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Review: Terry Winter Bike Tight & Hybrid Jacket

If you are like me and Elsa from Frozen, you identify as the ice queen. All jokes aside, winter is my favorite season to ride my bike.

Call me crazy, but there is something magical about the sound of my tires rolling through fresh snow and my breath traveling alongside me as I ride through the trees. I don’t have too many friends that enjoy going out for a ride when it’s only 10 degrees outside and I think that’s another aspect of winter riding that I appreciate: there aren’t that many people out and I usually have the trails to myself. 

The biggest hurdle when riding during the winter months is finding the proper gear so I don’t freeze my cajones off. Terry Bicycles hit the nail on the head when they created the Winter Bike Tight and Hybrid Jacket.

Not only is the fit great, but it actually keeps me warm. I took this kit out in 19-degree temps and stayed warm the entire time. So, if you’re an ice queen like me, this kit is for you. 

Review in a Nutshell


  • The pants are extremely comfortable. They have a nice wide yoga waistband and feel like you aren’t wearing anything.
  • You can wear the pants and jacket in a wide range of temperatures. 
  • The jacket comes in two different colors- the yellow is perfect for road or gravel riding so drivers can see you.
  • The pants can take a beating- they are crash-resistant.
  • The jacket is super lightweight and can pack down really small for storage in a frame bag or the back pocket of a jersey
  • Together, the pants and jacket look awesome! 
  • Terry makes affordable cycling gear that lasts. 


  • Sizes are limited in the pant and jacket. I wish there were more sizes (and colors) so all bodies can wear this awesome kit.
  • The pant material pills where my legs rub together. It isn’t a big issue, just more of an annoyance.
  • The chamois could be better. It is meant for shorter rides. 
  • I wish the jacket fit a little snugger (yes, I know- it’s a semi-fitted jacket). It is a little loose around my waist, but I am worried that if I went down a size it would be too short in the arms and length.

Price & Where to Buy:

Bike Tight Review

I have a TON of riding gear for winter, but these might be my favorite pant. Typically, I am more of a bib kind-of girl, but these pants are so comfortable that I don’t have an issue riding in them.

What Can’t These Pants Do!?!

The waistband is a wide yoga band that moves with your body. This is extremely important for me because I am constantly up and down on my mountain bike. When I am hitting drops and jumps, I need to be able to move my body off the bike, so I don’t crash, and these pants did not restrict my movement at all.

I had a few crashes in these pants and to my surprise, I didn’t rip any of the material. The only issue I had was a small hole on my lower leg where my pedal snagged the material.

This is to be expected when using pedals that have pegs for gripping the sole of your shoe. I did not try these pants with knee pads on, but I think there is enough stretch to allow for a low-profile knee pad like the Fox Enduro or G-Form pads.

The front of the pants is made of Polartec Hardface Windpro jersey/velour material that is buttery soft to the touch but blocks the frigid wind. These pants are also water-resistant and after riding through numerous puddles I can honestly say that they kept me dry.

I really appreciate how Terry made these pants so breathable. While I don’t sweat a ton, I did get rather warm on a few of my rides and the material didn’t make me overheat at all.

The material on the back side of the pants is made of Powerstretch Pro and makes these pants feel like a legging while keeping you warm. My coldest ride in these pants was 19 degrees and my warmest ride was 53 degrees.

Not once did I feel cold or hot. They helped regulate my body temperature while being extremely comfortable, and hey, they also look good which is a plus in my book. 

Wearing water-resistant clothes is definitely important to me, and while these kept me dry, I wish they would make a pant that is waterproof. It is so important to stay dry when you’re out riding in sub-freezing temps, so having water-proof clothing puts my mind at ease. 

What I DON’T Like About The Terry Winter Bike Tight

I love just about everything about these pants EXCEPT the chamois. According to the Terry website, the chamois in the Winter Bike Tight is the Fleet Chamois and it is meant to have thinner padding at the inner thigh junction, BUT to me, it feels like the entire chamois is thin.

Paired with my favorite women’s specific saddle, the chamois allowed me to comfortably ride for 2-3 hours. Any longer than that, and I think I would get saddle sores. For long cross-country rides, I like a thicker pad to ensure my sit bones do not get sore since I spend more time in the saddle than when I’m riding downhill trails.

One thing I can say about the chamois is the stitching is seamless. I did not have a problem with the stitching digging into that sensitive area where my butt meets my thigh. I own a few Specialized bibs and the chamois stitching tends to dig into that area after about an hour on the bike. It makes for an unpleasant ride, to say the least. 

If you’re built like me and have thighs that touch (no thigh gap here), just know that the tights will pill (little lint balls) in the crotch and inner thigh area. This doesn’t bother me because I am used to it, but it can be annoying especially after paying good money for cycling gear. You can get a cheap fabric shaver* to help get rid of those pesky lint balls if it bothers you.  

Another gripe I have with these pants is that they are not offered in enough sizes. They range from x-small to x-large and I wish there were more sizes (and petite/tall) to allow all bodies to wear these.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to include more sizes, but I hope that companies like Terry realize that our bodies are not made to fit into clothes. Clothes are made to fit our bodies. 

Winter Bike Tight Sizing

I am about 5’9 and weigh 165-170 pounds and decided to go with the large. Although the large fit like a dream, I definitely think I could have gotten away with a medium because they have stretched a little over time.

I have longer legs and the length of the large pant is perfect. Measuring at 28.5 inches for all of the sizes, the inseam might be a little long for shorter people. If Terry could include petite and tall sizing in the Winter Tight, it would allow for more people to fit comfortably in these awesome pants. 

Terry Hybrid Jacket Review

The hybrid jacket is the perfect piece of gear to have in your closet. It is so versatile and is light enough to wear during spring or fall, yet warm enough to wear during the dead of winter.

It pairs perfectly with the Winter Bike Tight because they both kept me warm enough on cold days, and cool enough on warm days. I love that this jacket is fully windproof.

Here in the mountains, the wind can make or break a ride, so having gear that will protect me from the elements makes riding that much more enjoyable.

The front panel on the jacket is made of polyester and spandex giving off a well-constructed, almost stiff, appearance. The back panel is extremely soft and stretchy, made of recycled nylon and spandex.

terry hybrid jacket back

This jacket gives off business in the front and party in the back vibes and I am here for it.

There are three nice-sized pockets in the rear and one pocket on the inside for your phone or keys. I wore this jacket in all different temperatures and with proper layering, it was perfect for my coldest ride at 19 degrees.

I like that it comes in two different colors, and both have reflective strips on the left shoulder and left rear pocket. The neon green is perfect for road or gravel riding, and I like the charcoal for mountain biking. Whichever color you choose, you will be stylish on your bike. 

Another aspect of this jacket that I like is how small it packs down. I was able to get it small enough to fit in the pocket of my jersey and hip pack. If you use frame bags you could easily get it to fit in a frame bag. This is just another thing that makes this jacket the perfect piece of riding gear. 

jacket rolled up

A Few Things I Wish the Jacket Had

For the most part, I like just about everything about this jacket. The sizes range from x-small to xx-large and I wish Terry would have more size options so all bodies can wear this jacket. Because I am tall, I tend to have a hard time fitting into regular-sized clothes, so having more options is important. 

I also wish the pockets were a little deeper. My iPhone 14 fits in the pockets in the back, but it sticks out ever so slightly making me nervous when hitting features on the trail. The pocket on the inside of the jacket is a nice feature for keys or cards but my phone felt a little funky on the inside.

Something I think all cycling apparel companies should include in jerseys/jackets is a zipper pocket. I like knowing that my debit card is secure. 

Hybrid Jacket Sizing

I had to size up to a large because I was worried the sleeves would be too short, and I was right. The sleeves are barely long enough in the large, yet I think the medium would fit my body better. If petite and tall sizes were an option, I would definitely get a tall medium.

Terry describes this jacket as semi-fitted. Although I do enjoy semi-fitted clothes, the large is a little baggy through the waist and hips on me. The length of the jacket is perfect so if I went with a medium, it might be a crop top, and no one wants to see that. 

After reading the reviews on the Terry website, it seems a few other people had issues with the sizing. I am hoping Terry can take this into consideration and provide their customers with a few more size options.


Both the Winter Tight and Hybrid Jacket are a must-haves for cold riding. I love how versatile each piece is and how warm they have kept me.

So far this winter, I have worn this kit on just about every ride and I absolutely love how I feel in it. I think as long as you care for the kit according to Terry’s recommendations, this kit will remain a staple in your closet for years to come. 

Although there are a few things I don’t like about the kit, I still recommend this gear to anyone who plans to ride during the colder months. The kit is extremely affordable and is made by women for women.

Terry does have multiple size options in other pants, like the Coolweather Bike Tight, and I hope they will be more inclusive with the Winter Bike Tight and Hybrid Jacket in the future. 

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