Achieving “Firsts” On The Bike With Kasia Michalik

In this listener submitted story, Kasia Michalik shares some of her firsts on the bike–gravel biking, bikepacking, and a solo century ride.  It will leave you feeling inspired to try new things as well.  Connect With Kasia: IG: @ alifemaspicante  Website:   Shop Terry Bicycles: Connect With Femme Cyclist IG: @femme_cyclist FB Group: Femme Cyclist Community IG: @kristenlbonkoski Listen To … Read more

Overcoming Fear And Finding Confidence With Whitney Taylor

Whitney Taylor struggled her whole life with fear, but learned to overcome it and find confidence in her life on the bike.  Hear her story in this episode. Connect With Whitney Website:  IG: @strengthinlight Connect With Femme Cyclist IG: @femme_cyclist FB Group: Femme Cyclist Community IG: @kristenlbonkoski Shop Terry Bicycles: Related Resources 9 Ways To Increase Your Confidence On … Read more

Preventing and Treating Cycling Injuries With Samantha Welter

I this episode, I’ll be interviewing Samantha Welter, an athletic trainer who specializes in working with endurance athletes, especially women, and she’s got a lot of great information to share with us on preventing and treating cycling injuries.  Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, or coming back from a crash, or even dealing with long-term … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Biking Thru Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Motherhood with Ali Frendin From MTB Mamas

Something you hear very little about in the mainstream cycling media is motherhood.  And yet, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and caring for little humans all have a profound impact on our bodies and our relationship with the bike. To talk about some of these issues, I’ve brought in Ali Frendin, who runs Mountain Bike Mamas.  She … Read more

Body and Size Diversity And Inclusivity With Jennifer Kriske From Machines For Freedom

What happens when you can’t find a pair of bike shorts that feel just right? You create your own!  Well, that’s what you do if you’re Jennifer Kriske at least. Jenn is the founder of Machines For Freedom, a cycling apparel company with products designed specifically for women.  They make high-quality, intelligently designed, and visually … Read more