Kate Veronneau Interview: The Future Of Women’s Cycling

Did you watch the Tour de France Femmes Avec Zwift last summer? If so, you have Kate Veronneau to thank.

Kate is the Director of Women’s Strategy at Zwift (the popular indoor cycling platform you probably already use). She has done an amazing job not only of elevating the company, but also the sport of professional women’s cycling.

In this interview, we chat about parity in women’s cycling, the barriers to getting more sponsorship for women, and how Zwift has acted as an entry way for women getting into cycling. Even if you aren’t into professional cycling or biking indoors, you’ll love the female empowerment message in this episode.

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Stuff We Discuss In This Episode

  • The importance of social motivation and community for women cyclists, who often feel like a minority in outdoor cycling.
  • What’s next for professional women’s cycling.
  • Why sponsorship of women’s cycling has a positive return on investment.
  • Why female athletes are great ambassadors for the sport.
  • Kate’s experience as a professional cyclist.
  • Why we need more women in leadership roles in the cycling industry.

Connect With Kate

👉 Instagram: @kateveronneau
👉 Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/295625

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Mission accomplished, the sport has become an important part of her life.  Kristen’s favorite disciplines are mountain biking and bike commuting, although you can also find her cranking out a century on her road bike and touring with her husband and son.  If it has to do with two wheels, she enjoys doing it.

Kristen is a certified USA Cycling coach, and she runs Rascal Rides, a website about biking with kids.

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