How Women Changed The World On Two Wheels With Hannah Ross

My two big passions in life are cycling and reading, so of course if there’s a book about bikes, I’m going to read it. Obviously, I was excited when I heard about a new book about the history of women on bikes.  It’s called Revolutions:  How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels.

I ended up reading it in two evenings and found it really entertaining and educational.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I immediately reached out to the author, Hannah Ross, to see if she would come on the podcast to chat about it.

hannah ross

In this interview, we talk about the history of women on bikes (and women’s bikes themselves), the diversity problem in cycling, and how we can get more women on bicycles.  You’ll also notice during the interview, the sounds of Hannah’s baby daughter in the background which I found very fitting.  

As Femme Cyclist, we’re not just bicyclists–we’re mothers, authors, professionals, daughters, and so many other roles–and yet we still find time to get out on two wheels and move towards our goals and dreams.  Sometimes it’s messy and not all in perfect harmony, but that’s okay–that’s real life. 

Stuff We Chat About In This Episode

  • The very first women’s specific bicycles. Spoiler: they came out in the 1890s.
  • How women dressed on the bicycle in the early days.
  • The role the bicycle played for the suffragettes.
  • Why better cycling infrastructure can help get more women on bicycles.
  • How slow cycling has been to accept women and the gender gap in professional cycling.
  • Why representation matters and the history of cycling as a white and male sport.

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