Preventing and Treating Cycling Injuries With Samantha Welter

I this episode, I’ll be interviewing Samantha Welter, an athletic trainer who specializes in working with endurance athletes, especially women, and she’s got a lot of great information to share with us on preventing and treating cycling injuries.  Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, or coming back from a crash, or even dealing with long-term … Read more

13 Women’s Only Cycling Events You’ll Love – 2021

While you can (and should) join in on the plethora of co-ed cycling events out there, there is something really special about doing a womens only event. The atmosphere at these events are inviting, supportive, friendly–and often a little silly! Here is a list of 13 ladies-only cycling events including organized non-competitive road rides and … Read more

7 Best Chamois Creams for Women & How To Use It!

If you suffer from saddle sores or chafing while cycling, chamois cream can make a huge difference.  Designed to reduce friction between your chamois, saddle, and intimate regions, chamois cream helps keep things comfortable down there.  Most chamois creams are also anti-bacterial, so it can help prevent keep things clean and prevent infection. Here are … Read more