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Lazer Strada KinetiCore Helmet Review

When it comes to biking, the most important piece of equipment, you would think, would be the BIKE! I mean, you can’t ride without one.

Truly though, the piece of equipment that is even more important than your bike is your helmet. It is your helmet, not your bike, that is going to protect your brain in a crash.

You simply should never get on a bike without one, and it is frankly the most important biking investment you will make. One of my favorites is the Lazer Strada KinetiCore. And I’ve had my fair share of experiences with helmets…

lazer strada kineti core helmet in box

A few years ago I was involved in a pretty decent fall where my head hit the pavement, and I got a fancy little ambulance ride.
My helmet saved my brain. Literally.

So, as I am sure you can imagine, I hold my helmets in pretty high esteem. This is why I was quite sad when my favorite helmet met a very untimely end.

This past winter (I generally avoid riding outside in super cold, icy conditions) I stored my lovely Bontrager Wavecel XXX Helmet under my desk in my bedroom.

When I went to use it in the spring? I discovered that my DOG HAD EATEN IT. She chewed it all up then PUT IT BACK.

I kid you not.

She chewed the foam, she chewed the plastic, she chewed through the Boa closure, and she shoved it back under the desk so I wouldn’t notice. (Or, she just shoved herself under there and chewed it in place…who knows?).

chewed up helmet
All that was left of my poor helmet.

Well anyway, I noticed.

Just like my helmet that was in a crash was no longer usable, THIS helmet was also no longer functional. I needed to find a new one.

What better company to turn to than Lazer for my next helmet? They have been in the helmet making business for over a century. Seriously.

Additionally, Lazer has recently come out with its own branded safety technology called KinetiCore. I simply had to check out one of these beauties for myself, and found myself choosing the Lazer Strada KinetiCore as my next helmet.

Interested in learning more about this awesome helmet and its new technology? Read on to see why the Lazer Strada KinetiCore is now my go-to helmet…the one I grab every single time I leave the house.

Review in a Nutshell


  • It has a 5 Star Virginia Tech safety rating (which is the highest number of stars you can get!).
  • This is a VERY lightweight (240g) and comfortable helmet. 
  • The Strada has the added safety feature of Lazer’s new KinetiCore technology. 
  • Lazer is one of the most trusted helmet manufacturers in the world and the oldest helmet manufacturer in the world as well.
  • The ventilation is solid on the Strada. It has 21 vents and feels significantly cooler than some other highly rated helmets with fancy technology I have tried.
  • The Strada has a unique ScrollSys adjustment system inside that allows for a solid fit AND room for a ponytail underneath. 
  • This helmet has an optional light that you can purchase separately and attach to the back for higher visibility. 
  • It has a very reasonable price for such an incredibly safe, lightweight, and comfortable helmet. 
  • Colors! The Strada comes in SO many different color combinations. I prefer the basic matte black and am very happy with it, but there are LOTS of fun options here. 
  • Crash replacement and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee — be sure to save your receipt!


  • I admit I don’t love the ScrollSys adjustment system. I prefer a boa closure with space between the helmet and boa for the ponytail. 
  • The entire Strada sits rather high upon the head, and doesn’t have a visor like many lazer helmets, making it look a little less sleek. 
  • It’s hard to get sunglasses to sit on top of the helmet if that’s something that’s important to you. I always struggle with this though, so maybe it’s me. 
  • Truly I had to stretch a bit to find cons. There isn’t anything here that severely detracts from the helmet’s look, feel or performance.   

Price & Where to Buy:

Lazer is a Helmet Specific Company That Has Been Around Since 1919 

My first thought when I saw this claim on the Belgium-based Lazer Company website was that it must be a typo. They can’t really mean 1919?

Apparently, they do! According to their website, Lazer has been around since riders rode steel bikes and wore LEATHER helmets. How crazy is that?!

black lazer helmet photographed on a blue cushion

They focus purely on making helmets and helmet accessories. No other bike parts. Just helmets.

Lazer is a well-respected helmet manufacturer and sponsor many race teams including Team Jumbo-Visma who supported 2023’s Tour De France Winner, Jonas Vingegaard. Suffice to say that if one of the most successful racing teams around trusts Lazer to make their helmets, then these are pretty awesome helmets.

Lazer Strada Possesses the New Lazer KinetiCore Technology and Has a 5 Star Virginia Tech Rating

Virginia Tech, in collaboration with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, independently tests a number of bike (and other!) helmets for safety. You can see their entire list of 205 tested bike helmets here.

Though I didn’t do a full analysis, a quick glance at this list does seem to verify that there are quite a few Lazer helmets on it. The Strada ranks 112/205 and has a coveted 5 star rating.

In other words, this is a pretty darn safe helmet. I personally would be comfortable wearing just about any 5 star helmet on the list from a safety standpoint, but one’s level of comfort and ranking differs so please do be sure to make your own assessments.

Additionally, this particular Lazer Helmet has its new trademark KinetiCore technology. This is designed to make the helmet even more safe. Unlike the industry standard MIPS technology, KinetiCore is built directly into the helmet.

According to Lazer’s website, “KinetiCore is the result of a decade-long search for a new improved technology. It protects against both direct and rotational impact thanks to unique EPS foam blocks called controlled crumple zones that crumple under impact and absorb the energy that otherwise would have reached the cyclist’s brain.”

Lazer additionally claims that their helmets as a result are cooler and lighter than others on the market. They also claim that because their technology uses less plastic than other helmets on the market it is more sustainable.

I will say that from a glance at the ratings Lazer helmets with MIPS do seem to overall get a better rating than those with KinetiCore. However, the differences are likely pretty slight given that many of them still have a five star rating, including the Lazer Strada. 

rear view of the lazer strada helmet

Finally, one of the coolest things about this helmet in my book is that you can actually buy a light that affixes on the back of it. This allows for higher visibility which we all know is an excellent safety feature. You should never ride on the road without a tail light and this helmet has the potential to give you a whole additional light. 

This Helmet is Breathable and Comfortable…You Might Even Forget You Have it On

Comfort is a huge factor in a helmet. You don’t want a constant reminder that you have a helmet on when you are trying to focus on enjoying the ride.

This helmet is extremely comfortable. The straps are great. They adjust nicely and don’t itch. I need my straps just right…snug enough so the helmet stays put, but not so snug that I have a hard time opening my mouth to breathe. 

stacy wearing the lazer strada kineticore helmet on a bike ride

As much as I loved my trusty (and also highly rated) Bontrager Wavecel XXX, I have to say this helmet is actually more comfortable. 

Additionally, I cannot believe how lightweight this helmet is. Lazer claims that because their crash protection is built into the helmet they are able to make it more lightweight. I can say this definitely feels more lightweight than many of the helmets I have tried.

In fact, when I looked up the weight of all of my helmets this clocked in as the lightest by FAR. In fact, It’s almost a full 100 grams lighter than my next favorite helmet!

The breathability of this helmet is amazing as well. It has 21 air vents, and though I am always sweating like crazy after a ride my head doesn’t ever feel warm when I am riding with the Lazer Strada.

It’s been a blistering hot summer here in the Northeast US, so that is saying a lot.   

Also, I must mention that with the ScrollSys fit system there aren’t additional fittings low on the helmet, so it doesn’t impact a low ponytail.

I like a slightly higher ponytail. In a perfect world I prefer a boa closure that has space for the ponytail, but this helmet does still work for me. 

The Lazer Strada KinetiCore is a Great Value for the Price and Comes in Many Colors   

For around $110 USD you get a freaking amazing helmet. This is the more mid-range Lazer KinetiCore road helmet. Their more high-end KinetiCore helmet is the Lazer Vento and it clocks in at $299.

For the kind of technology in the KinetiCore, I feel that this is just such a great value. It’s incredibly comfortable and ticks off all of my important boxes for comfort and safety in a helmet.

Though I generally prefer basic matte black for my helmets, I must say this helmet comes in many cool colors. I was even considering something different but stuck with the black because it goes with just about everything.

If you like a little bit of color in your helmet, you will love the Strada options!  

stacy wearing her lazer helmet on a group ride with friends

Bottom Line: Proven Safety With An Affordable Price Tag

I must say, after several uses I strongly recommend the Lazer Strada KinetiCore Helmet. 

After my dog ate my rather pricey helmet, I didn’t have an extra $300 lying around to replace it. I was on the hunt for a comparable helmet at an unbeatable price, and I absolutely found it in the Lazer Strada KinetiCore.

This is a solid, attractive, streamlined option that I know I will be reaching for again and again. 

It’s super light, breathable, adjustable, and comfortable. Plus it has room for a ponytail! What more could a girl ask for?

Not to mention, the most important thing, it’s safe. 5 stars is the highest rating you can get from Virginia Tech, so this helmet is going to help protect your head in a crash.

If you are in the market for a new helmet, I strongly suggest checking out the Lazer Strada KinetiCore. 

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  1. Great write up! I was looking for a good review of this helmet while I wait to go pick it up tomorrow and this is it. Had a crash this week and need to replace my Specialized Echelon II which also had great reviews and I think did it’s job (hopefully). I’m in the market for something affordable and this seems to be it. Here’s hoping it fits great! I liked my previous helmet for price and ratings but I’m looking forward to not having my hair stuck in the MIPS plastic! Also the replacement feature of the Strada was a great selling point for me. Overall reviews seem to be high for the Strada. I also checked out the Wavecell helmets mentioned in this review and I’ll keep those in mind for the future as well although a bit pricey as you mentioned.


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