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Club Ride Apparel Review: A Woman’s Perspective

Most mountain bike clothing is good for one thing: mountain biking. Club Ride Apparel is another story. Their clothing is just as at home on a pedal powered pub crawl, commuting around town, or waiting in the school pickup line as it is on the trail.

Of course, you’ll feel most comfortable wearing Club Ride as every day clothing if you live in a laid-back mountain town. If the outdoorsy Western vibe is your jam, then Club Ride is what you should be wearing.

As for me, I’m an Idaho born-and-bred girl, so I appreciate that Club Ride is based out of Ketchum, ID. I also like that their clothing is versatile, durable, and comfortable.

Read on for a running list of my Club Ride Apparel reviews, as well as things you should know before buying….

club ride review

Note: Club Ride provided clothing items for review, but we did not receive any monetary compensation for the review and all opinions are our own. Femme Cyclist may receive compensation for purchases made through affiliate links in this article.

You’ll Like Club Ride If…..

  • You like the Western mountain town vibe
  • You want a button-down (or snap-down) top
  • You want your pieces to serve multiple purposes–mountain bike, commute, and at the pub
  • You are looking for reflective clothing for low-light riding
  • You have wider shoulders / large bust

Pass If….

  • You prefer more traditional lycra style bike clothing
  • You prefer women-owned clothing brands
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Table Of Contents

Club Ride Shorts & PantsClub Ride Chamois Liners
Eden Shorts1 Hour June Liner
Savvy Shorts2 Hour Drift Liner
Joanie Capri3 Hour Montcham Liner
Overland Tech Pant + Overland PantChamois Compared
Shorts & Pants ComparedClub Ride Size Chart
Club Ride Jerseys & TopsVideo Review
Bandara JerseyAdditional Product Guides
Camas Jersey
Deer Abby Tech Tee
Gracie Long-Sleeve
Sevy Hoody
Liv’n Flannel

Club Ride Eden Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts

If you DON’T want tan lines, then you DO want the Club Ride Eden mountain bike short. Every time a woman asks me for a “short” short recommendation, I steer her toward the Club Ride Eden.

With a 7″ inseam, these little shorties are perfect for ladies who don’t want to wreck their summer tan lines or women who simply prefer a shorter cut. There aren’t many “short” mountain bike shorts out there, so this is one of your only options. Fortunately, it’s a good one.

club ride eden


  • Shorter cut won’t interfere with your tan line
  • Adjustable waist
  • Comes with 2 hour chamois liner
  • Hides dirt well
  • Versatile


  • Not as much protection as longer shorts

Price & Where To Buy:

Waist Adjusts With Velcro

We all have different waist to hip ratios which makes it nice when brands give us adjustable waistbands. There’s nothing worse than a waistband digging into your middle section, or having a weird gap between your shorts and your waist.

The Club Ride Eden has a basic velcro strap on both hips that can be tightened or loosened with ease. There’s also belt loops if you like to wear a belt with your shorts. (Personally, I don’t).

The waist closes via a zipper and single snap. I didn’t have any issues with the fly coming down.

Stretchy Material Means Shorts Don’t Pull or Bunch

The fabric (89% Poly / 11% Spandex) on the Club Ride Eden has a bit of stretch to it. I found that it laid nicely and didn’t end up pulling or bunching while I ride.

It did wrinkle a bit coming out of the wash. That wasn’t a big deal to me, but might be for some.

5 Pockets Including A Zippered Pocket

Even without much real estate, there is still some of pocket room. There are two front hip pockets and two rear pockets. These aren’t good for much but putting your hands in.

There is, however, a zippered pocket on the leg that is big enough to hold an ID and some cash.

Dirt Brushes Off Easily

I had the grey pair of Club Ride Eden and I found it did both a good job of hiding dirt and repelling it. After a mid-ride snack break sitting in the dirt, I was able to stand up and brush off easily.

Not the Short For Downhill Days

Because of the length of these shorts, these aren’t the ones to pick for your next lift-served downhill day. For one, they just don’t offer as much protection in case you crash, and secondly, they are two short to wear with protective pads. (Or if you do, you’ll have a weird gap between the shorts and your knee pads).

These shorts are best for trail rides on hot days and casual cruises around town.

Runs True To Size

For me, these shorts ran true to size. I’m a size 6 (5’6″, 125 lbs) and I wear the size Medium.

Not Obviously a MTB Short….Ideal For Post-Ride Drinks At The Pub Or Shopping At The Farmer’s Market

Unlike virtually every other mountain bike short out there, the Club Ride Eden isn’t obviously a mountain bike short. You can easily wear it without a liner as a pair of shorts for hiking or just hanging out at camp.

That versatility made them a go-to pick for me for traveling and bikepacking trips. I could wear the shorts on the bike, but then wear them sans chamois to dinner as well.

Comes With The 2 Hour Chamois Liner

A lot of (similarly priced) mountain bike shorts do not come with the liner, so we were pleasantly suprised that the Club Ride Eden does. The liner is Club Rides 2-hour chamois and can snap in our out if you want to use it with a different short OR if you prefer to ride the Eden without a liner.

For more information on the 2-hour chamois liner, scroll on down to our review of the Club Ride chamois offerings.

Offered In Several Colors/Prints

The Club Ride Eden is offered in 3 solids as well as 2 prints, so whatever your personal style happens to be, you can probably find something that floats your boat.

Bottom-Line: Perfect MTB Short For Women Wanting a Short Short

If you are looking for a short short, the Eden is likely your best bet. It won’t screw up your tan lines, it looks good, and can be worn off the bike as well as on.

Club Ride Savvy Women’s Mountain Bike Short

The Club Ride Savvy short might just be the most comfortable mountain bike short I’ve ever tried on. The fabric is lightweight and the cut is loose. On the trail, I almost forgot I was wearing shorts.

That said, there were a few drawbacks. The drawstring waistband was difficult to adjust, and the cut wasn’t as flattering as my favorite mountain bike shorts. The sizing was also larger than other Club Ride shorts, so you might want to order a size smaller than usual.

club ride savvy mtb shorts


  • Super comfortable, lightweight feel
  • Long and loose enough to work well with knee pads
  • Fast drying
  • Cute colors / prints
  • Zipper-free design
  • Large zippered pocket


  • Waistband is awkward to adjust
  • Look a little “frumpy”

Price: $79.95


The Most Comfortable Short Ever?

The first time I put the Club Ride Savvy short on for a test ride, I specifically intended to pay attention to how it felt while riding. Well, I went on the ride and never once thought about the shorts again. That’s how comfortable they were!

If you prefer to focus on the trail than on adjusting your shorts or applying chamois cream to a seam rubbing you the wrong way, you’ll like the Savvy. It’s so comfortable, you just won’t notice it.

The fabric is a lot thinner and more lightweight than most mountain bike shorts, giving these a very airy feel. I particularly appreciated them on brutally hot Boise afternoons.

Finally, the cut is pretty baggy so even if you have more muscular thighs (like me!), you don’t have to worry about them squeezing your legs. There is plenty of space in theses shorts to MOVE.

The only drawback to all this comfort is that the shorts look a little frumpy. (At least to me). They don’t have the same tailored look as some of my other shorts.

Still, on those days I just want to FEEL good and focus on riding, the comfort of these shorts is going to trump fashion.

Sized Larger / Looser Than Other Club Ride Offerings

Part of the reason I may have found the Savvy shorts a bit “frumpy” is that they were cut a lot larger and looser than other Club Ride offering. While I was solidly a Medium in the rest of the Club Ride items I’ve reviewed, I may have been better off in a Small in the Savvy shorts.

Drawstring Waistband Is Awkward

The only thing I actively didn’t like about these shorts were the waistband. The waist tightens via an elastric string, that you then have to tie on either side of your waist.

This design isn’t nearly as clever as the elastic bands with buttons on kids pants, nor as convenient as the drawstring on your favorite sweatpants. After tightening the drawstring, it also caused the entire waistband to bunch ackwardly.

Not sure what they were thinking on this one…..

No Zipper Means No More Fly Down Experiences

These shorts don’t have a zipper closure, which means you don’t ever have to worry about your fly being down. Unfortunately, another of my friends who rides with these shorts did point out that because the fabric sort of bulges out where the zipper would normally be, it always LOOKS like your zipper is down. Still, as long as nobody can see my undies (er, chamois) underneath I’m fine with it.

Quick Drying Fabric Makes It Ideal For Trips Or Wet Weather

If you’ve ever washed your bike clothes in a sink while traveling, then you’ll appreciate the Club Ride Savvy. The fabric is lightweight and dries quickly. I hung the shorts outside after washing (in warm weather) and they were dry within an hour.

Even if you’re not traveling, you’ll like the quick dry nature of the shorts if you are riding in a wet climate or somewhere with lots of water crossing.

Doesn’t Come With Liner, So Order That Separately

Unlike the Club Ride Eden short, the Savvy does NOT come with a liner so make sure you order one separately (assuming you like to ride with a chamois and don’t already have on you want to use with these shorts. I should also note that there aren’t any loops to snap a chamois in, so if you prefer that, pick a different pair of shorts.

Large Zippered Pocket

In addition to the front “hand pockets” there is also a decently sized zippered pocket on the leg. I found this pocket worked well for stashing a lift ticket as well as some cash and my ID.

Long And Loose Enough For Knee Pads

With an 11″ inseam, the Savvy is long enough to wear with knee pads without any weird gap between the two. Unlike some shorts that are a little tight around my thighs, the Savvy was also loose enough that the top of the knee pads were able to live comfortably underneath.

Cute Colors/Prints But Not A Ton Of Them

I love the adorable “road runner” print on my pair of Savvy’s. Road runners not your thing? Then you have the option of a couple of solid colors as well as grey pinstripes.

What you won’t find is an endless array of prints (ala Shredly), but if you like one of the limited offerings like I did, then you’re in business.

Bottom-Line: Pick This Short If Comfort Is Your Priority

If how you FEEL on the bike is your number one priority when choosing a short, then you’ll love the Club Ride Savvy. It’s loose fitting, light and breathable, and won’t rub you the wrong way. It might be the most comfortable short around.

Club Ride Joanie Capri

There aren’t many mountain bike bottoms that I’d happily wear out in public, but the Club Ride Joanie capri is one of them. They don’t scream “mountain bike shorts” so nobody will notice if you slip these on for a run to the grocery store.

Although they’re labeled as a “capri,” I’d say the cut is a bit shorter and looser than a normal capri. They are more like a really long short.

The Joanie comes in black (which I have) as well as navy.

club ride womens capris


  • Great for cooler weather
  • Reflective accents for low-light riding
  • Cute even off the bike


  • Fabric shows dust easily

Price: $89.95


Shorter Than A Traditional “Capri” Pant

When I think of a capri pant, I usually think of a pant that goes to mid-calf and is tapered tightly at the bottom. The Joanie capri, on the other hand, hit me just below the knee and has a looser fit than I would generally expect in a capri. The bottom does have a cute cut.

On me, I thought the Joanie looks like a really long short. Which I liked! Because the Joannie wasn’t TOO tailored it was also possible to wear with knee pads.

Waist is Adjustable

The waist is adjustable via dual velcro straps (thank you!) and closes via dual snaps and a zipper. The waistband is also cut wider and higher in the back, so I didn’t end up with any plumbers crack.

Great For Cooler Weather And Lower Light Riding

The Joanie capri is perfect for cooler fall weather when I want a little extra coverage on my legs. Additionally because the fall days are shorter and I often find myself racing the sun on my pedal home, I like that the Joanie capri offers reflective details.

Fabric Showed Dust Easily

I recently wore these pants on a loose, dusty trail When I finished, the Joanie was completely covered in dirt. Unlike some shorts that hide dust well, it was VERY visible on the Joannie fabric.

Bottom-Line: A Great Option For Women Looking For A Bottom With Additional Coverage Or For Cooler Weather Riding

Whether you want a longer bottom for cooler weather riding, or you simply want more coverage (for protection or modesty), you’ll like the Joanie Capri. The real bonus for me was that they looked just as cute off the bike as on so you can get lots of use out of them.

Club Ride “Technical” Overland Pant & Regular Overland Pant

There are VERY few women’s mountain bike pants on the market, which made me excited to try out the Club Ride Overland pant. On first glance, I thought the cut may be a little too loose, causing my pant leg to interfere with my drivetrain, but I found that this wasn’t the case.

The cut is loose enough that I was also able to put a pair of fleece-line leggings underneath, which I think is how I’ll wear them for fat biking this winter.

club ride mountain bike pants


  • One of the only women’s cycling “pants” out there
  • Fabric on the “tech” pant is water repellent


  • No waist adjustment
  • Tech pant hows dirt/dust easily

Price: $99.95


One Of Your Only “Pant” Options

Do you know how many pairs of cycling pants there are out there (that aren’t tights)? Very, very few.

And unlike the Fox Defend pant, for instance, which is designed specifically for downhill riding, the Club Ride Overland pant has a more casual vibe that works well for cold-weather trail riding, commuting, and fat biking.

The Technical Overland pant looks almost like your favorite pair of black jeans, but is made with tech fabric. The fabric is finished with DWR (durable water repellant) which makes it ideal for wet and cold winter riding. It makes it less, ideal, however for wearing around town.

club ride womens pants

Unlike virtually all the other Club Ride pieces, I wouldn’t wear these pants to meet up with friends for drinks. I would, however, wear them for hiking, camping, etc, so they are still versatile in that sense.

If you want a more casual looking pant, the non-“technical” version of the Overland pant that has a lighter, softer fabric that works better for casual, off-the-bike wear. These pants are soft, stretchy and ideal for commuting around town.

overland pant

No Way To Adjust The Waist (Other Than With a Belt)

I was a bit surprised to discover that there is no waist adjustment on these pants, which was unfortunate because I did end up with a bit of the dreaded gap between the waistband and my actual waist. There are belt loops, but I’m not a big fan of riding with a belt…..

Dust Shows Easily, But Brushes Off Easily As Well

The “technical” version of the pants showed dust and dirt very easily. (This wasn’t an issue on the non-tech pants).

The good news, however, was that because they are DWR treated the dust just sat on top of the fabric and brushed off very easily.

club ride pants

Stretchy Fabric Makes For A Comfortable Fit

Unlike a traditional pair of pants, both the Technical Overland and the basic Overland pants are REALLY stretchy. I was able to have a full range of motion on the bike, and never felt like the pants were bunching up or digging in. If you’re worried about comfort, you’ll be happy with the Overland.

Bottom-Line: One Of Your Only Mountain Bike Pant Options And It’s A Good One

If you are looking for pants for use on the bike that don’t look like you’re about to compete in the next downhill world cup, then you’ll be happy with the Club Ride Overland pant. These technical pant performs well in cool weather and wet conditions, and the non-tech version is perfect for cool, dry days and for commuting around town.

Club Ride Shorts / Pants Compared

Here’s how all these bottoms compare.

BottomType InseamMaterialChamois Included?Waist Adjustment
EdenShort7″ 89% Poly / 11% SpandexYesVelcro
SavvyShort11″96% Poly / 4% SpandexNoDrawstring
JoanieCapri16.5″ 91% Poly / 9% SpandexNoVelcro
Overland TechPant29″ 92% Polyester / 8% SpandexNoNone
OverlandPant29″ 92% Polyester / 8% SpandexNoNone

Club Ride Bandara Women’s Plaid Shirt

Giddyup, cowgirl! The Club Ride Bandara top looks a lot like the popular men’s Club Ride western shirts, but comes in more feminine colors and cut.

Like many other of the Club Ride tops, the Bandara has UPF fabric for sun protection and reflective accents.

bandara jersey


  • UPF fabric for sun protection
  • Reflective accents
  • Slightly stretchy fabric provides a flattering fit


  • Hot and sweaty across shoulders and back

Price: $79.95


Stetchy Fabric And Generous Cut

The fabric is slightly stetchy which provides a flattering cut, and the shirt spans closed. We heard from several women in our community with broader shoulders and larger busts that found that the Bandara fit them well. Personally, I have a smaller profile, but found that the Bandara was flattering on me as well.

Breathable Side Panels…But Need More Breathability On The Upper Back

While I appreciated the the breathable mesh side panels, I did find that I found the shoulder and upper back area got hot and sweaty. This was a recurring problem for me, even on days that weren’t particularly sweltering. It would have been nice to have a breathable panel in that area as well.

Snaps Provide Quick And Easy On Off

While most “western” tops have a button-up design, the Bandara has snaps that make it quick and easy to take on and off. I also found that the fabric hung nicely around the snaps and there weren’t any weird gaps even when I was bent over on the bike.

bandara snaps

Small Zippered Pocket

In addition to a chest pocket, there is a small zippered pocket at the rear. This isn’t large enough to stash much, but is big enough for some cash or a gel.

Bottom-Line: A Fun Alternative To Traditional Lycra Jerseys

If you have a drawer full of “bike jerseys,” the Club Ride Bandara will add a little pizzaz to your bike wardrobe. The western style top works well on the trail and off.

Club Ride Camas Shirt

This might be the most breathable jersey I’ve ever worn, and will be my number #1 pick for hot days going forward. The fabric has hundreds of tiny holes, and the fit is loose enough, that I felt air flowing over my skin at all times.

Because the fabric is so lightweight and airy, it’s also fast drying. This would be a top pick for travel or anytime you want to wash and dry a top quickly.

club ride camas jersey


  • Extremely lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Fast drying
  • UPF fabric for sun protection


  • Bust is smaller than other Club Ride shirts

Price: $79.95


Crazy Breathable, Thin, and Fast-Drying

The fabric is the differentiating feature of the Camas top. It’s unlike any bike top I’ve ever had in terms of how breathable it is.

The fabric has tons of little holes that let air thru. This does mean that is slightly see-thru (wear a bra!), but not overly so. (I didn’t feel self concious in it or need to wear an under layer).

I didn’t sweat much in this top thanks to the airflow, but any sweat that did end up on the top dried quickly. In fact, I tried line drying this top one warm day, and it was fully dry in about 20 minutes.

Even Though It’s Lightweight It Still Offers Sun Protection

On hot days I’m often tempted to reach for a sleeveless top. The Camas, however, provided additional sun protection with it’s sleeve and UPF fabric, and was as cool (or cooler) than a tank.

Fits A Little Smaller Than Other Club Ride Tops

While the Camas fit me really well, I did hear from larger-busted women in our community that found that the Camas fit smaller across the chest that other Club Ride tops.

camas jersey

Chest Pocket, Zippered Rear Pocket, & Sunglasses Wipe

The Camas has a chest pocket, small zippered rear pocket (good for stashing an ID and credit card), and a sunglasses wipe.

Bottom-Line: Perfect Top For Hot Weather Riding

The Club Ride Camas is going to be my go-to top for sweltering days, and it should be yours too. I’ll also be packing it on trips as it is easy to wash and dry on the fly.

Club Ride Deer Abby Tech Tee

As far as I’m concerned, the Deer Abby tech tee is just about the cutest mountain bike top around. It’s feminine, comfortable, and really soft. The other thing I love about this jersey is that it has POCKETS — something that’s almost impossible to find on other tech tees.

club ride deer abby review


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Works well for women with larger busts
  • UPF 20 protection
  • Rear pockets


  • Pocket positioning is a bit ackward

Price: $59.95


Form Fitting, But Not Tight

If you like your jerseys to be form fitting, but not tight, you’ll like the Deer Abby. It’s flattering and has enough give around the middle that you won’t end up with a pooch.It also works well for larger breasted ladies like my mom (pictured here).

The fabric is REALLY soft and feels comfortable to the touch. There arent any weird seams or tags to irritate sensitve skin.

It does run a little smaller than other Club Ride tops, so you may want to order up a size.

club ride deer abby

Rear Pockets Are Spacious (But Sometimes Awkward)

Overall, I really love the pockets on this jersey. Most mountain bike specific jerseys come without pockets, so I appreciated the two spacious rear pockets. They are large enough for a Cliff bar, C02 cartridge, etc.

That said, they are positioned toward the sides of the back of the jersey and can hang a bit ackwardly to the side. I would have preferred if they were centered more toward the rear.

club ride rear pockets

Bottom-Line: A Tech Tee With A Feminine Touch

Most tech tees I’ve tried on are loose, boxy and not that feminine. The Club Ride is another story–it’s flattering, form fitting, and comes in multiple colors (so you might have to order multiples).

Club Ride Gracie Long Sleeve

The Club Ride Gracie is a summer-weight long sleeve jersey and thanks to it’s UPF fabric, is a great pick for ladies who want a little extra protection from the sun.

gracie mtb jersey


  • UPF fabric for sun protection
  • Reflective details for low-light riding
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • No pockets

Price: $89.95


Lightweight, Breathable Fabric

The Club Ride Gracie is intended for warmer weather riding. The fabric is lightweight, soft and airy. Even on a 75 degree day, I found that I was very comfortable in this top.

Generously Cut

The shoulders and chest are cut wide, so will work well for women who need a more generous cut. As a more petite woman, I felt that the cut was a little too wide for me.

Button-Up Design And Reflective Details

The top buttons up as do the sleeves. The sleeves also have reflective accents which make the top ideal for riding in lower light conditions.

I should also mention that there is a sunglasses wipe on the inside of the shirt, so you’ll never be stuck with dirty sunglasses again!

No Pockets

Also worth mentioning, there aren’t any pockets, so plan to ride with some sort of pack or shorts with plenty of pocket space.

Bottom-Line: A Long-Sleeve For Summer Sun Protection

If you want a little extra coverage and protection from the sun, but don’t want to overheat, choose the Club Ride Gracie. It’s also a good pick for women with larger busts and wider shoulders.

Club Ride Sevy Hoody

When the weather turns chillier, grab the Club Ride Sevy Hoody. It’s warm and cozy thanks to the fleecy fabric on the inside. This sweatshirt-like top is REALLY cute and I’ve found that I like wearing it off the bike as much as I like wearing it on the bike.

club ride hoodie


  • Cute enough to wear off the bike
  • Cozy, fleece lined inside
  • Warm enough for COLD weather


  • Bulky to carry if you take off layers
  • Cut is a little short

Price: $69.95


Really Cute and Cozy

I’ve received LOTS of compliments wearing this top. It’s feminine and flattering.

This is also a heavier piece and really warm. I wore it on days where I might be tempted to wear a heavier jacket.

There’s also a front hand warming pocket, which was nice when I was waiting for friends at the trailhead early one morning.

Easy To Take Off, But Not Easy To Stash

The neck has an asymmetrical zipper that allowed me to take it on and off without even removing my helmet. The only issue I ran into when using it as a layer on the bike is that it’s bulky and wasn’t that easy to stash when I took it off.

club ride hoodie (2)

Cut Is Shorter

The Club Ride Sevvy is cut shorter than most Club Ride tops. This means that I wouldn’t wear it without a layer underneath.

Additionally, because it was cut shorter than other Club Ride tops, when I wore it with a club ride short-sleeve underneath, the short-sleeve hung out at the bottom.

Bottom-Line: Cute, Feminine Top For Cold Weather Riding Or Wear Off The Bike

Want a “sweatshirt” that you can wear on the bike? That’s the Club Ride Sevvy. It kept me warm on cold days, and transitioned off the bike well.

Liv’n Flannel

In my opinion, Club Ride really shines when it comes to flannels. Flannel shirts are my go-to when the temperature drops, and while I’ll often wear a non-bike-specific flannel top to ride, I love the bike-specific nature of the Club Ride Liv’n Flannel. (Of course, you can still wear it off the bike too.

club ride liv'n flannel


  • Really warm
  • Secure pocket
  • Reflective details
  • Snaps make for quick layering
  • Mesh under arm vents


  • No chest pocket

Price: $89.95


Warm But Breathable

You’re probably not going to throw on a flannel top unless temps have dropped. The good news is that the Liv’n flannel is plenty warm. I was able to wear it comfortably on near-freezing mornings.

Unlike your traditional flannel, the Liv’n also has breathable mesh vents under the armpits, so I didn’t get too sweaty even when riding hard uphill.

Small Zippered Pocket

Also unlike traditional flannels, the Liv’n has a small zippered pocket. It was the right size for an ID or cash, but not quite big enough for my phone.

The only (very minor) bummer about this shirt is that there is no chest pocket. I’d gotten quite accustomed to the chest pocket on other Club Ride pieces and it would have been nice to have one on this shirt as well.

Reflective Details For Commuting Or Low Light Riding

For fall and winter riding, I often find myself riding home in low light conditions, so it’s nice that (like most Club Ride pieces) the Liv’n flannel has reflective details as well.

Bottom-Line: The Perfect Flannel For Use On The Bike

Rather than using any old flannel top for mountain biking, pick the Club Ride Liv’n Flannel. It has lots of bike-specific features like a zippered pocket, reflective details, and underarm vents.

Club Ride Chamois

club ride mtb liners

Club Ride classifies there three chamois liner options as being appropriate for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours of ride time. While this is a clever way to try to differentiate their options, in reality you should pick your liner based more upon personal preference than on hours in the saddle.

For instance, I’ve used the “1 hour” June liner on multiple hour rides very happily. But I like a more minimalistic chamois.

What you will find with the Club Ride chamois liners is that the chamois padding becomes progressively thicker. So, the 1 hour June chamois is the thinnest, and the 3 hour Montcham liner is the thickest.

The inseam length also gets progressively longer so you should take this into account when choosing a chamois. The 3 Hour Montcham liner, for instance, is too long to fit under the Club Ride Eden short. It is also too long to fit under a traditional gym short, if you’re trying to use it for spin class or casual use around town.

Finally, I want to point out that although the photos on the Club Ride website show the chamois having loops to snap into your shorts, only my 2 hour chamois actually had that loop. So keep this in mind if you were looking for a liner with snap loops as the photos are a bit misleading.

1 Hour June

I’m a big fan of the 1 hour June chamois, but that’s because I’m a big fan of minimalistic chamois. The June chamois is thin and just enough padding to make it feel like you have a little extra protection, but not enough to feel like you’re wearing a diaper.

Short Inseam Allows Them To Work Under Most Shorts

The 3 inch inseam was also short enough that I was easily able to wear these under a pair of regular shorts for several hours of cruising the greenbelt around town. They would also work well for spin class or any time you’d prefer to wear gym shorts rather than bike-specific shorts.

Thin Chamois Works Best For Shorter Rides

While I love a thin chamois for most rides, even I will admit that these are VERY thin and if you plan to be on the bike for more than a couple hours, you should pick a thicker chamois.

Legs Don’t Have Elastic Bands

The bottoms of the legs don’t have elastic bands. On one hand, this is great because it means you don’t have to worry about elastic digging into your thighs or causing skin irritation.

The drawback, however, is that I found that over time, the legs would roll up as I rode. This wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but was noticeable.

Soft, Stetchy Fabric

The fabric on the June liner was my favorite of the three. It was soft, thin, and cool to the touch. It’s solid (not see through) if that’s a differentiator for you.

Bottom-Line: Perfect For Minimalists And For Spin Class

With a VERY thin chamois, the Club Ride June is best for women who like a minimalistic chamois and for those headed to spin class. If you like more padding, read on.

2 Hour Drift

The 2 hour Drift is the perfect chamois liner for the vast majority of rides. The padding is comfortable without being bulky.

One thing of note is that my 2 hour drift chamois came with the Club Ride Eden short, and is shorter than the Club Ride 2 hour Drift chamois sold on their website. I assume that the chamois is the same but the inseam length is different? A bit confusing…..

Great Chamois For Longer Rides

While Club Ride has advertised this chamois for 2 hour rides, I believe this chamois is going to be good for the vast majority of women for the vast majority of rides. It is not as minimalistic as the June short, but doesn’t feel like a diaper either.

The padding is made of “memory foam” which is comfortable and there are enough channels that I found it breathable and not overly swampy. The padding was a bit wide for me personally, may be perfect for other women.

Legs Can Ride Up

Like the 1 hour June Chamois, there is no elastic band on the legs. I appreciated this as I have skin sensitivity to may leg bands, but the lack of a band does cause the legs to ride up some.

Breathable Fabric

The fabric on the 2 hour drift short is highly breathable (but slightly see-thru if that’s an issue for you). I have very sensitive skin and I found that the fabric was comfortable and the seams didn’t cause any irritation.

Bottom-Line: A Chamois That’s Comfortable Without Being Bulky

Unless you are headed out for a full-day in the saddle, the 2 hour drift chamois should plenty. It provides adequate padding, is (relatively) breathable, and doesn’t feel like a diaper.

3 Hour Montcham

The Montcham has the thickest chamois of the Club Ride liners. This is the one you want if you are going to be spending a full day on the bike (or if you simply prefer a more substantial chamois).

Chamois Offeres Plenty Of Padding For Long Rides

The Montcham chamois is thick and plush. If you like more protection down there, the Montcham will totally be your jam.

The padding is made of memory foam and includes ventilation channels channels throughout. I found it comfortable even on VERY long days in the saddle.

Offers Some Compression, Legs May Be A Bit Tight On Thighs

Unlike the other Club Ride chamois, the Montcham liner offers a fair bit of compression. This can be nice if you enjoy compression on the bike (I do).

That said, it can also cause some fit issues. While the Montcham fit okay on me, I did hear from some women that said that the legs were too tight for them. If you have more muscular thighs you might want to size up OR choose one of the shorter Club Ride offerings.

Longer Legs Won’t Fit Under All Shorts

The Montcham inseam is 8″. While this will fit fine under most baggies, it may be too long for some especially if the baggie rides up while pedaling.

Club Ride Chamois Compared

ChamoisPriceInseamChamois Density
1 Hour June$393″3mm
2 Hour Drift$495.5″8mm
3 Hour Montcham$598″8mm

Club Ride Size Chart

Club Ride offers their pieces in general sizes (S,M,L, etc) rather than specific sizes (0,2,4, etc). Because of this, I strongly recommend measuring yourself and then comparing it to their size charts before ordering.

You can find these size charts on their website.

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