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Lezyne HP Drive Hand Pump Review

We’ve all been there. You’re miles and miles from home or the nearest trail head and you’ve got a flat tire. Getting the tire off the rim and a tube in is the easy part. The tough part is pumping up your tire to an adequate pressure.

This used to give me crazy anxiety. If I got a flat, it would take me forever to pump up my tire, and my arm would nearly fall off in the process. Or, I’d have trouble getting the pump head on the valve properly, and would let a bunch of air out.

Lezyne hand pump

Then when day, I got a flat when I was riding with my husband. I used his Lezyne pump and was floored that I was able to pump up the whole tire by myself, without my arm falling off.

I immediate got a Lezyne pump for myself. I’ve been using this pump for a couple years now and I’m no longer afraid of getting a flat on the trail.

During that time, countless ride partners and complete strangers have used my Lezyne pump and been amazed at how well it works.

Which begs the question: why doesn’t everybody know about and have one of these pumps?! I’ve been remiss in not sharing this pump with you all sooner!

Lezyne HP Drive Pump

May 2023: Updated to offer additional purchasing options and with a note on how the pump has held up over time.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Screw-on head fits both Presta and Schraeder valves and ensures a secure attachment
  • Unique hose design makes achieving high volumes easier
  • Thin profile easily fits in your pack without taking up a bunch of space


  • You still have to pump?

Price & Where To Buy:

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Screw-on Hose Is Dummy-Proof

I’ve ALWAYS struggled with getting and keeping a hand-pump head securely on the valve. (Please tell me I’m not the only one?!?)

With the hose on the Lezyne HP Drive, you screw it onto the valve. It will accept both Schrader and Presta valves, by the way. One side of the hose is for Schrader; flip it around and the other side is for Presta.

Once the hose is screwed on, you don’t have to worry about it leaking air, falling off, and you don’t have to hold it in place the whole time. The hose is flexible and plenty long so you’ve got plenty of room to work with and can pump at an angle that’s comfortable for you.

When it’s not in use, the hose screws into the pump shaft for compact storage. A cap inserts into the top of the cavity and ensures that no dirt or debris enters into the pump.

Lightweight and Slim Profile

Compared to many shorter but fatter hand pumps I’ve used over the years, the slim profile of the Lezyne pump fits easily inside a pack. It’s a bit long to stick in a jersey pocket, though I’ve done it many times, and have yet to have it fall out.

You can also easily mount it to the frame of your bike near the water bottle cage and you’ll barely notice it’s there. The pump comes with the frame mount.

In it’s most compact form, the pump is a mere 8.5 inches long and weighs 3.5 oz.

Easy to Pump

Like many women, my upper body isn’t my strongest feature. My legs can power up mountains no problem, but ask me to pump up a tire with a hand pump, and I’m reduced to near tears.

lezyne hd drive pump

This isn’t an issue with the Lezyne HP Drive. Pumping is still tedious–expect close to 100 pumps to inflate your tire all the way–but it’s not painful. At high pressures, the pump does an admirable job of pushing air into the tire without crazy muscle power.

With a little patience, anybody can manage pumping up their tire using this pump.

Works On All Types of Bikes

I use the Lezyne pump for both mountain biking and road biking. It works well for both high volume and high pressure, as long as you have a little patience.

For mountain biking, I only carry the Lezyne pump. For road biking, I like carrying a Co2 cartridge and inflator as well, just because it’s so much easier for high pressure tires.

That said, there have been plenty of times my Co2 cartridge failed for whatever reason (usually user error) and having the Lezyne pump along provides peace of mind.

Other Models

Lezyne makes several hand pump models, so you can choose whichever works best for you and your needs. I think the HP Drive hits a sweet spot in terms of size, price, and volume/pressure, but you might be better served by a different model.

All the Lezyne hand pumps feature the same great things I LOVE about the HP Drive: a flexible hose, screw-on head, and ease of use.


I first wrote this review in 2020. Three years later and I’m still using the same pump.

It has held up great, been used MANY times, and hasn’t broken yet. This is still my go-to pump and the one that I recommend to all of my friends.

Bottom-Line: The BEST Hand Pump I’ve Ever Used

I’ve tried many, many hand pumps over my 20 years of cycling and have never found one I like as much as the Lezyne HP Drive. It’s completely gotten rid of my flat tire anxiety. I know that it will work every time, my arm won’t fall off, and I won’t accidentally let all the air out of my tire half-way thru pumping it up.

It’s a great choice for all cyclists, regardless if you’re riding on dirt or pavement.

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