All About Ultra-Endurance Cycling With Meaghan Hackinen

All of us who ride our bikes are endurance athletes, but there is another group of cyclists that we call ultra-endurance athletes. These folks are riding their bikes hundreds of miles at a time over periods of 24 hours or more.

To talk about ultra-endurance cycling, I sat down with Meaghan Hackinen. Meaghan is a two time World 24 Hour Time Trial Champion, has the women’s Fastest Known Time for The Big Lonely, and is the author of “South Away: The Pacific Coast on Two Wheels.”

We chat about training, the mental component of ultra-endurance cycling, and tips for anybody who is interested in trying a big ultra race. Whether or not you want to ever want to complete an ultra, this episode will give you insight into what it takes to perform at a high level.

meaghan hackinen

Stuff We Cover In This Episode

  • How Meaghan got started with ultra-endurance cycling.
  • How she deals with sleep deprivation.
  • What has made her successful.
  • Things that Meaghan does to work on her mental game.
  • Her strategy for nutrition and hydration.
  • What Meaghan’s favorite races are.
  • Advice for ultra newbies.

Connect With Meaghan

meaghan hackinen on aero bars

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