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Julbo Fury and Density Sunglasses Review

I will admit, when I bought my first expensive pair of cycling sunglasses I made a mistake. They sucked. 

I couldn’t understand why! They were a name brand! They looked nice.  

BUT they were expensive, uncomfortable (they literally felt like they were cutting into my face), the case was huge and impractical, changing the lenses was a struggle, etc. All in all they were possibly the right fit for someone, but certainly not the right fit for me.

My good friend, Tyler, at Competitive Edge Ski and Bike tried to steer me in another direction, but I insisted on purchasing these rather awful sunglasses.

A year or so later I was back begging for something different, and he had me buy a pair of Julbo Furys (notably it was Julbos he was trying to get me to buy to begin with, but I stubbornly resisted).

Julbo Density and Fury glasses side by side on a blue cushion
Julbo Density (Left) and Fury (Right)

After I got over the sticker shock (truly great sunglasses are not cheap), forked over my credit card, and tried them?

I realized that I literally could not live without these sunglasses.

That was about a year ago. I have beaten on them, thrown them into this bag or that, stored them in my helmet, and they are still going strong. 

Recently, when I had the opportunity to try the Julbo Density Sunglasses I was a bit skeptical (because I love the Fury SO much) but decided to give them a go, and it turns out I love the Julbo Density Sunglasses TOO.

Interested? Read on to see how they compare, why I love both pairs of these Julbo Sunglasses, and why I highly recommend them to the Femme Cyclist community.

Review in a Nutshell


  • Both the Julbo Fury and the Julbo Density are VERY lightweight. 
  • The available photochromic Reactiv Technology in both models moderates light and is a gamechanger. I ride early in the morning, the middle of the day, and late at night and I am always able to see without having to change lenses. 
  • Both the Fury and Density frames are incredibly comfortable. They don’t pinch, and you forget that you have them on. 
  • The lenses are a good size and wrap around so that you get great coverage. 
  • Lenses are clear and easy to clean. 
  • Both the Fury and the Density come in a choice of lenses (Reactiv vs. Spectron) and a number of different attractive color choices. 
  • Both models feel substantial and durable.
  • Julbo offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products. 


  • The Spectron (polarized) lens option feels a little dark/too hard to see out of as you get closer to sunset/in darker conditions. 
  • The photocromic Reactiv lens option is amazing, but also a significant price jump from the Spectron.
  • Both of these models have lenses that are on the larger side. I have a smaller face and it doesn’t bother me, but if you prefer smaller glasses these glasses might not work for you. 
  • Price: These sunglasses are not cheap, though they are comparable in price to other high end glasses from other high end brands. 
  • The Fury lenses are VERY thin. I am ROUGH on sunglasses and pretty much everything, and they have held up pretty well for me, but some people may find them flimsy.  

Price & Where to Buy:

Julbo Has Been Making Performance Eyewear Since 1888

I recently reviewed the Lazer Strada Kineticore Helmet and was wowed when I learned that Lazer has been making helmets since 1919.

While doing research for this article I had the opportunity to chat via email with Tyler Cohen, Julbo’s Sports Marketing Manager. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Julbo started making sunglasses in 1888!  

According to Tyler and the Julbo website, Julbo was founded by Jules Beaud (hence the brand name, Julbo) in the Jura Mountains of France for “individuals who were searching for crystals in the Alps.” Though Julbo’s roots are in alpinism, they have expanded to “all fronts and all elements,” including performance sports such as biking and running.

Julbo is an incredibly reputable, well-respected eyewear company. According to Tyler Cohen, “Among top-level bike teams and athletes Julbo supports are Groupama-FDJ, Rockrider Racing, Lapierre Mavic Unity, Haley Batten, Savilia Blunk, Ian Boswell and more.”

The Julbo brand is a truly elite brand that serves elite riders. It delivers an incredible product in the Julbo Fury and Density Sunglasses. 

The Photochromatic Reactiv Lenses are Nothing Short of Incredible 

 Every once in a while I try a product that wows me. I mean the kind of wow that knocks my compression cycling socks off me.

The Julbo Reactiv lenses are one of those rare innovations that truly excite me. They are just that awesome.

Every other lens with every other pair of cycling glasses that I have tried either gets too light, or two dark, or has to be changed out.

The Julbo Reactiv lenses truly adjust instantly to the light conditions and you will never have to think about light while riding again. At least that has 100% been my experience.

Usually my outdoor rides tend to be earlier in the morning or later in the evening. As the sun is setting the last thing I want to be doing is swapping out lenses while riding on the bike. When I start my ride it’s way too bright for clears, and as I end it’s way too dark for suns.

The Reactiv lenses are literally perfect for this. They were MADE for exactly these conditions, and exactly the kind of rider that I am.

When I am running out of the house the last thing I want to be thinking of is what kind of lenses I need to put on my sunglasses. In fact, I have a pair of sunglasses from another brand that has clears and I have literally not once used the clear lenses because I am way too lazy to swap them out.

Sadly, this technology comes with a hefty price tag, but you truly get what you pay for here. It’s 100% worth it. These lenses are, in my opinion, what truly makes Julbo sunglasses next level. 

Both the Julbo Fury and Density Frames are Extremely Comfortable, Lightweight, and Stay Put 

Comfort is such an important consideration when it comes to biking sunglasses. I have pairs that are too tight and give me a headache. I also have some that are too sharp and cut into my face. No one wants to be uncomfortable or have a visible indent on their nose for hours after they ride.

The Fury and Density are so comfortable I quickly forget I have them on. With the Reactiv lenses especially on the Fury I can go indoors and they just adjust!

Both pairs of glasses are lightweight so they won’t be cutting into your nose. They are not, however, so lightweight that you have to worry about them flying off of your face.

I will say that the Fury fits a little more snug than the Density, so if you have a larger head/don’t like a more snug feel you might want to steer clear of the Fury. It’s not a huge difference, though, and I actually prefer a bit of a snug fit as long as it isn’t so snug it hurts. 

Fog is Solidly NOT a Problem with the Julbo Fury/Reactiv Lens   

One of the biggest issues I have had performance-wise with cycling sunglasses is that they fog up in certain weather conditions.

There is nothing worse than it being a humid/rainy day and not being able to see out of your sunglasses. 

julbo Fury Front view
This was a VERY foggy day but the Fury did great!

This is of course especially bad when you stop riding, the glasses really tend to fog up when no air is moving through.

I have had multiple bouts of rain rides and fog with the Julbo Fury and they have been amazing.

Never once have these sunglasses fogged up on me while I was moving. Though they do tend to fog up slightly if I take a longer break and have some food, they clear up instantly when I start riding again.

I have not yet tested the Density in rainy/foggy conditions (because my pair does not have Reactiv lenses, this will make them too dark for me), but my guess is that if you have a pair of Density glasses with Reactiv lenses you will have a similar experience to the Fury.

Both Models Come With a Hefty Price Tag if You Get Reactiv Lenses   

You might experience a bit of sticker shock when you look at the price of Julbo Sunglasses paired with Reactiv lenses.

The Reactiv lens makes the already premium price significantly steeper.

Honestly, though, it’s worth it. The Reactiv glasses completely solve the problem of never having to think about what glasses to wear if it’s going to be too dark/too light out.

And, at the end of the day, If you are looking for premium glasses you are going to pay a premium price no matter which brand you go with.

As someone who has paid a premium price for a fancy brand and been really disappointed, I would absolutely recommend you try out a pair of Julbos if you are in the market for a nice pair of sunglasses.

They Look NICE 

Let’s face it, all the utility aside, many of us also want our biking glasses to look GOOD. Both of these models of Julbos are really nice, attractive glasses.

julbo Fury Side view

They come in a variety of colors (who doesn’t like choices!), and the style is on point. I find these to be on the larger side for glasses, but even with a small face I don’t mind this at all because they just look cool.

I am always a function over fashion sort of girl for sure, but it is really nice to have both. The Julbo Fury and Density both deliver in both categories which is awesome.

I admit, I got especially excited when I saw the navy color of the Density. I like all things navy, so this made me warm up to the Density even more. 

Bottom Line: Julbo Fury and Density Sunglasses Are Top Notch

The Julbo Fury and Julbo Density Sunglasses are high quality, elite glasses.

They come with a price tag that reflects this, but in my opinion the value you get for your money outweighs similar brands with similar prices.

These glasses when paired with Reactiv lenses solved the problem of light while riding for me once and for all. That alone makes them worth it.

Additionally, though, they are comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and come in a variety of colors. 

When you are riding you can honestly throw on just about any sunglasses if all you want to do is block the sun.

However, if you are looking for biking specific glasses that really enhance your riding experience, I would absolutely recommend checking out the Julbo Fury or Density with Reactiv lenses. 

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