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Review: PNW Components Women’s Apparel (Shuttle Short & Ozone Trail Jersey)

PNW is known for their high quality components, but did you know they now have women’s mountain bike apparel as well? And just like the company’s components, the clothing is top notch.

I’ve been testing the Shuttle mountain bike short and Ozone trail jersey all spring and summer and have been absolutely blown away by the comfort and durability of these pieces. And I’ve been looking pretty good too, if I may say so myself.

But the thing I’ve been most impressed by with the PNW apparel is just how well made and durable it is for an incredibly affordable price. If you like high quality stuff AND you’re on a budget, I’d highly recommend PNW.

PNW Components Shuttle Women’s Short

womens pnw mountain bike shorts


  • DWR coating sheds water, dust, and mud
  • Lightweight and movable
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable side waist straps
  • Large pocket space
  • Longer length works well with knee pads
  • Roomy but not overly baggy
  • Affordable


  • Only comes in black

Price & Where To Buy:

Flattering, Comfortable Fit

Why is it so hard to make a mountain bike short that is comfortable but also flattering?!? It seems like most of my shorts (of which I have money) are either crazy comfortable but frumpy or form-fitting and somewhat restrictive.

The Shuttle short, on the other hand, manages to be comfortable, roomy, and still flattering. It’s like the little black dress of mountain bike shorts.

The Shuttle short provided ample room for my muscular bum and thighs, but has a straight tailored look that makes you look pulled together, and not like you’re wearing a pair of your boyfriends shorts. They are sporty and at the same time feminine.

The material is just a little bit stretchy and I never felt the least bit constrained in these.

The waist adjustment is also a clever design. The adjustment straps are on the outside of the shorts so there is nothing to rub or irritate your skin. I appreciated that I can snug up the shorts a bit and not have any worry about plumber’s crack or a gap between my back and shorts.

Finally, I found that the shorts fit true to the size chart. I am 5’5″ and 125 pounds and chose the size small. They fit well. (For reference, I’m a medium in most other brands as I have a larger bum and thighs).

pnw womens mountain bike clothing

Durable Fabric

I wish you could feel the fabric of the Shuttle shorts thru this screen, because there is no way to accurately describe it. The fabric is lightweight yet extremely durable. I found myself grabbing these shorts on shuttle or downhill days as they feel like they provide more protection than most.

The durability is aided by the DWR coating. They do an excellent job of shedding rain, dust, and mud. I wore the shorts both in the hot, dusty Idaho summer and up in cold, muddy British Columbia. In both cases, I was able to literally wipe the shorts off and they’d look clean again. I particularly appreciated them in light drizzle where they stayed remarkably dry.

Longer Length Works Well With Knee Pads

The PNW Shuttle shorts are definitely an “enduro” feeling short. The 13 inch inseam is longer than most and hit somewhere around mid-knee for most women.

This means they provide great protection for aggressive riding and pair well with knee pads. There is no weird gap between shorts and pads, and the opening is wide enough to fit pads without any bunching.

Even on more mellow trail rides, I found myself reaching for these when I just wanted a little extra coverage. Tall ladies and those who don’t like short shorts, will appreciate the longer length.

Pocket Space

Women usually get the short end of the deal on pocket space. Or, if there are pockets, the shorts are too restrictive to actually use the pockets.

The Shuttle shorts, on the other hand, have nice large zippered pockets on either side of the leg. They are actually spacious enough to fit an oversized phone on one side and your credit card/bike park pass/car keys/etc on the other.

Additionally, there are two front hand pockets that are also quite large.


If you’ve been mountain biking for very long you know just how ridiculously expensive mountain bike shorts can be. The Wild Rye Freel, for example, which is a similar-length short, costs $119.

Although the list price of the women’s Shuttle short is $99, we found it online for $79. That’s quite cheap for a mountain bike short, and there is nothing lacking in terms of quality.

Only Comes In Black

I have lots of other colorful shorts, so I don’t mind having another pair of black shorts to add to the mix. That said, if you’re looking for fun color or prints, look elsewhere. The Shuttle short only comes in black.

pnw womens merino tee

Bottom-Line: High Quality Enduro Length Shorts At A Competitive Pricepoint

If you’re looking for longer shorts for riding with knee pads (or simply because you prefer additional coverage), the PNW Shuttle Short is a top pick. It sheds water and dirt well, is highly durable, and the cut is flattering. The only drawback may be that they only come in black.

Ozone Trail Jersey

pnw womens tee


  • Super soft and cozy
  • Merino blend is stink-free and stays warm
  • Longer sleeves provide extra coverage
  • Feminine cut
  • Affordable


  • Stitching issue on my jersey
  • Too warm for hot summer days

Price & Where To Buy:

Extremely Soft and Comfy Merino Blend

The Ozone trail jersey is quite possibly the most comfortable bike tee I’ve ever worn. It’s super soft and cozy and feels a lot like something you’d crawl up in to go to bed.

It’s made of a merino polyester blend, and if you’re not a convert to merino yet, grab this jersey and you will be. Merino is a superior fabric for mountain bike clothing. It’s pretty much stink-free, and stays warm even when wet.

pnw womens mountain bike shorts

This has quickly become my go-to jersey for bikepacking. I know I can wear it multiple days in a row without it smelling toooo gross, and I will be warm in it even after a rainstorm.

The Ozone tee is perfect for layering or on it’s own in 60 and 70 degree temps. Along both sides there are small triangle holes to help aid in airflow and breathability. Still, this isn’t the top you want to wear on sweltering summer days. Once temps topped 80 degrees, I found the jersey to be a little too cozy and warm.

breathable armpits

Tailored, Feminine Cut

Unlike may mountain bike tees, the Ozone trail jersey has a fairly tailored cut. It’s form fitting without being too tight.

The back is longer than the front which is great as you don’t end up with the jersey riding up when you’re leaned over. The sleeves are also fairly long which I appreciated on cooler days as well as sunny (but not hot) days.

Like the shorts, I found that the Ozone jersey fit true to the size chart. For reference, I wore a size small.

Stitching Issue

On my second ride (after one wash), I noticed a small hole in the seam near my armpit. Nooooo!

I haven’t had any more holes develop, so I almost wonder if this was a defect in the jersey. I’ve been washing the jersey in the washer and dryer, and it has held up really well (no pilling!) other than that one issue.

I love the jersey so much, I plan to order a second despite this little hole.

Crazy Affordable

Bike tees, but particularly MERINO bike tees, are crazy expensive. The Ozone Women’s trail jersey, on the other hand, is a shockingly affordable $49. Compare that to the Shower’s Pass Merino tee ($75) or the Pactimo merino tee ($96).

The Ozone jersey is a killer deal!!!

Bottom-Line: An Incredibly Comfortable Merino Tee At A Killer Price

The PNW Ozone women’s trail jersey is one of the best tee-style jerseys I’ve worn….at a fraction of the price of other competitors. This is a top pick for layering with flannel on a cooler day or for long bikepacking trips. The cut is flattering and it’s extremely comfortable.

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