Video: All Bodies On Bikes

The newest video from Shimano, All Bodies on Bikes, is the best thing we’ve watched in a while. In fact, there may have been a few ugly feeling-all-the-feelings tears involved. The video–which features Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky–mbodies everything we’ve been trying to get across here at Femme Cyclist: that bikes are for everybody. As … Read more

Video: Ella Shreds

Have you ridden the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont?  If not, you’ll want to visit after watching this video from Transition Bikes. You’ll not only be drawn in by the trails, but you’ll also be inspired by Ella Skalwald.  Not only is she an amazing rider, but she’s also a guide and youth coach, giving back to … Read more

VIDEO: Angi Weston, Tales from the Trails

In this people profile from Transition Bikes, we get to know a little bit about Angi Weston.  Angi followed her passion by transitioning from cycling industry salesperson to full-time mountain bike skills coach.  Life is like mountain biking, she tells us.  Go for it and hope you land rubber side down.