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Peppermint Signature Skinsuit Review

I will be really honest here. I usually think of cycling clothing as a necessary evil. It should be functional, comfortable, and just not look particularly terrible. 

It may seem like a low bar, but it’s not! Functional and comfortable is very important. The way it looks? Not so much.

I have never been the girl who matches this and that and squeals over a perfectly coordinated cycling kit. In fact, my husband has actually said to me “Your cycling stuff never matches! Why don’t you just get an actual matching kit?” 

peppermint at the cross race 2
Photo Credit: Dale Glenn

I find it important to note this, because when I opened the box from Peppermint, I actually squealed. It was just so…well…cute!

The packaging was eco-friendly. There was tissue paper and a little Peppermint sticker, and it felt like I was opening a present.

And then, when I saw that the sports bra and socks matched the skinsuit perfectly? That is when I truly squealed out loud.

I thought, “OK, I get it now. I get why people like matching cycling stuff. It looks totally awesome.” 

peppermint bra socks suit 3

The best part, by far, though, was trying it on and instantly falling in love. It felt great, was so comfortable, and I knew that I had found my go-to cycling kit. 

You know, the one that you pull on before any other? The one that you wash the instant you get back from your ride so you can wear it on the next one? THIS is that kit. Since I got it I have barely worn anything else on the bike. 

Want to hear more about this amazing skinsuit by Peppermint? Then read on for an in-depth review of the Peppermint Signature Skinsuit! 

Review in a Nutshell


  • Soft, buttery material with well-machined seams. You will not itch a bit in this skinsuit. 50+ UPF protection means that with the long sleeves you get great sun coverage. 
  • It’s all one piece. No trying to find two coordinating pieces when you are rushing out for a ride! 
  • Chamois is very comfortable and made of high quality material.  
  • Super fashionable and attractive. 
  • Coordinates perfectly with Peppermint socks and sports bra for a seamless, put-together look. 
  • Awesome, eco-friendly packaging with no plastic in sight. 
  • Peppermint creates women’s cycling clothing exclusively, so it’s very much a “for women by women” company, and this comes through in every single detail of the experience.  


  • Price. It’s expensive. BUT instead of buying a jersey and bibs you are buying an all-in one. It’s very easy to spend $300 or more on a matching kit…so this makes the price sting a little less! 
  • Sizing: This skinsuit only comes in standard sizes of XS-XL. As someone who has been in and out of plus sizes, it is disheartening that larger sizes aren’t offered. 
  • The zipper really needs to go down just a tad further. I feel like I am stretching the suit to the limit when I try to get my arms in. If I rip it I will cry…but so far so good! 
  • If you are on the shorter side like me you may find the shorts a tad bit long. Overall though I was surprised how well a non-petite, one piece item fit!
  • One piece means you have to take the whole thing down for nature breaks. 

Price & Where to Buy:

An All-In One Solution that Actually Works 

The Peppermint skinsuit is a one piece cycling kit that somehow manages to fit and be incredibly comfortable and attractive all at the same time. 

Peppermint outfit side
Photo Credit: Dale Glenn

I have been affectionately referring to it as “my onesie” because…well..who doesn’t like putting on just one piece of clothing instead of two? And I will say that this skinsuit is softer than a lot of onesies that I put on my kid too…so win win!

I will admit, though, that I was very skeptical about this item before I received it. As a stout, petite woman I really struggle with finding bib shorts and jerseys that work for my atypical frame.

I always see things that look amazing on other girls but when I try them for myself I am terribly disappointed.

I can say that this was not my experience at all. The second I tried on the Peppermint Signature Skinsuit I was texting friends photos…that’s how excited I was to share it.

Peppermint rear 2
Photo Credit: Dale Glenn

It’s also, despite the long sleeves, super lightweight and very breathable. I have worn this skinsuit in 90+ degree weather and have been just as comfortable as I am in a cycling tank. The 50+ UVF protection gives me sun protection without the added warmth of a long sleeve jersey. 

Though I wish the zipper was a tad longer so that I didn’t have to stretch the top so much to fit my arms in, I have to say that the whole piece together just works. The fit is so streamlined, and the colors and design compliment one another perfectly.

Finally, it should be mentioned that with no drop seat possible you do have to take this whole thing down if you are going to the bathroom. This is not ideal, but if you aren’t doing a super long ride it’s not a huge problem. And if you are, and you find yourself having to go, you can bunch the top up in one hand so that it doesn’t hit the floor (no one wants their kit top to hit a public restroom floor!). 

Incredible Quality and Comfort with a Well Structured Chamois 

While the price of the Peppermint Skinsuit feels a little steep, I will say that you get what you pay for here. The comfort and the quality are evident from the moment that you pull the skinsuit out of the box.

According to their description, the Peppermint Skinsuit is “Made in Italy with high quality Italian fabrics.”

Peppermint Suit Chest detail

The fabric is thin, light, buttery, and breathable. You can tell the attention to detail in the seamwork as well. Nothing is itchy or feels like it’s too tight/too loose. There is just the right amount of compression to offer support without making you feel like a stuffed sausage.

The chamois is also really great. According to Peppermint it is a “women-specific top quality Italian-made CyTech chamois pad from Elastic Interface.” Elastic interface is an Italian company that specializes in creating exceptional cycling pads for chamois and saddles. I think it’s great that Peppermint sought out a specialist in the chamois industry to find a women’s specific chamois for the shorts.

Peppermint chamois

The chamois is incredibly comfortable and provides great cushion without hanging down/feeling like a diaper. It might not be quite enough for a super-long endurance ride, but I find it to be more than sufficient for my usual 20-30 mile rides. 

Finally, I have to mention that the leg cuffs are awesome. They have just enough grip AND they are actually slightly different from one another in color, which is a lovely design feature that makes the whole skinsuit even more stylish and attractive.

The Sizing of the Peppermint Skinsuit is Limited BUT True to Size 

The Peppermint Skinsuit is only offered in sizes XS-XL. I am a huge fan of size inclusivity, and I just don’t feel like this really covers the range of sizes that women come in. As a result, I would be remiss if I didn’t say I find the sizing a bit disappointing. 

I will say, though, that I find the Peppermint Skinsuit to be true to size. I found that the size I ordered is consistent with a lot of other North American cycling clothing brands despite the brand using a lot of European materials.

A lot of times when I purchase European brands I need to size up which I don’t mind so much, as long as the size up is actually available. With limited sizing options I am very thankful that Peppermint is able to carry a size that works for me. 

Still, I know that not all women are going to have this experience. This makes me sad because I would love to be able to recommend the Signature Skinsuit to women of any size. 

Peppermint Has Sustainable Packaging 

I could tell from the moment that I received my package from Peppermint that this was a company that cared about the environment. You know how some companies have plastic bags that are smaller? And say this is eco-friendly? Nope, not Peppermint.

Peppermint Box

My order arrived in a cardboard box, and the skinsuit was wrapped in tissue paper. The attention to detail was incredible, and then when I saw how coordinated the skinsuit was with the bra and socks I was SO pleased!

For years I have been grabbing this or that cycling clothing item and just kind was wearing a hodgepodge of stuff that looked pretty much unisex. My Peppermint kit makes me feel pretty and feminine and I love it! 

Peppermint Is a Company Exclusively for Female Cyclists 

According to the Peppermint website: “Faced with the reality that cycling clothing for women was a very scarce resource, we founded PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. to fill a gap in the cycling market and offer unique and technical products designed by women for women.”  I honestly didn’t even need to read this to know this was the case, I could tell by the product itself.

Though they concede that other companies have become a lot more responsive to the needs of women cyclists, they continue to cater exclusively to women. This is evident in the design and style of their products.

Finally, I feel like I now have a complete cycling kit that fits well, looks great on me, and makes me feel super confident.  I am all about throwing on whatever to get a ride in when you’re just trying to get out the door. Still, there is just something about an outfit that all comes together and coordinates. 

Peppermint in action
Photo Credit: Mindy Fernandez

I mean, it probably even makes me a little faster too since I feel so awesome in it!  I will keep telling myself that, anyway. 


I truly love this skinsuit. It will absolutely be a staple of my cycling wardrobe, and I can’t wait to purchase another.  Time will only tell how well it holds up, but so far so good!

I will say I have gotten more compliments from other cyclists on this kit than I have on anything else I have ever worn.

The shortcomings of a slightly too short zipper and slightly too long shorts pale in comparison to the things that I love about it.

The skinsuit is so comfortable, and it looks and feels amazing on my body. It truly makes me feel strong and confident. I feel like I can tackle hills. I feel like it makes me “look” like a cyclist. Not that anyone needs to look a certain way on the bike (I will wear mismatched stuff and non-cycling stuff all the time!).  

Sometimes, though, I want a really put-together look, and this is absolutely it. 

I love the high quality materials, the substantial but not too thick chamois, and how wonderfully coordinated the entire look is.

If you are looking for a cycling kit that comes together and checks off all of the boxes for comfort and style, look no further than the Peppermint Signature Skinsuit! 

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