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Fox Rampage Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Review

The Fox Rampage is a low-profile, lightweight, and affordable full-face helmet mountain bike helmet. In fact, it is the cheapest ASTM-F1952 certified helmet on the market and one of the lightest.

While it’s not a “women’s specific” helmet, it is a great option for ladies that are petite or those looking for a lighter-weight full-face lid.

Fox Rampage Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Review

Review in a Nutshell


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • ASTM-F1952 certification
  • Removable, washable pads


  • Low profile provides less protection than more robust full-face helmets

Price & Where to Buy:


The biggest reason to buy the Fox Rampage is the price. It is one of the cheapest full-face helmets on the market that meets the ASTM-F1952 standard.

For those who aren’t familiar, this certification means that the helmet is safe for downhill use and should be the minimum standard for choosing a lid for true downhill use. Not all full-face helmets have this certification, by the way, and most that do are far more expensive than the Rampage.

fox rampage dh mtb helmet

Adjustable visor

The visor on the Fox Rampage adjusts via a screw on the underside of the visor. Loosen the screw and slide the visor up or down. Although the visor a good range of adjustability, it is a bit awkward to try to adjust on the fly or with bike gloves on. I found that I needed to actually take the helmet off and adjust the visor.

The visor itself is smaller than many other DH helmets. This could be an issue if you are riding in particularly sunny environments, but under tree-cover at the Whistler bike park, I never noticed any sun glare or other issues with the small profile.

Low profile

Compared to bigger, bulkier downhill-helmets, the Fox Rampage has a low profile. While this is nice in terms of comfort and even attractiveness, it does mean that the helmet offers less protection in the event of a serious crash.

If you are riding well within your limits in the bike park (like me), this may not be an issue. On the other hand, if you are pushing hard and going big, I would choose a helmet with more coverage. The “Rampage” certainly isn’t the helmet for the Red Bull Rampage.


At a mere 36.8 oz, the Fox Rampage is seriously lightweight for an ASTM certified helmet. For comparison, the Bell Transfer 9 tips the scales at 45.1 oz. This is one of the reasons we think the Rampage is a top-pick for women who tend to be more petite and need a lighter helmet than their bulkier male counterparts.


The padding inside the Rampage is soft and comfortable. It is also removable which means that you can throw the pads in the wash once they’ve gotten sweaty which is a huge plus.

The pads are soft and covered in synthetic suede fabric that feels soft and velvety on your cheeks.  That said, they don’t do a fantastic job of wicking sweat and tend to get a bit wet on really hot days.


Compared to a convertible helmet like the Bell Super 3R, the Fox Rampage has severely limited airflow and ventilation. Compared to other ASTM certified helmets, however, the ventilation and breathability are perfectly average.

There are 11 vent holes, and the breathing hole a the front of the helmet provides good airflow as well. Despite wearing the helmet on a 90-degree day, I felt reasonably comfortable inside the helmet.

Ventilation on the Fox Rampage helmet


The Fox Rampage helmet has a D-Ring buckle that does a great job of staying tight, but is somewhat difficult to thread especially with bike gloves on.  I found that I had to take off my gloves to get the helmet on or off, but the more I practiced the easier it got.

fox rampage buckle


The Rampage comes in 4 sizes to fit a wide range of head sizes. We appreciate the smaller sizing, which makes the Rampage more likely to fit smaller women riders than some other brands. With a 55cm sized head, I fit inside a size small comfortably.

All-day comfort

I recently tested the Fox Rampage helmet during a 9-hour, 90-degree day at the Whistler bike park, and can happily report that the helmet remained comfortable even throughout a long, HOT day. I attribute this to the fact that the helmet is neither too heavy or bulky. Since I’m not hitting any massive features, I would choose the Rampage over other more beefy helmets just for this comfort factor.


If you are looking for an affordable and lightweight helmet for occasional bike park riding, the Fox Rampage is a top pick. It is significantly cheaper than other ASTM lids, and offers superior safety compared to a convertible helmet like the Bell Super 3R.

It does not offer the same level of protection as some other DH lids, so for ladies who like to go big, pick a more expensive helmet. For women who are sticking to blue runs at the bike park, however, the Fox Rampage will provide more than enough helmet at an unbeatable price.

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