Specialized Power Comp MIMIC Saddle Review

Mimic Feature Image

When I first heard about the Specialized Women’s Power Comp Saddle with MIMIC Technology, I knew I had to try it. Everywhere I turned women kept raving about it! Obviously, I wanted to see if the Specialized Power Comp Saddle with MIMIC truly delivers on its promise to make my sit bones and my lady … Read more

9 Best Women’s Bike Saddles & How To Choose!

SDG Allure Women's Saddle Review

Nothing can ruin a ride faster than an uncomfortable saddle. The wrong saddle can cause chafing, saddle sores, bruising, and a bad attitude about biking. The good news is that you don’t have to continue to suffer. A good bike saddle can make all the difference in terms of your enjoyment and comfort on the … Read more

Review: SDG Allure Women’s Bike Saddle

SDG Allure Women's Saddle Review

When I started surveying women for their favorite bike saddle, the SDG Allure was the one seat that kept getting named time and time again. One of these ladies even claimed that she gave up using a chamois after switching the SDG Allure. While I haven’t gone that far, I do think that the SDG … Read more

Race Face Chester Pedal Review

Race Face Chester Review

One general rule we’ve discovered with bikes and cycling gear is that you get what you pay for. High price usually means high quality. Therefore, we were shocked and excited to discover that the Race Face Chester pedals somehow turned this rule on its head. At a mere $50, the Chester offers a lightweight, durable, … Read more