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Dharco Women’s Gravity Pant Review

If you haven’t mountain biked in pants, you’re missing out. As a traditional “short” girl, I never wanted to try riding in pants. I thought they were going to be too hot and I wanted to make sure that my knee pads fit.

After seeing one of my good friends in her new Dharco pants, however, I knew that I needed to try them. Not only were they SUPER cute and flattering, but she said she loved having the extra protection of the pant and felt like she could shred harder with them.

I went out and bought myself a pair and now they are one of my FAVORITE pieces of mountain biking clothing that I own. 

Review in a Nutshell


  • Adjustable waistband
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Fits like a glove, but is extremely comfortable.
  • Enough room for knee pads.
  • Fairly priced compared to other brands 
  • Ample amount of pockets 
  • Well-made and crash resistant
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Great customer service


  • They run small compared to other companies
  • Tight around the calf area 
  • Velcro and snaps for closure
  • Limited sizes- the size range is ONLY XS-XL

Price & Where to Buy:

A “Slim Fit” Mountain Bike Pant

According to Dharco’s website, the Gravity Pant is supposed to fit like a skinny jean. It should be snug enough to stay put, but comfortable enough to move around in. After wearing these pants for about a year, I can confirm that they are in fact a slim fitting pant. 

For reference, I’m about 5’9, 165 pounds, and wear a size 10 pants. I had a hard time deciding between the large and x-large because Dharco’s sizing is just slightly different than other companies.

For someone my size, Dharco recommends an x-large, but I finally decided on the large and while they are a little tight through my thighs, I am really happy with my decision. They provide me with enough stretch that I feel comfortable wearing them all day and have no issue pedaling in them. 

They have an adjustable waistband which is nice for people with bigger legs and have to size up for a comfortable fit. The only issue I run into sometimes is in the calf area.

I have muscular calves and because the Gravity Pants are meant to be like a skinny jean, they tend to be extremely snug on my calves. It’s not uncomfortable, just something that I notice when I put them on. 

You Can Wear Your Knee Pads Underneath Them

Even though they are a slim fit pant, there is ample room for knee pads. I have a slim pair of TLD Speed Knee Sleeve* that fit perfectly under the Gravity Pant, but I also think a bulkier knee pad* would work as well. There is enough stretch in the material that it shouldn’t be a problem. 

Just remember to put your knee pads on FIRST before putting on your pants. You won’t be able to slide these under after you’ve put them on. 

Tons of Pockets to Hold All of Your Trail Snacks

There are two pockets on the front and one pocket in the back WITH zippers. Having zippers on my pockets is essential so I don’t lose anything. I have had other pants and shorts that put a snap on their pockets and I’m not comfortable with putting anything in them rendering them completely useless. 

I also like the Dharco name on the right zipper… it adds just enough flair without overdoing it. 

Velcro On the Waist Gets Stuck To Other Clothes In The Washer

One of the most annoying things about these pants and other brands that use Velcro is that it gets STUCK to everything else in the washing machine. I know, I know…this is such a minor annoyance, but when it gets stuck to other expensive cycling clothes it becomes an issue.

I wish that Dharco would use JUST a button closure for the waist. Not only do you not have to worry about it getting caught in the washer, but if you end up mountain biking while you’re pregnant you can still wear these pants and put a hair tie around the button.

Again, this is such a minor detail, but after having two babies and being the primary laundry slinger in our house, this ends up becoming a HUGE annoyance. 

Another thing about Velcro is that it doesn’t last NEARLY as long as some other alternatives, like the G-hook featured on the Revel Rider Flow Pant*, and because the Gravity Pants have a regular style waistband, it might not be as comfortable as a yoga waistband featured on brands like Shredly and TLD. 

Funky Sizing Can Make Finding the Perfect Fit Difficult

As you will see below, Dharco’s sizing chart is a little different than their competitors. Normally a medium fits sizes 8-10, but their medium fits a 4-6. They tend to run a little bit small so just be mindful of that when you’re getting ready to check out. 

Another thing about their sizing is the lack of sizes. All of their pants come in XS to XL and that’s it. Their sizes are very limited which is annoying because not everybody fits into that range.

I wish Dharco would expand their range like other companies have. In our world today, we deserve to have options for sizing and Dharco has completely dropped the ball on this. 

The Length is PERFECT for Us Tall Gals

I LOVE how long these pants are. I’m about 5’9 and they go all the way down to my ankle. I have such a hard time finding pants that are long enough and these REALLY are the perfect length. 

With that being said, I let my girlfriend try them on who is 5’3 and 160 pounds and they were TOO long for her. The size large was the perfect fit for her body, but she ended up having to roll them at the bottom. 

malorie wearing the dharco gravity womens pants and posing on her bike

Well-Made, Water Resistant, and Crash Resistant (Don’t Ask Me How I Know)

I think my favorite thing about the Gravity Pant is the fact that it is SO well made. The material can withstand just about anything you throw at it and if you’re like me, you throw a lot at it. I’ve had quite a few crashes in these pants and have yet to tear a hole in them. 

The last time I wore these pants, I ended up breaking my ankle. I hit a root wrong, and it snapped my foot to the right and I went over the bars.

Once I calmed down and got 911 on the phone, I assessed the damage. Come to find out, there wasn’t the slightest tear in my pants.

They were still fully intact and just a little dusty. It’s pretty incredible how much they can withstand considering how bad the crash was. Sadly, the EMT had to cut them off of me, BUT Dharco was amazing and ended up sending me a new crash replacement pair for free. Amazing!

I’ve also been caught in several rain storms this summer, and they help up great against the rain. I was able to make it back to my truck without being soaking wet. 

Made to Wear During the Summer and Winter

The Gravity Pants are so breathable that you can wear them during the hottest summer months as well as during the winter

The hottest temperature I wore these in was 95 and the lowest was 40 degrees. These pants are perfect for just about any whether, making them an essential piece of cycling clothes. 

Several Color and Design Options

If you go to Dharco’s website and look at the Gravity Pant, you will see SO many options for colors and designs. This sets Dharco apart from competitors because most companies only make pants in black and blue. 

A few of my favorite designs are the leopard, snowshoe, and deep orchard. You will DEFINITELY stand out on the trail if wearing a pair of these. 

Who is Dharco and Where Can I Buy Their Clothes?

Dharco was started in the North Shores of Australia and quickly gained popularity across the globe. According to Dharco, “Our motto ‘no ordinary life’ comes from the belief that mountain biking creates an amazing lifestyle. Whomever you are in the day-to-day world, when you get on the bike life is just awesome. Any stress of the day is gone.” 

They also use BlueSign approved fabric meaning the fabric is traced along the manufacturing process to ensure there is the lowest impact on the environment. 

The best place to purchase Dharco clothes is through their website OR you can search under stockists and find a store closest to you. There are a handful of stores in the US, even fewer in the UK, and MOST in Australia.

One thing I will suggest is that you follow the size guides listed on their website to get the MOST accurate fit. The Gravity Pants are not going to fit like your normal pants- they will run small. 

How Do the Dharco Gravity Pants Compare to Competitors?

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed between Dharco and other companies like Shredly and Revel Rider is the lack of size options. Shredly offers sizes from a 00 to a 24 and Revel Rider offers sizes from XXS-XXL. I’m hoping in the future that Dharco will be more inclusive with their sizes. 

Shredly, one of the more popular brands, also makes a mountain biking pant that has a yoga waistband (woot woot) and is made from thinner material making it more breathable than the Gravity Pant. A few things about the Shredly Pants are the lack of pockets and the fit. They are not NEARLY as flattering as the Gravity Pant and are even more tight in the calves. 

Compared to Revel Rider, Dharco offers a more affordable pants, BUT the Revel Rider Flow Pant is made of a thinner material that moves with your body slightly better than the Gravity Pant. They also have better ventilation than the Gravity Pant which would be better if you live in a hotter place.

One thing I like about the Revel Rider Flow Pant BETTER than the Gravity Pant is the waist adjustments. They use a G-hook instead of Velcro and I love it! It will last much longer and not get caught in the laundry. 

*Revel Rider Flow Pant *Dharco Gravity Pant

Looking at Troy Lee Designs Lux Pants*, they are made quite different than the Gravity Pant. The Lux Pants have a yoga waistband making them extremely comfortable.

You don’t have to worry about the waist digging into you while you ride. They are also made of a thinner material and have more breathable holes for ventilation. With that in mind, I found that the TLD pants are not as crash-proof as the Gravity Pant. 

There are several cycling companies that are making mountain biking pants, so your options are endless. When deciding on a pant it’s important to factor in the climate you’re going to be riding in as well as the type of fit you like.

If you like a snugger pant, the Gravity Pant is going to be perfect for you. If you like a looser more flowy pant, Revel Rider or Velocio might be the better option for you. 

Bottom-Line: A Well-Made Pair of Pants with Enough Stretch For You To Feel Comfortable Pedaling

You can’t go wrong with purchasing the Dharco Gravity Pant. If you want a well-made pant for mountain biking, the Gravity Pant is it.

There are a few drawbacks like sizing, velcro, and the waistband, but if you can find a pair that fits you comfortably, you’ll be surely buying more. They are worth the investment and will last you forever until you have them cut off by an EMT.

I will DEFINITELY be buying more once I am back on the bike and shredding.

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