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Review: Kineon Move + Light Therapy Device

Riding our bikes can bring us lots of joy. But riding our bikes can also result in challenging aches, pains and muscle fatigue.

Due to joint and muscle pain from years spent on my bike, I was excited try out the Kineon Move+ light therapy device. With it, I attacked highly problematic spots on my body (and amazingly!), I received the kind of healing I had been unable to achieve otherwise.

I’m happy to share my experience and believe that you too may be able to heal yourself within the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule with this device.  Read on to learn more.

kineon in the box

Review In A Nutshell


  • Healing chronic inflammation and joint problems
  • Deep tissue repair
  • Increases endurance and overall performance
  • Wireless design
  • Three individual units are removable
  • Easy to incorporate into your day
  • Able to stay at home for healing treatments
  • Nice storage container


  • Cost
  • Straps can be awkward to change lengths, should you need to
  • Personal responsibility to be consistent with treatment
  • Instruction booklet assumes user is not a novice, knowing not to wear clothes under device, nor wear creams, when using. 
  • Storage container could be larger

Price & Where To Buy:

A Device For Healing And Recovery

As for what the Kineon Move+ does scientifically, I’ll leave that to the experts to explain. What I understand, there are three individual units holding red light LED’s, which include medical grade laser technology. 

Their wave lengths penetrate deep into your targeted muscles, increasing blood flow and oxygenation to help speed up healing and recovery time.  A boon to all of us bikers.

storage compartment for the device

My Injuries And Healing

I like to mountain bike and road bike.  Due to mishaps and abuse from 50 years of cycling, I have right side body issues, with most challenges occurring in my right shoulder and right knee. 

I had not been able to lift my arm to the side or back over my head for over a year now.  Almost daily usage of NAD’s were my only source of pain relief.  Having the Kineon Move+, I have applied the device for approximately six weeks now. 

At week three, while I was in my yoga class, I was surprised that I found myself lifting my right arm and almost completing my pose.  I was in shock. 

I also had been waking up during the night in pain, and in my fourth week I was able to sleep through the night, only once in a while needing to move to a new position to give it a rest.   Sleep quality has improved dramatically. 

I’m not fully recovered, but it’s looking hopeful.

darlene bonkoski on her road bike

I also tried the device on my right knee, which has also been a huge problem for me.  After four weeks of using the Kineon Move+ I have been able to bike without pain, and even resumed some running and swimming. 

Biking has been far more enjoyable.  The muscles in my right calf become sore when biking, but now I’ve stopped needing NAD’s for even that issue. 

I’m probably going to need to use this device consistently for quite some time yet, but the results thus far are considerably positive for my knee, and its supporting muscles.  I also stopped waking up at night from knee pain.  Sports will always challenge our bodies to find methods to heal efficiently and quickly, and the Kineon Move+ is a much needed tool in your preparation, recovery or healing routine.

Consistency Is Key

Optimal treatments would be to apply the device (which consists of three units held together by straps) approximately 5 to 10 minutes before biking (or any other athletic activity) to prepare your muscles for exercise by increasing blood flow.  Then to follow up afterwards for 5 to 15 minutes.  Consistent repetition is key for results. 

Using the KineonMove+ after biking can help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, promotes faster recovery, and increases your range of motion.  It also improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to your muscles, aiding in their repair and growth.  Most of us need targeted light therapy to ideally maximize benefits and improve our performance, endurance and recovery time.

Easy To Fit Into Your Schedule

I admit I have been interested in red light therapy and used a full body booth at my local gym.  But, unfortunately, a non localized device does target your specific areas of injury, and its results can be minimal. 

I think most of us find it nearly impossible to fit consistent out of the house treatments into demanding schedules.  With the KineonMove+ sitting directly on your skin with no clothing interfering between it and your skin, you can read, watch television, etc. in the comfort of your home, with all of the benefits of a targeted portable laser light therapy device. It’s easy to use it at home, fitting its treatment into your own schedule. 

I’ve also been aware of the PEMF mats, with some including red lights for therapy, and costing a substantial amount of money.  The advantages of the Kineon Move+ is that its red lights and laser effects are not diffused due to hitting a general area or travelling unspecified distances, but it targets its lighs on a specific area of your body, placed directly on the joint or muscles that need to be healed. 

Also the timeframe for a healing session is substantially shortened from hours to anywhere from a 5 to 15 minute treatment with the Kineon Move+, and in the comfort of your own home and on your convenient schedule.

kineon device on knee

Cons? Cost And Strap Size

The Kineon is not cheap at approximately $490, and for some, the cost could be prohibitive. That’s the biggest con of the device.

Also, as a smaller boned female, I found the straps needed to be pulled shorter as their lengths allow for a variety of larger sizes.  I do like how the device comes with three individual removable units which can be used together, or individually popped out of their holders if you need to only target one specific spot on your body.   

My other couple of minor cons are that the storage container is quite small and the instruction booklet should provide additional information.


The Kineon Move+ isn’t cheap at $490, but we are worth the investment in our physical wellbeing.  Whatever your level of biking skills, or lack of them, you matter.  If you are in pain and are limited by it, you have so little to lose, and so much to gain. 

Freedom to bike without pain, improved healing time, a greater enjoyment of sports and life. Your body matters.  I highly recommend the KineonMove+ so you can keep on pursuing the joy of biking.

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