Face Your Fears With Lindsey Richter From Ladies AllRide

Meet Lindsey Richter, mountain bike skills coach extraordinaire.  Lindsey is the founder of Ladies AllRide, a wildly popular series of mountain bike skills camps for women.  These camps are recommended time and time again by the women in our community.

In this interview, Lindsey and I chat about the big things (like how to overcome a fear based mindset, and how the mountain bike community helped her during the darkest time of her life), as well as the little things (like which bike pedals are her fave).

lindsey richter

Other Things We Cover In This Episode

  • Why Ladies AllRide is focused on supporting women rather than competing with them.
  • Who should go to a Ladies AllRide camp and which location might be best for you.
  • What the GRIT Clinics are.
  • Lindsey’s life in the public spotlight including a stint on the TV show Survivor.
  • How she went from a Sport-level cross-country racer to an accomplished technical rider and coach.
  • The differences between coaching men and women.
  • How women’s-specific brands have focused on speaking directly to women.
  • How the mountain bike community (and YouTube yoga) helped pull her out of depression after her very public divorce.
  • And more….

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About The Host

kristen bonkoski

Kristen Bonkoski is the founder and owner of Femme Cyclist.

An avid cyclist for a few decades now, she took to cycling during her late teen years — a time when she needed something to help boost her self-esteem and confidence.

Mission accomplished, the sport has become an important part of her life.  Kristen’s favorite disciplines are mountain biking and bike commuting, although you can also find her cranking out a century on her road bike and touring with her husband and son.  If it has to do with two wheels, she enjoys doing it.

Kristen is a certified USA Cycling coach, and she runs Rascal Rides, a website about biking with kids.

IG: @femme_cyclist

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2 thoughts on “Face Your Fears With Lindsey Richter From Ladies AllRide”

  1. Thank you! I loved this! I have been riding for over a year with my husband and recently an all male group. I realized that I wasn’t enjoying riding anymore and needed to be more independent to build my confidence. Can’t wait to make it to a ladies All ride camp someday. Will be listening to more of your podcasts!


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