Fat Biking 101: Everything You Need To Know

fat biking

You’re sick of hanging up the bike all winter and are ready to get outside more during snow season. With the increased popularity of fat biking, there really is no reason to give up biking when the snow starts to fly. Of course, like any new cycling discipline, it can be tough to know how … Read more

What to Wear To Spin Class (and What NOT to Wear)

what to wear to spin class

About to take your first spin class? Take a deep breath. It’s easy and you really can’t do anything wrong. That said, if you want to be super prepared we’re here to help you. We’ve picked out some of our favorite spinning clothes for indoor cycling including padded shorts, spinning pants, and lightweight, breathable tops. … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Women’s Bike Sizes & Size Chart

You’re ready to buy a bike, but intimidated by all the numbers and specs? One of the first steps is knowing which size bike you need. There are a couple of different ways women’s bikes are measured and sized, and we’re going to walk you through all of it. And there’s no need to feel … Read more

Group Bike Rides: Everything You Need To Know

Women's Group RIde

Going on your first group bike ride is a right of passage in your life as a cyclist. It can also be a little bit scary, especially if you don’t have anybody to show you the ropes. Here are some tips on how to find the right group ride, what to do ahead of time … Read more

19 Types of Bikes & How to Pick The Best For You!

types of bikes

Part of the reason buying a bike is so challenging is because there are SO MANY different types of bicycles: road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes, yikes! While it can all be a bit confusing, the good news is that this huge variety of bicycles means that there is a bike out there perfectly … Read more

How To Use a Bike Pump to Pump a Bike Tire

How to Use a Bike Pump to Pump up a Bike Tire

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, you’re ready to go for a bike ride…..but you have a flat tire. Assuming it’s been a while since you’ve ridden your bike, you probably just have low tire pressure. An easy fix! We’ll show you (step-by-step) how to pump up a bike tire using both two … Read more

How To Adjust And Set Your Bike Saddle Height

standing next to the saddle

One of the most daunting things about riding a bike often isn’t the actual riding of the bike, but figuring out how to get your bike to fit properly. Specifically, one of the first things you will want to do is get your bicycle saddle height adjusted to the correct height It is so important … Read more

Preventing and Treating Cycling Injuries With Samantha Welter

samantha welter

I this episode, I’ll be interviewing Samantha Welter, an athletic trainer who specializes in working with endurance athletes, especially women, and she’s got a lot of great information to share with us on preventing and treating cycling injuries.  Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, or coming back from a crash, or even dealing with long-term … Read more

How to Treat Road Rash: 5 Step Process For Cyclists

how to treat road rash

All of us cyclists, at one time or another, have fallen off our bikes. Some of us do it more often, some of us do it less often, but if you ride a bike on pavement, chances are at one time or another you have found yourself a little bit closer to that pavement than … Read more