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Review: Pearl Izumi Women’s Pro, Summit, & Attack Jerseys

A good bike jersey helps keep you comfortable on the bike AND makes you feel like a million bucks. That’s why I’ve reviewed several Pearl Izumi women’s bike jerseys to help you find your perfect match.

From the premium performance of the Women’s PRO Short Sleeve Jersey to the breezy versatility of the Women’s Summit Short Sleeve Jersey, and the dependable, staple-worthy Women’s Attack Short Sleeve Jersey, each piece has something unique to offer. Whether you’re a roadie seeking aerodynamic perfection or a mountain biker looking for comfort under the desert sun, one of these jerseys is bound to suit your needs.

I have been testing these jerseys all spring, from the mountain bike trails of Arizona to the gravel backroads of Idaho, and the tarmac right out my front door. They have all been heavily worn during testing, and gone through plenty of wash cycles. Read on to see how they performed.

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kristen climbing a dirt road on the polygon tambora wearing the pearl izumi pro jersey

Women’s PRO Short Sleeve Jersey

kristen wearing the pearl izumi pro jersey


  • Buttery soft material
  • Beautiful color and fit
  • Waistband is only at the rear of the jersey
  • Breathable


  • Limited color options
  • Race fit isn’t super forgiving

Price: $180 at*

It didn’t take long for the Pearl Izumi Pro short sleeve jersey to become one of my all-time favorites. And not only do I love it, I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten from other riders. Additionally, every time I post a photo or video of me wearing this on Instagram, I get a lot of positive comments.

The salmon-esque color is just really, really pretty. (Don’t love it? Your other option is black. The limited color choices are the only real drawback of the Pro jersey).

In addition to looking good, it FEELS good. Yes, this is a premium-priced jersey, but that premium price pays off in terms of fabric quality. It is buttery smooth and feels great on your skin.

The fabric is also REALLY breathable. The front and underarm panels have tiny perforations in the fabric while the back is more solid. This makes the jersey ideal for hot weather riding, but less so for shoulder season days. I’ve been testing this jersey during the spring, and even on warmer days, moving quickly or going downhill, I’ve quickly gotten chilly. It has been sad to have to layer a jacket over it most days. (Did I mention that it is too pretty to cover up?!?).

As is to be expected with a race style jersey, the cut is very tailored. This makes it beautiful on those days when your body is looking its best, but is a bummer on post-lunch rides where you have a bit of a belly.

That said, I did appreciate that the waistband has an elastic, silicone gripper at the rear to keep the jersey from riding up, but no band at the front of the jersey. This keeps anything from digging in at the tummy.

There are three rear pockets, and I’d say they are of pretty average size. I can easily get my cell phone in the center pocket, and there is a small zippered pocket at one side to fit a key, cash, or otherwise small item.

The arms are long and hit just above my elbow. This is nice for sun protection, and the fabric is sun-resistant as well (UPF 30).

It is full zip which makes it easy to get on and off, and pairs well with bib shorts. I’ve had no issues with the zipper and it doesn’t seem to irritate my sensitive skin either.

Pearl Izumi does advertise the jersey as having BioViz® reflective details, but those are limited to the Pearl Izumi logo at the front and the words Pearl Izumi on the rear pocket. In terms of visibility, it’s not the worst, but certainly not the best.

Bottom line: if you’re willing to spend a bit of coin, this is one of the best road jerseys around. It’s beautiful, soft, and fits like a glove.

Women’s Summit Short Sleeve Jersey


  • Breathable and airy on hot days
  • Offers sun protection (UPF 25)
  • Variety of colors/prints including two-tone


  • Not as soft or as stink-free as Merino
  • No pockets

Price: $65 at*

The Pearl Izumi Summit jersey is a mountain bike style top that feels airy and unconstrained. It is highly breathable and comfortable on hot days.

I took the jersey with me to Arizona for spring break, and the 80 degree days were quite the change from winter weather I’d been riding in in Idaho. It was the correct choice for desert riding, because it kept me comfortably cool and offers sun protection (UPF 25).

The material is thin and, if you hold it up to the light, you can see tons of tiny perforations. That said, it seems durable enough. I’ve been wearing the jersey for a couple of months now and have yet to snag the material (something I’m known for doing).

pearl izumi summit jersey hanging against a white wall

The cut is relaxed but not baggy. The arms are cut at a medium length which is great from avoiding too much farmer’s tan, but are a little short if you wanted to wear elbow pads. I wore a size medium in the jersey and it was pretty spot on to the size chart and what I’d normally order. (I’m 5′ 5″ and 125 lbs. Small boobs!)

The top currently comes in five different colors/prints and some are one-tone (like the black) and some are two-tone (like the pink jersey I tested). Although, I am a black kinda girl, I liked the visual interest of the two colors and thought it looked really nice.

selfie wearing the summit jersey

My only complaint is that the polyester material isn’t as soft or as comfortable as merino. I’ve become pretty accustomed to wearing merino on the bike and it’s comfort level just can’t be beat. The polyester is also stinkyer than merino, as I was reminded of on my Arizona trip.

Finally, there are no jersey pockets (pretty typical for mountain bike style tees), so you’ll need to carry a hip pack or load up your bike with essentials.

All in all, I though this was a great jersey for hot weather riding, and look forward to continuing to rock it throughout the summer months.

Women’s Attack Short Sleeve Jersey

pearl izumi attack jersey hanging against a while wall


  • Attractive, mid-range price point
  • Pairs well with the Attack shorts or bibs
  • Wide range of colors and sizes

Price: $80 at*


  • Somewhat see-through

Like the Pearl Izumi Attack shorts, the Attack short sleeve jersey is an a well-made, mid-price option. This is the sort of bike wardrobe staple that we all need. If you have the Attack bibs, the two pair well together.

The cut is form fit, but less so than the Pro jersey. It is not as tailored looking, but is slightly more forgiving. The fabric is soft and of good quality.

The material is mid-weight and works well in warm, though not hot, temperatures. For summer riding, you might opt for the Attack Air jersey instead. I wore the Attack jersey on our warmer spring days, and it was perfect.

Other features include a full zip (great for use with bibs), and three rear pockets (pretty standard). The waistband is moderately stretchy and uses silicone grippers to keep things in place.

While I like the Ballerina pink (have you noticed I like pink yet?), it was quite see through. You could see both my sport bra and bib straps. I imagine that some of the other colors might be better in this regard.

Beyond that, there’s really nothing that makes the Attack jersey stand out (in either a positive or negative way). It’s similar to pretty much every other mid-range road style jersey in my drawer. And that’s okay–we all need a bunch of jerseys like this. It’s affordable enough you can buy a couple of different colors and rotate them throughout the week, and well enough made that it will last a long time.

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