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10 Best Women’s Cycling Underwear & Chamois Liners

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of chamois to go under your favorite pair of mountain bike baggies, some padded cycling underwear to wear to spinning class, or a good bike liner short to wear on your bicycle commute to work, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve personally tested every pair of chamois on this list, and narrowed it down to 10 of our favorite pairs of padded cycling underwear to help make your ride a little bit more comfortable. We’ll also discuss what you should look for in bike underwear (also known as a chamois) so you pick the right pair for your bottom side.

back view of the shredly biker cham

But First…..What’s A Chamois?

If you’re already familiar with chamois and bike shorts, you can skip this section.

That said, a lot of women searching for a pair of cycling underwear aren’t familiar with the term. A chamois is a pad that’s sewn into your bike shorts or a liner that goes under your shorts (or pants or skirt).

bike chamois

If you already have padded bike shorts, then you’re good to go. You don’t need a liner!

But if you have a pair of baggy mountain bike shorts without padding OR you want to wear padded underwear under a skirt, dress, or pair of regular shorts, then you’ll want to look for a liner with a chamois.

A good chamois is one of the most important factors to a woman’s enjoyment on the bike, and yet one of the most ignored. Many of us simply accept the sub-par chamois that came in our favorite bike shorts or skip the padding all together because its just not comfortable.

If you’ve been struggling with pain or chafing on the bike, then it’s probably time to try a new liner or pair of padded shorts.

Our Favorite Bike Chamois/Underwear

What We LovePrice (List)
1POC Re-Cycle BoxerSoft, recycled polyester material$80
2Shredly Biker ChamBeautiful colors and prints$98
3Club Ride JuneDoesn’t feel like a diaper$40
4Club Ride Drift ChamoisMedium thickness chamois$50
5Club Ride MontchamComfort for long rides$60
6Baleaf Cycling UnderwearBudget pick$21.99 *
7Wild Rye Eleanor ChammySuper comfy pad and waist$115
8Terry Mixie LinerPairs well with cycling skirts$53
9Terry Universal LinerSmall pad fits smaller women$40
10Mons Royale Epic Shift LinerMerino wool wicks sweat, stink free$110

* Last updated: 2023-10-07 at 09:58 – More Info

POC Re-Cycle Boxer

Price: $70 List

POC makes my favorite helmets, and I rather dig their Re-Cycle short liner as well.  The material on these boxer-briefs are super soft, and it is made from (you guessed it) recycled polyester. It is breathable and quick drying, even when being tested in Florida heat and humidity.

Compared to their previous liner (the Essentials boxer), the Re-Cycle brief is cut a bit more generously (not to tight) and is a bit more affordable. These were are two cons about the previous bottom, so we’re happy to see them addressed in the Re-Cycle.

The other change is that the POC liner now has a more substantial chamois and is suitable even for multi-hour epics. This is great for those looking for plenty of padding, but steer away if you want a more minimalistic pad.

Malorie, who’s the mom of two little ones, also appreciated that the waistband is comfortable and didn’t dig in.

The only complaint is that there’s no elastic or other gripper on the leg, and they have a tendency of riding up.

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Shredly Biker Cham

Price: $98

The Shredly Biker Cham is probably the prettiest chamois liner you’ll ever see–so go ahead, let it peak out the bottom of your shorts or even wear it on it’s own. There’s nothing that screams “underwear” about the Biker Cham so you can easily wear it under your baggies OR by itself.

It comes in several adorable colors and prints and coordinates well with Shredly shorts. The perforation at the bottom adds a little feminine touch.

biker cham waistband

We also really like that there is a pocket (unusual!) that’s big enough to fit a phone (or in my case–emergency cash and ID).

The other unusual thing about this chamois is the high-waist and wide waistband. This does a good job of keeping the belly tucked in, and doesn’t dig into your midsection. While I like this when I wear the bottoms on their own, it’s a bit awkward when paired with baggie shorts.

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Club Ride June, Drift, And Montcham Chamois

club ride mtb liners

Price: $40 (June), $50 (Drift), $60 (Montcham)

Club Ride makes my favorite chamois liners. In fact, all three of their chamois options are good enough to make this list.

Club Ride’s chamois liner range is cleverly categorized by suggested ride times: 1, 2, and 3 hours. That said, your personal preference (how thick you like a chamois) should be the primary guide in choosing a liner, rather than the ride time recommendation.

The liners vary in padding thickness and inseam length. The 1-hour June liner is the most minimalistic. The padding is thin and ideal for those who prefer a lighter chamois. Despite its suggested one-hour limit, it can comfortably be used for longer rides, especially for minimalists or for spin classes.

The June liner is notable for its short inseam, allowing it to fit under most shorts (even short shorts). It has soft, stretchy fabric which is comfortable and non-irritating, but its lack of elastic bands at the bottom can lead to the legs rolling up during a ride.

The 2-hour Drift liner will be the best choice for most women. It strikes a good balance between padding and bulkiness. This liner is suitable for a wide range of rides and riders, with breathable fabric and padding that provides adequate support for all but the very longest rides. The lack of elastic bands on the legs is a plus for those with skin sensitivities, though it can lead to the legs riding up (just like with the June).

Finally, the 3-hour Montcham liner is designed for longer rides and has more substantial padding than the June or Drift. It also offers more compression which might be a concern for those with muscular thighs. Additionally, its longer inseam length makes it more challenging to fit under shorts.

All three chamois now come in really adorable prints and colors as well.

Read Our Review: Club Ride Chamois

Baleaf Cycling Underwear

baleaf cycling underwear

Price: $30 List

The Baleaf Cycling Underwear is my #1 pick for women on a budget. Even though these are “entry level” bike underwear, I still wear them quite often even though they’re tucked in my drawer with much more expensive options.

These are great undies for women brand new to cycling, for use at spinning class, or for bike commuting. The padding is moderate, and works great for all but the longest rides.


The waistband and chamois are comfortable, although they aren’t seamless. If you have really sensitive skin you may want to upgrade.

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Wild Rye Eleanor Chammy

wild rye eleanor chamois

Price: $115

Like the Shredly chamois, the Wild Rye Eleanor Chammy is designed to be worn with or without shorts over it. It’s incredibly adorable–and comfortable too.

We really like the waist on the Eleanor which is far superior to most. It’s wide, stays in place, and doesn’t dig in. Like the Shredly chamois, however, the high waist can be awkward if paired with baggies with a lower waist.

The padding is incredibly soft and comfortable–and is made in Italy to boot. Of course, that helps add to the price….which is really high. This is the most expensive chamois liner on this list. Is it worth the price? Probably yes, if you plan to wear these as both a short and liner. If you’re only gonna use it as a liner, there are less attractive but equally comfortable chamois.

Full review coming soon!

Terry Women’s Mixie Bike Liner & Terry Universal Bike Liner

Price: $53 (Mixie), $40 (Universal) List

Terry is the leader in women-specific cycling apparel, so we’re not surprised that their chamois is better than most.  

The Terry Mixie is a great choice for any women who prefer a minimalistic chamois.  They also happen to come in pretty prints and coordinate well under the Terry Mixie skirt, or any cycling skirt for that matter.

The Mixie is a bit longer than most–more a short length than a boxer or brief–which is great for those who prefer a little extra coverage but doesn’t work as well under short shorts.

The Terry Universal liner has the same “urban” chamois pad as the Mixie liner but is a little shorter (and only comes in black). This pad has a smaller surface area, which works well for upright, around town riding. But it also works great for women like me who are on the smaller side.

No matter what type of riding I’m doing, this chamois works well for my body. If you often find yourself feeling like you’re wearing a diaper, or that the padding on your liner is too long or wide, you’ll like this one. If you like lots of padding, you’ll hate it!

Both the Mixie and Universal liners are quite affordable, but don’t have the same level of breathability of more expensive chamois like the POC Re-Cycle boxer or the Mons Royale Merino liner.

Read Our Reviews: Terry Mixie and Terry Universal

Mons Royale Epic Merino Shift

mons royale bike underwear

Price: $120

Not a fan of synthetic materials? Check out the Mons Royale Epic Merino Shift liner.

This merino wool liner dries quickly which is a plus on both hot, sweaty days and cold, wet days. Merino also does an exceptional job of staying stink free.

The liner has a chamois that’s minimalistic, but comfortable enough to wear for up to 5 hours. The price on these is high, BUT merino is a more expensive material so the higher price makes sense.

Full review coming soon!

About The Reviewers & How We Created This List

All the liners on this list were tested by either myself (Kristen Bonkoski) or fellow Femme Cyclist product tester Malorie Gage. These are chamois that we have either loved and worn for years, or that we bought and tested on the recommendation of our amazing Femme Cyclist community.

We tested them by going about our normal business: going on mountain bike rides in Idaho, Colorado, and Florida, doing a Saturday brewery tour by bike, and heading out to the bike trainer in the garage. Every liner has been worn for countless hours and gone thru just as many wash cycles.

What To Consider When Choosing A Bike Short Liner

Not sure which of these liners are best for you? Read on for some tips on how to choose.

Type of Riding

What type of riding are you going to be doing? Depending on whether you are going to be commuting, riding around town, or mountain biking, your choice might be different.

Mountain Bike Chamois

While most (but not all) baggy mountain bike shorts come with a pair of chamois, we actually prefer to buy our chamois separately.  Why?  Just like every woman is different, so is every woman’s underside.  

club ride rear pockets

Some women prefer skinny chamois, while others like more padding.  If you are experiencing chafing, saddle sores, or general discomfort, chances are, switching your chamois might help.

The other awesome thing about buying separate chamois is that you can wear them with any short. And you can wear the same pair of shorts several times while putting on a fresh liner everyday–which is particularly nice when doing a week-long bike packing trip, for instance.

Best Choices For You: POC boxer, Shredly Biker Cham, Wild Rye Eleanor Chammy, Club Ride Drift

Commuting / Recreational Riding

Whether you’re riding to work or simply cruising the bike path on the weekend, chances are you don’t want to don lycra bike shorts. The good news is that you can put some padded cycling underwear under your favorite skirt, shorts, or pants, and cruise in comfort.

terry metro skort in action

Instead of a more bulky chamois look for a liner with a minimalistic chamois. Chances are you are riding shorter distances and don’t want a bulky diaper under your outfit. The other thing to consider is the length–if the liner has too long of an inseam, it might not work under your clothes.

Best Choices For You: Terry Mixie, Terry Universal, Club Ride June

Spinning / Indoor Cycling

Whether you’re headed to spin class or simply hitting up the trainer in the basement, you’ll probably want a more minimalistic chamois. That’s because when we’re riding indoors, we usually only ride for an hour or two.

If you plan on wearing your liner under a pair of regular gym shorts, you’ll also want to make sure the inseam is pretty short.


Best Choices For You: Baleaf Undies

Read Also: What NOT To Wear To Spin Class

Chamois Thickness

One thing to consider before ordering a pair of liners is how thick the chamois is. The thicker the chamois the better suited it is for longer rides, but even then, some women may prefer more minimalistic chamois.

In fact, over time, you may want to experiment with chamois of different thicknesses to see what feels most comfortable for you.

Chamois on this list with thicker pads include the Club Ride Montcham, the POC Re-Cycle Boxer, and the Wild Rye Eleanor. Thinner pads include the Terry Mixie and Universal liners, and the Club Ride June.


Inseam Length

The liners on this list vary quite a bit in terms of inseam length. Some really look like underwear, while others look like briefs, and some look like full-length shorts.

Consider what you want to wear the liner underneath when choosing. There’s nothing worse than having your liner stick out of the bottom of your short legs.

Material & Stitching

Most of the liners on this list are made of a synthetic material. The Mons Royale, liner, however is made of merino wool. If you prefer natural materials, then that might make an easy decision for you.

The other thing to consider is whether the bottoms are seamless. Women with very sensitive skin will want bottoms without any seams that rub. Seams can also help contribute to saddle sores.

Ability To Wear The Liner By Itself

Most chamois liners are designed to be worn underneath baggy shorts (or pants). Some, however, can be worn with or WITHOUT a liner.

Both the Wild Rye Eleanor Chammy and the Shredly Biker Cham are two options that work just as well on their own as they do under baggy shorts. This makes them nice if some days you like to wear baggys (to the bike park perhaps?) but other days like to go more minimalistic.

More Reading to Make Sure Your Butt is Happy

Bike underwear isn’t the only thing you can do to help your bottom side stay comfy on the bike. We also recommend picking a great saddle and possibly a chamois cream as well. Read on to learn more!

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  2. You didn’t give recommendations for thicker liners. I actually do better in the mens shorts. For some odd reason I tend to sit forward and get seat sores not on the butt. I used. Pair of mens bike shorts from Walmart of all places and had no issues the entire ride. More coverage up front.

    • My name is Wanda too which one you use I am looking for the small coverage and i saw few men ones and I think are the best. Just looking for good ones.

  3. The Club Ride 3 hour chamois is my absolute favorite liner! Never any chafing and so comfy. I wish they’d make it in a shorter short also! I wear with my Fox Ranger shorts and they’re a perfect match!

  4. Question, can you have bike shorts that are too big.? I automatically gravitate to an extra large. I have Gerneau shorts and come home after an hour. And a bit with chafing and sore sit bones.

    I met a woman who wears the underwear and bike shorts to protect herself. Thoughts?

  5. I find it sad that chamois details never mention their width dimensions. All my chamois are 7” wide at the widest part. These do not cover my sit bones on some bike seats. I am 70 and I sit upright on my seat putting stress on my sit bones. Older riders sometimes have very little fat in their butt. Do you know of any chamois that are wider? Thank you! Claudia McCarter


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