Chic” Bike

BlueJay Bikes describes the bike as “eco chic” and frankly that’s the perfect way to describe it. Ride a bike, be environmentally friendly, and look good doing it!

The BlueJay is simple and lacks a lot of the bulky extras we see on many e-bikes like fat tires or heavy suspension forks. The bike looks sleek and turns heads.

High Quality Bafang Motor

There are TONS of e-bikes flooding the market. And a lot of them have sub-par, off brand power systems.

The BlueJay Premiere, on the other hand, comes stocked with a reliable Bafang 350 watt mid drive motor. When testing the bike, the motor felt plenty powerful and I had no trouble getting up to the 20 mph maximum speed–even when going uphill. Because it’s a mid-drive motor (rather than a hub drive motor) the engagement feels smooth, with no jerky on-off sensation.

There are five levels of assist (with 1 being the least assist and 5 being the most). On flat roads, I could max out my speed using a 3 or a 4, and on hills I needed to bump it up to 5.

The battery is a 550Wh battery and is advertised to provide up to 75 miles depending on what level of assist you’re using, how heavy your load is, and how many hills you’re climbing. I would count on getting a range less than the 75 miles, but it should still be pretty impressive.

Large, Easy to Read LCD Display

The LCD display on the BlueJay is larger than average, center mounted, and easy to read. It displays speed, battery life, and mileage. It is also has a USB charger if you need to charge a device while you ride.

Interestingly, the buttons used to control the bike, are in their own separate panel. These are used to adjust the assist up or down, turn the integrated lights (on or off), and to scroll thru options on the display.

Shifting Sensor Causes A Noticeable Motor Shut Off

My only complaint about the BlueJay was the extremely noticeable motor shut off while shifting. Having the motor shut off while shifting is a good thing–it keeps your drivetrain from getting damaged–but the effect on the BlueJay was more extreme than any other e-bike I’ve tested.

While climbing a steep hill, I went to shift down, and the motor completely shut off and didn’t come back on very quickly. The result was that I ended up coming to a very abrupt stop.

And because the BlueJay also doesn’t have a throttle, I couldn’t use it to get going again. As a result, I had to walk up the hill. The whole point of having an e-bike is so you don’t have to walk up hills!

Obviously, the answer to this is to make sure you shift BEFORE starting a hill climb. This is something you’d get accustomed to quickly, I think, but it was still a bit off putting considering I’ve tested lots of e-bikes and never experienced this before.

Shimano Alfine Internally Geared Drivetrain Is Low Maintenance

The BlueJay Premiere has an 8 speed ) drivetrain, but rather than using a traditional derailleur, it has an internally geared rear hub. This means you’ll never have to worry about your derailleur getting bent or falling out of alignment.

It also means you’ll get nice clean shifts. I much prefer the trigger shifter on the BlueJay to the grip shifter found on other internally geared bikes like the Electra Townie Go! It might feel more intimidating to newbies than a grip shifter, but trust me, long term it’s the superior option.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes Offer Superior Stopping Power

Disc brakes are a big step up from the rim brakes of old, and hydraulic disc brakes are the king of the braking world. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes on the BluJay are powerful and sure to stop on a dime. And the brake levers are easy to pull and operate, even for smaller hands.

Two Sizes Plus Adjustable Seat And Handlebar Positions

The vast majority of e-bikes come in a “one size fits all” offering. In contrast, the BlueJay Premiere offers two different sizes: small and large. The small fits riders 5’5″ and under, the large fits rider 5’6″ and taller.

Additionally, both the saddle height and handlebar height is adjustable. The seatpost has a quick release seatpost collar allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the height without needing any tools. (This is something we wish every bike had).

Frame Geometry And Riding Position

The BlueJay Premier Edition is super comfortable to ride thanks to the upright geometry and swept back handlebars. It also has a fairly low standover which makes it easy to get on and off the bike.

bluejay premiere in action

That said, the standover does not have the extreme step-thru design of the RadPower Radcity, for example. This makes it a bit tricker to ride with a skirt, and requires a bit more mobility than a full step-thru design.

Comes With Rear Rack And Fenders

Want to carry gear with you? The BlueJay Premier Edition comes with a rack pre-installed.

It can hold up to 55 pounds which is super respectable. This is enough to install a rear basket or milk crate, panniers, or a child seat. (While it doesn’t come with a front rack, one can also be added as an accessory ($150), increasing your ability to carry gear even further).

Additionally, the bike comes with fenders pre-installed. Not only do they look snazzy, they’ll also protect you from the weather.

Integrated Lights

While it’s pretty much the standard on e-bikes, we still love that the BlueJay Premiere comes with integrated front and rear lights. You never know when you might get caught out in the dark, and with integrated lights you don’t have to worry about about forgetting or having to recharge lights. They are also much brighter than your average cheapo bike lights.

Light Enough To Make It Home Sans Motor

At a hair under 50 pounds, the BlueJay Premiere is heavy but not nearly as heavy as many e-bikes. This means that should you run out of battery life away from home, you should be able to manage pedaling it home. This is something I’ve had happen, and it’s worth thinking about when buying an e-bike.

Looking for something even lighter? The VVolt Alpha weighs in at an impressive 44 pounds.

Woman Founded Company

Do you know how few female executives there are in the bike industry? Not many. And there are even fewer bike companies founded by women.

BlueJay founder, Jen Cohen Bogan, “set out to design the bike she wanted to ride, but couldn’t find—one that was elegant, powerful, and high-quality at an accessible price point.” The result is a feminine bike that actually preforms.

As a woman in the bike industry, it feels super important to me to help support women owned and women run companies. I’d strongly encourage you to do the same.

BlueJay Premier Edition Vs The Competition

There really aren’t that many simple, dutch style e-bikes out there. One of the more popular offerings is the Blix Aveny.

The Blix Aveny looks a lot like the BlueJay, but comes in significantly cheaper at $1,799. So what do you get for the extra money?

The BlueJay has a higher quality mid-drive motor compared to the off-brand hub drive motor on the Aveny. This offers a smoother ride as well as higher torque than the Aveny (i.e. it will climb up hills easier).

The overall component build is also higher end on the BlueJay than the Aveny. Expect brand name components on the BlueJay to last longer and provide better ride quality. We also love the internally geared hub on the BlueJay that provides less maintenance requirements than the traditional derailleur on the Blix.

That said, there are certainly a few things the Aveny has going for it. It has a throttle, which the BlueJay does not. A throttle can be hugely helpful to get going from a stop and to make it quickly and safely thru intersections.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

  • Faux leather grips and saddle. Not only are they pretty, they’re comfortable as well.
  • Bell. Handy for passing on the bike path or greenbelt.
  • Kickstand. This one sided kickstand isn’t as heavy duty as the double sided ones found on many e-bikes, but thanks to the bike’s overall lighter weight, it manages to support the bike just fine.
  • Balloon tires. The high volume tires provide excellent traction as well as some level of suspension.

Bottom-Line: A Beautiful AND Durable Electric Bicycle

With the BlueJay Premiere Edition you don’t have to make any sacrifices between form and function. This bike offers both.

It’s a simple, beautiful, and highly functional e-bike. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a more feminine looking bicycle for cruising around town.

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