How To Develop Mental Toughness with Joanna Zeiger

In this episode of Femme Cyclist I sit down with Joanna Zeiger.  Joanna is a former Olympian, Ironman world champion, author, coach, and researcher.  Yup, there’s pretty much nothing this woman can’t do.


I first became familiar with Joanna after reading her fantastic book,  The Champions Mindset – An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness.  

Seeing as how we can all use more mental toughness in our lives, I sat down with Joanna to discuss how we as women, can work on developing it.  We also talk about racing, overcoming life’s obstacles, and cannabis use in athletes.

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joanna zeiger

Other Stuff We Chat About

  • Joanna’s background as a professional athlete
  • Her career-ending injury and her experience living with chronic pain
  • Advice for women who just want to get started racing
  • Why you should have a coach and what to look for
  • What one thing you can do to improve your mental toughness
  • What self-handicapping is and what you can do to overcome it
  • Why you should race hard whether you’re in first place or last place

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