Cycling Nutrition: 9 Tips For Fueling On The Bike

cycling nutrition

If you’re heading out on the bicycle for more than an hour ride, you need to eat in order to perform and feel your best. But what, when, and how much should you be eating? Eating the wrong things (like gels) or eating too much can cause major GI distress. On the other hand, if … Read more

Breaking Down Barriers With Brooke Goudy

brooke goudy

There are some women in this world that are truly heroes. That are superwomen. And in my opinion, Brooke Goudy is one of those women. She’s a leader in the world of cycling, and does the advocacy work of 50 people. She does trail advocacy work, public policy as it relates to cycling infrastructure. She … Read more

Keeping Young Girls On Bikes With Molly Hurford

molly hurford

Did you know that between the ages of 8 and 11, girls drop out of cycling (and sports in general) at an alarming rate? To help combat this, Molly Hurford created Shred Girls. Shred Girls is a series of chapter books aimed at older elementary age girls with stories around, you guessed it, cycling. They … Read more

Cycling Recovery: 7 Things You Need To Be Doing

cycling recovery

Just because you’re not a professional cyclist, doesn’t mean you should take cycling recovery seriously! In fact, it might be even MORE important for you to take advantage of every recovery hack you can find. Professional athletes are often able to do a workout and then rest for the remainder of the day. For us … Read more

Isla Short Interview: Mental Health And Confidence

isla short

In this podcast episode, I interview Isla Short. If you don’t know Isla, she’s a professional mountain biker on the world cross-country circuit. What makes Isla stand out is her honesty and transparency. Rather than joining a big team, she races solo. This has given her the opportunity to only work with sponsors she believes … Read more

Why You Should Sign Up For A Cycling Event With Liz Caracciolo

liz carracciolo

There’s nothing like a cycling event or race to get you stoked on riding your bike. Events are fantastic for providing you something to work toward, for making new friends, for challenging your body, and for pumping some passion back into your relationship with cycling. Whether you’re interested in an 8 mile fun ride or … Read more

Marley Blonsky Interview: Building Size Inclusive Communities

marley blonsky interview

Self-identifying as a “fat woman,” Marley Blonsky is one of the most charming, inspirational people in the cycling world today.  Many of us first discovered Marley thru the documentary “All Bodies On Bikes.”  Since then, Marley has used the attention the film brought to expand her work bringing attention to size inclusivity and building inclusive … Read more