Tips For Cycling After 40 With Sylvie D’Aoust

Are you a woman over 40? Do you feel like a lot of the advice out there is tailored to men or to younger folks?

If so, you’ll appreciate this episode with Sylvie D’Auost. Sylvie is a cycling coach who has dedicated herself to working with women who are over 40.

In this interview, we chat about struggles that women over 40 face, strength training, supplements, and more. Stick around to learn more.

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Key Takeaways From This Episode

Don’t have time to listen to the full episode? Here are the key takeaways.

Strength Training Is Key

“Muscle density loss–I noticed that a lot at the end of my 40s. And that’s when strength training becomes really important amongst the rest of the training we’re doing.

“Cycling and cardio and endurance are really great, but they don’t develop the muscles that we need to stay strong as an older woman.”

Eat Your Protein!

“A lot of women don’t get enough protein, and it affects just about everything.

“I take protein powder. It’s the most natural that I can find. And then I have other meal replacement shakes that I put into my day.

“Because remember protein, protein, protein. You know, we can’t walk around with the chicken breasts in our mouth in our hands all the time. We have to supplement with extra protein.

“Try and find one that just has like the least amount of ingredients possible. It might be super bland, doesn’t matter, you can add it to all sorts of things. Oatmeal, cottage cheese. You can put berries in it. So you don’t need something super tasty. You just need a good protein.”

Constantly Be Setting New Goals & Tailor Your Training To Those

“Now is the time, this fall, to do a little self assessment. How was your summer? How did your summer unfold? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

“Where do you want to go next year? Every year is a is a level. You’re not going to hit the top for a while, it takes years to get there.

“And so what is your goal for this winter? Your plan for this winter is going to be different from your plan in the summer, which is going to complement your summer goals. So I’m starting to talk to my clients about; what did you do last? How was your summer? What are your goals moving forward? Because that’s going to dictate kind of what you do.”

Eat Real Food On The Bike

“If you have time to make your own snacks, there’s so many recipes out there. I just pick one, make one.

“I like Squeezy bags full of oatmeal and syrup, and protein. I microwave sweet potato chunks. That’s really good. I make wraps. Almost 100% of my food that I eat when I ride is natural.

“And then all the sugars at the bottom of my bag. So the cubes, the gels, the bars, like worst case, you know if I need extra. But usually carbs, breads and peanut butters and jams are gonna go so much further than any of those 90 calorie cubes.”

Consider Supplements

“I do take immune boosters that are full of mushrooms. And I do take powdered greens, because anybody’s seen the prices of vegetables these days…

“I do have my favorite electrolyte that I will drink literally all day long, on a very, very low dose because it has B12. It has all these vitamins and minerals in it. And it’s amazing electrolyte is that it’s ant hydrate. It’s from Isagenix.”

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