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Peppermint MTB Overall Review

Peppermint Cycling Co., a Canadian company that we’ve been obsessed with for a while now, has now come to the states. We’re stoked!

Known for their vibrant, high-quality cycling apparel, Peppermint made a statement with their newest clothing addition: the Mountain Bike Overall. So much of the clothing that I test is a replica of something else, but these overalls are truly unique.

As a female mountain biker, I’m always on the lookout for the gear that marries form with function. Clothing has to perform, but I also if it makes me feel good about the way I look.

In the Peppermint overalls, I felt like I turned heads. This piece is a departure from your typical mountain bike shorts or pants, and it makes a bold, yet playful statement.

Whether you plan on riding trail or hitting the downhill bike park, I’d highly recommend these bottoms! Read on to learn more.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Don’t have to worry about keeping everything in place/plumbers crack
  • Super flattering and cute
  • Enough space for knee pads
  • Adjustable straps
  • Large front pocket and leg pockets
  • Stretchy material is comfortable for pedaling


  • Hard to go potty in the woods
  • No reinforcement at knees or butt
  • Can’t take off knee pads without fully undressing

Price: $227

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Get TONS Of Compliments Wearing These

I test out of a lot of bike clothes, and can honestly say I’ve never gotten more compliments than I have wearing these. I was basically a walking advertisement for Peppermint so many people asked me about these.

My 10 year old son is my personal stylist, and a killer downhill rider, and he also strongly approved of the overalls. He told me multiple times how great I looked in these.

The silhouette is super flattering, hugging the body just right without feeling constricting. The word ‘cute’ doesn’t often come up in discussions about MTB gear, but these overalls earn it. The design, while sleek and athletic, doesn’t sacrifice femininity. In a world where much of the cycle-wear is designed with a ‘shrink it and pink it’ philosophy, this piece is a refreshing change.

the author downhill mountain biking in the peppermint overalls

The Perfect Fit With Lots Of Coverage

One of the biggest challenges for female mountain bikers is finding bottoms that don’t ride up or reveal more than we’d like, the classic ‘plumber’s crack’ predicament. These overalls masterfully solve this problem with an integrated design that ensures full coverage throughout your ride.

This not only means more comfort but also more confidence as you navigate the trails. I loved that when I rode thru mud puddles, I didn’t end up with any splatter up the back of my jersey or down my shorts, and I spent minimal time adjusting or thinking about my kit.

The straps are stretchy elastic and are adjustable in length. This is awesome because I have a longer torso and sometimes struggle with one-piece outfits.

The overalls come in 5 sizes–XS to XL. At 5’5″ and 125 pounds, I used the size chart and was a small (barely). The overalls fit, but if I gained a couple pounds I’d definitely need to size up to the medium.

Getting them on and off was easy thanks to the stretchy straps and a long side zipper.

Comfortable, Stretchy Material Provides Good Range Of Motion

Another key feature that makes these overalls standout is the stretchy material. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and the elasticity facilitates easy pedaling.

They accommodate a wide range of movements (pedaling, standing in attack position) without feeling restrictive, enabling you to tackle challenging trails with grace and agility.

pedaling in the peppermint overalls

While I did do some trail riding in the overalls, I found where they really shined was at the bike park. I felt super comfortable in these bottoms even on a 8 hour lift served day.

In fact, I packed these for our family’s recent bike park vacation to Silver Mountain and Schweitzer in Northern Idaho, and found myself washing them in the sink so I could keep wearing them. They are way cuter and more comfortable than any of my other kit options.

Fits Knee Pads….But No Way To Take Them On Or Off

The overalls are designed with enough space for knee pads, a thoughtful addition that shows Peppermint Cycling Co. understands the needs of a serious female rider. The overall fit of the legs are quite tailored, as we’d expect for a mountain bike pant, but there is extra space right around the knee for pads.

I tested the overalls with both G-Form pads which fit VERY comfortably, as well as my bulkier, more protective 7idp pads. The latter fit just fine, but there wasn’t much room to spare. If you’re planning on wearing bulky pads, you may opt to size up.

My biggest complaint about the overalls, is that there is no way to take pads on or off without completely undressing. Plenty of mountain bike pants are like this so this isn’t an unusual problem, but I do appreciate those that have velcro or zippers at the calf to accommodate finagling pads off. When I get to the parking lot at the end of the day, I like to get my pads off ASAP before sitting down and having a drink with friends.

Ample Storage for the Essentials

The practicality of this piece is evident in the generous pocket space. The large front pocket and leg pocket offer ample storage for essentials.

The front pocket is right at the chest, is zippered, and is big enough to hold just about anything. That said, it can sag under the weight of heavier objects, like a phone. I ended up using it to stash a credit card instead.

There is also a zippered pocket on the right leg that’s just about the perfect size for a lift pass.

A Few Drawbacks

One of the challenges of wearing overalls is the bathroom conundrum. If you’re in the woods and nature calls, these overalls aren’t exactly ideal. They are better suited for use at a bike park where you can comfortably use the restroom facilities.

Also, the overalls could benefit from some reinforcement in the knee and butt areas. Given the nature of mountain biking, extra fabric in these zones would provide valuable protection against falls and the regular wear and tear from aggressive riding.

Final Verdict

Despite the minor criticisms, Peppermint Cycling Co. deserves applause for creating a piece of clothing that is clearly designed for the female mountain biker. It shows a deep understanding of the needs and wants of women on the bike.

These overalls don’t just mimic men’s clothing, painted with stereotypically feminine colors. Instead, it’s a carefully crafted piece that reflects the perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality.

Whether you’re cruising the bike park or tackling the trails, these overalls promise a riding experience that’s as comfortable as it is confident.

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