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POC Women’s Re-cycle Boxer Chamois Review

POC is well known in the cycling industry for a reason. They make high quality products while being mindful of the environment which extends not only from the materials used to make helmets, but also to their clothing.

The Re-cycle Boxer Chamois is the perfect example of them using sustainable products without compromising quality. The chamois has sufficient padding to ride all day, they are breathable, and the waistband doesn’t dig into your stomach. (Even if you’re a post-baby mom like me).

The legs do have a tendency to roll up, and the pricetag is a bit on the high side, but despite these minor complaints, this is still one of our favorite chamois liners.

malorie wearing the poc chamois

Review in a Nutshell


  • Made from recycled polyester
  • Comfortable waistband that doesn’t dig into your stomach
  • The padding in the liner keeps you comfortable for longer rides
  • They are breathable and quick drying- essential for riding in summer or humidity
  • The sleek black material with POC logo on the waistband is very flattering
  • Wide size range – XS to XXL


  • They are more expensive than others
  • The inseam is short which rode up
  • Only comes in 2 colors

Price: $80 List

Thick Padding for Long Days in the Saddle

After using these chamois for a month or so I found myself grabbing them first for every ride. The padding is superior to other chamois I own, and I was able to do long rides in them without getting saddle sore.

Padding isn’t everything when it comes to staying comfortable, but it is a large part of the equation. Something to consider if you continuously have issues with saddle sores is your saddle. Having a good saddle that fits your sit-bones is crucial to being comfortable.

Once you know you have the right saddle, then the padding in your chamois will only bring you more comfort on the bike. Wearing a well-made chamois will keep your booty and pelvic bones happy little campers.

With that being said, the longest ride I did while wearing the Re-cycle liner was 4 hours long. Typically if I am planning for a longer ride, I will always opt for a bib short because I find the padding is more comfortable than any liner chamois padding I’ve tried.

The POC Re-cycle Boxer definitely had me grabbing for them more than my bibs. They were that comfortable.

That said, if you’re someone that prefers a minimal padding, this chamois might not be for you.

the green chamois pad inside the poc re-cycle boxer

Comfortable Waistband That Doesn’t Dig In

The waistband is a typical elastic waistband. I don’t normally gravitate towards anything other than a yoga waistband because I hate when they dig into my stomach. I did not have this problem with the POC Re-cycle Boxer.

I am about 5’9 and 165 pounds. I’ve had two kids and by no means a perfect body. My stomach has loose skin and fat that I haven’t been able to shed. These shorts give me enough compression to not move but didn’t cut off my circulation.

I got a large and they fit perfectly. POC has a sizing guide on their website that made is easy to decide on a size.

rear view of the poc chamois on malorie

Short Inseam Might Cause Them to Ride Up

My one gripe with these shorts is that the inseam is so short that they tend to ride up on my legs. I think if they made the inseam slightly longer and put some sort of “sticky” material around the thigh, they would stay in place.

After sifting through reviews, I noticed several people had the same issue. With that being said, I still find myself choosing these shorts over other ones I own.

They do ride up to my crotch, but it isn’t super uncomfortable. It’s something I can deal with to have the comfortable padding for long rides. I’d much prefer to have my chamois ride up than saddle sores.

side view of the poc chamois on malorie

If you have rather thin legs, this might not be a problem for you. My body is pear shaped and I have bigger legs which is why I think these ride up. It is definitely going to depend on your body shape.

Recycled Polyester = Breathable and Quick Drying

One of my favorite things about these liners is the material they used to make them. The recycled polyester is so breathable and soft it feels like I’m not wearing anything.

Moving from Colorado to Florida was quite the change in weather. I never had to deal with humidity or even really sweat when I rode in Colorado, but let me tell you, Florida is the land of humidity. I have never sweat so much in my life, and I NEED material that is going to keep me dry- these liners do just that.

A Little Pricy Compared to Other Chamois

POC makes high quality cycling and snow sports equipment. They do not compromise quality for price so you will pay for what you get. With that being said, I know $80 is a lot to spend on a pair of liners BUT the padding is so comfortable that I can honestly say it is worth it.

I have had other liners like Fox and Terry and they are not nearly as comfortable as the POC liner. Yes, they are more affordable, but I don’t want to waste money on something that I’m not going to wear or WANT to wear.

Another thing to keep in mind if you decide to purchase these rather expensive liners is if you wash them with a gentle detergent and DO NOT dry them in the dryer, they will last you forever. Properly cleaning your cycling clothes will ensure that they last a long time.

Bottom-Line: Your Booty Will Thank You

You can’t go wrong with anything POC. Yes, they are more expensive, but worth every penny. They will last you until the end of time. The Re-cycle liner has a perfectly padded chamois to keep you comfortable for long or short rides.

My biggest gripe with them in the length of the inseam, but even that hasn’t deterred me from wearing them for 90% of my rides. If you’re looking for a well-made chamois liner, you can’t go wrong with the POC Re-Cycle.

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