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loving your body as an overweight cyclist

From Intimidated Newbie To Confident Cyclist With Stacy Smith

A few years ago, Stacy Smith was brand new to cycling. As in, she literally had to learn how to ride a bike. She had told herself all sorts of stories about why biking wasn’t for her. She was too big, she wasn’t athletic enough, biking was uncomfortable, scary, and no fun.  Today, she’s an

cycling hydration

Everything You Need To Know About Cycling Hydration

Many of us obsess over our fitness, our nutrition, even our chamois–but what about hydration?! Proper cycling hydration is one of the most vital components of our performance on the bike, and yet we usually don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about it. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort to determine

hannah ross

How Women Changed The World On Two Wheels With Hannah Ross

My two big passions in life are cycling and reading, so of course if there’s a book about bikes, I’m going to read it. Obviously, I was excited when I heard about a new book about the history of women on bikes.  It’s called Revolutions:  How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels. I ended

cassie abel

Why Women Deserve Better Cycling Clothing With Cassie Abel From Wild Rye

If you’re like me, you’ve discovered that the best women’s bike clothing comes from smaller, women owned businesses.  In this episode of the Femme Cyclist podcast, I interview Cassie Abel, the co-founder of Wild Rye and in a future episode this season I’ll be chatting with Jenn Kriske, the founder of Machines For Freedom. What

little bellas

How Little Bellas Is Creating Confident Young Women With Sabra Davidson

Did you grow up riding mountain bikes?  Chances are you didn’t.  But that’s all changing for the current generation of young girls, thanks in large part to Little Bellas.  This amazing organization has spent more than a decade running camps and weekly programs to get girls ages 7 to 18 years old out on mountain bikes,

cycling solo

7 Tips For Solo Cycling

While many women LOVE going on group rides, there are many others (myself included) who actually prefer to ride by themselves. And even if group rides are totally your jam, there might be days where riding solo makes more sense. Solo cycling allows you to fit in a ride on your own schedule, accomplish your

lindsey richter

Face Your Fears With Lindsey Richter From Ladies AllRide

Meet Lindsey Richter, mountain bike skills coach extraordinaire.  Lindsey is the founder of Ladies AllRide, a wildly popular series of mountain bike skills camps for women.  These camps are recommended time and time again by the women in our community. In this interview, Lindsey and I chat about the big things (like how to overcome

meg fisher

You Are More Capable Than You Know With Meg Fisher

Meet Meg Fisher.  Meg is a Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medalist, ten-time world champion, and a super inspirational woman.  She’s overcome adversity to become a professional cyclist, a physical therapist, coach, and motivational speaker. In this interview, which might be my  favorite yet, Meg shares her story of hope and resilience. And although her