5 Best Mountain Bike Fanny Packs & Hip Packs

best mountain bike fanny packs

I’m sure you’ve noticed it out on the trail: more and more riders are rocking a hip pack (i.e. a fanny pack) rather than a traditional back-pack style hydration pack. And now you are curious too. I was right there with you. After resisting the fanny pack trend for a while, but seeing all my … Read more

Two Wheel Gear 2.0 PLUS Pannier Backpack Review

two wheel gear pannier backpack

Folks new to bike commuting always ask me: how do I carry my stuff? The obvious initial choice is to carry a backpack. But backpacks can cause the dreaded sweaty back (not ideal when you’re headed to the office). And they can put a lot of strain on your back and shoulders. The next upgrade … Read more

Garmin Varia Radar RTL515 Tail Light Review

Varia Accessories Light and Box

When we consider cycling safety there are our obvious, go-to considerations. Helmet? Check! Headlights and tail lights? Check!  Visible clothing? Check! Frequent use of hand signals? Check, check, check!  There are so many obvious ones, but what about the safety measures that aren’t as well-known, or as obvious? What about bike radar? If you are thinking, “Ummmm…what on … Read more

5 Best Cycling Shoes for Women


Shoes are a girl’s best friend, and if you’re like us, a good pair of cycling shoes can be your BFF. The right pair of shoes can increase comfort, boost power transfer to the pedals, and make your smile when you put them on. Unfortunately, it seems that the cycling shoe manufacturers change their offerings … Read more

9 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes (Flats and Clipless)

mountain bike shoes

Whether you are shredding DH trails, racing cross-country, or grinding dirt roads, a comfortable and high-performance shoe is vital for having a good time.  The best shoes provide efficient power transfer to the pedals, are comfortable to walk in, and don’t have any weird pressure points. We’ve collected three of our favorite women’s mountain bike shoes … Read more

7 Best Chamois Creams for Women & How To Use It!

womens chamois

If you suffer from saddle sores or chafing while cycling, chamois cream can make a huge difference.  Designed to reduce friction between your chamois, saddle, and intimate regions, chamois cream helps keep things comfortable down there.  Most chamois creams are also anti-bacterial, so it can help prevent keep things clean and prevent infection. Here are … Read more

5 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Hydration Packs

osprey raven

A hydration pack is arguably one of the most important and most personal items a mountain biker has.  It can quite literally save your life, whether by providing water or in the cases of many, by cushioning your back in a serious crash.  Aside from water, a hydration pack carries all our favorite stuff–a cell … Read more

Review: Camelbak MULE Pro 14 100 oz Hydration Pack

camelbak pro review

If you’ve been mountain biking for as long as I have, you’ve almost certainly owned Camelbak MULE at some point. This old standby was one of the original mountain bike hydration packs and much beloved by many. Now the Camelbak MULE has been completely redesigned and updated for modern mountain bikers. There are a couple … Read more

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock Review

kryptonite lock

If you’ve ever had a bike stolen (or know someone who has), then you know how violating it can feel. While there’s no lock that’s 100% theft-proof, the Kyrptonite New York Fahgettaboudit chain lock comes pretty darn close. It’s HEAVY (this isn’t the lock you want to carry around town), but if you have a … Read more

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack Review

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack Review

Looking for a top of the line bike rack that does it all? Consider the Kuat NV 2.0. This high-end bike rack makes loading (and unloading) bikes incredibly easy. It’s also super stable, will last forever, and has cool extras like a workstand. Didn’t even know you needed a workstand on your bike rack, did … Read more