Where To Buy Plus Size Bike Shorts For Women

terry plus sized cycling shorts

As an overweight cyclist, finding plus size bike shorts or cycling bibs that fit, look good, and most importantly, feel good can be challenging.  I love loose, comfortable clothing. The idea of shoving all of me into skin-tight spandex is not always at the top of my list. Okay, if I am being honest, it is … Read more

Shower’s Pass Women’s Basecamp Merino Hoodie Review

showers pass basecamp merino hoody

The problem with most mountain bike clothing is that it only looks cool on the bike. Step off, and you immediately look like a dork. You’re familiar with this dilemma, right? A notable exception to that rule is the Shower’s Pass Basecamp Merino Hoodie, a new piece from the brand that I’ve been obsessively wearing … Read more

9 Best Women’s Cycling Pants & Tights (2022)

cycling pants

Whether it’s cold outside or you just prefer wearing long pants, cycling tights can be a great alternative to shorts. A good padded cycling tight or pant should keep your bum happy and provide some compression and support to your leg muscles. They should also be well constructed, comfortable, and able to withstand a bunch … Read more

7 Best Women’s Cycling Underwear (Don’t Suffer On The Bike!)

club ride june chamois 2

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of chamois to go under your favorite pair of mountain bike baggies, some padded cycling underwear to wear to spinning class, or a good bike liner short to wear on your bicycle commute to work, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we share 5 of … Read more

Specialized Women’s RBX Bib Short Review

Front of Short

If you’re in the market for a new (or first) pair of bib shorts, the Specialized RBX bib shorts should be on your short list for consideration. Why? Well, when it comes to cycling bib shorts for women, it is safe to say that no two bib shorts are alike. Every premium cycling brand that creates … Read more

9 Best Padded Bike Shorts (Cycling Shorts) For Women

best womens bike shorts

Whether you’re ready to invest in your first pair of bike shorts or simply need to add another pair to your expansive cycling wardrobe, we’ve rounded up the best cycling shorts for women. A good pair of padded bike shorts can make a world of difference, allowing you to ride longer in comfort and to … Read more

9 Women’s Mountain Bike Jerseys You Will Love

club ride jersey yellow

Is it so much to ask to be cute AND comfortable while shredding the trail?!  Why no, no it’s not.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for performance when it comes to a mountain bike jersey, and we’ve rounded up 9 jerseys that prove that you can have both. These are jerseys that we’re wearing, … Read more

Machines For Freedom Review (We’ve Tested Multiple Pieces!)

machines for freedom summerweight longsleeve jersey

Looking for your next favorite cycling kit? Meet Machines For Freedom. The clothing from this company is high-quality, comfortable, and designed for women (by women). In addition to creating top-notch cycling apparel, the company has also made an effort to create clothing that works and fits women of a wide variety of sizes. If you’ve … Read more

Shower’s Pass Waterproof Gear Review

showers pass transit jacket and pants

When the weather turns bad, you have a couple of options as a bike commuter: drive, switch to public transport, or gear up and ride your bike. The latter is always my preference. There’s not much excuse not to ride when you have high quality gear from a company like Shower’s Pass. Their rain gear … Read more