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Kitsbow Lory Merino Henley Top Review

We can never say enough positive things about merino. It’s the perfect material for mountain biking: warm even in wet conditions, breathable, odor resistant.

While the fact that the Kitsbow Lory Merino Henley top is made of merino is our favorite thing about it, there’s plenty of other things to appreciate as well. For instance, that Kitsbow sews their clothing in the USA. And that the top is crazy soft and cute. So cute and comfy, in fact, that you can wear it off the bike as well as on.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Merino is warm, breathable, and odor resistant
  • Incredibly soft
  • Wide array of color options
  • Sewn in the USA


  • Wide neckline makes it hard to layer over a jersey
  • Expensive

Price: $125

Merino Is Warm, Breathable, And Odor Resistant

I’m always a big fan of merino on the bike. It stays warm even when wet (from rain or sweat), and breaths well.

Additionally, it’s odor resistant which is nice ’cause I can get STINKY on long mountain bike rides. In fact, I wore the Lory by itself on a recent 55 degree ride, and when I got back it still smelled clean. Not many jerseys I can say that about!

Thinner Than Most Merino Long Sleeves…Perfect For Spring Or Fall Days

The Kitsbow Lory Merino Henley was a bit thinner than I was expecting. Compared to my Singletrack Gracie jersey or my Showers Pass Merino Henley, it’s the thinnest.

Of course, this also meant it was the most breathable. In fact, there are tiny little holes throughout the entirety of the garment, and when paired by itself, I was pretty comfortable even as the day approached 60 degrees.

Kitsbow claims the jersey works well for temperatures ranging from 30-65 degrees. I’d argue a smaller window–maybe 45 to 65 degrees?! For temps approaching freezing, I would definitely need a fleece on top.

kitsbow mountain bike top

Works Better As An Under Layer Than An Over Layer

The only bummer to me about the jersey is that the neck was so wide. While cute on it’s own, it didn’t work well with a short-sleeve jersey underneath.

In fact, I couldn’t find a single jersey to wear under it that had a low enough or wide enough neckline. The result was quite frumpy looking. Instead, I had to wear a tank underneath.

On the flip side, the jersey did look cute as a bottom layer. I was able to put a fleece on over the jersey for cooler days.

Super Soft And Non Irritating

I have sensitive skin so am always really aware of how seams rub or material itches. This top was incredibly soft and cozy. (In fact, I forsee myself wearing this as a lounge top on chilly Sunday mornings).

There is no tag at the neck, but there is one near the bottom of the side. I was able to cut it out without damaging the seam.

Runs A Bit Small

I read the reviews before choosing a size for this jersey. While I normally wear a size small in tops, I ordered a medium for the Lory and am glad I did. (I’m 5’5″ and 125 pounds for reference). If I was planning to wear this top solely as a base layer, then the small probably would have been fine, but otherwise, I like my tops fitted but not tight.

kitsbow size

Feminine And Comes In A Wide Variety Of Colors

So many mountain bike apparel companies offer mountain bike clothing for women that looks like men’s clothing. I, for one, always appreciate more feminine looking outfits.

The Kitsbow Lory top comes in an impressively large area of colors, so you’re sure to find a shade that suits you. Additionally, the Henley style neckline and soft material look a little girly but still sporty.

Could Be Worn Off The Bike As Well

While the Lory Henley is intended for mountain biking, there’s no reason this top couldn’t be used for lots of other purposes as well. In fact, there’s nothing about it that screams “baselayer” like lot’s of other merino tops do, so I’d feel totally comfortable wearing it with a pair of jeans around town.

Sewn In The USA

Like all Kitsbow clothing, the Lory Henley is cut and sewn in the USA–Old Ford, NC to be exact. This is something that we look for when buying cycling apparel, and it’s not that easy to find. Of course, keeping the sewing in the states is more expensive, so expect to pay a premium.

The other really cool thing about Kitsbow is their crash policy. If your top gets damaged in a mountain bike crash, they’ll repair it “for a reasonable charge.” Unclear what a reasonable charge is, but we appreciate the sustainable approach.

kitsbow lory jersey

Bottom-Line: A Perfect Top For Riding In Spring Or Fall Weather

The Kitsbow Merino Lory Henley is a lightweight long-sleeve merino top perfect for the shoulder seasons. It’s not quite warm enough for freezing temps (at least not without a MUCH warmer top layer), but it’s great for pretty much everything else.

And did I mention that it’s soft, cute, and comfortable? I’ll be wearing this top a bunch this fall–on and off the bike.

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