Garmin Varia Radar RTL515 Tail Light Review

When we consider cycling safety there are our obvious, go-to considerations. Helmet? Check! Headlights and tail lights? Check!  Visible clothing? Check! Frequent use of hand signals? Check, check, check!  There are so many obvious ones, but what about the safety measures that aren’t as well-known, or as obvious? What about bike radar? If you are thinking, “Ummmm…what on … Read more

9 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes (Flats and Clipless)

Whether you are shredding DH trails, racing cross-country, or grinding dirt roads, a comfortable and high-performance shoe is vital for having a good time.  The best shoes provide efficient power transfer to the pedals, are comfortable to walk in, and don’t have any weird pressure points. We’ve collected three of our favorite women’s mountain bike shoes … Read more

7 Best Chamois Creams for Women & How To Use It!

If you suffer from saddle sores or chafing while cycling, chamois cream can make a huge difference.  Designed to reduce friction between your chamois, saddle, and intimate regions, chamois cream helps keep things comfortable down there.  Most chamois creams are also anti-bacterial, so it can help prevent keep things clean and prevent infection. Here are … Read more