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Review: Terry Women’s Long Sleeve Bike Jerseys

When I first started cycling, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the companies that made cycling jerseys, and their myriad of choices.

There’s short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, warm weather, cold weather…not to mention different types of jerseys for different kinds of riding…it’s a LOT.

I will be honest, I ended up with more than one ill-fitting jersey, and found that even within the same cycling clothing company there were some pretty distinct size and style inconsistencies.

Each time I bought a jersey online it felt like a gamble! As a result I definitely purchased many jerseys that for whatever reason just didn’t quite work…until I stumbled across the Terry Long Sleeve Soleil jersey.

I wanted a super lightweight long sleeve jersey that I could wear on the warmest of days, and still get sun protection, and the Terry Soleil jersey fit the bill.

Flow Jersey Front

This was almost four years ago. I am thrilled to say that not only is The Terry Long Sleeve Soleil Jersey the jersey I have gotten the most compliments on ever, but it is ALSO my most often worn jersey. Additionally, it has held up and is still in great shape!

Fast forward to today when I had the opportunity to try out a newer version of the Soleil Sun Jersey (for warm weather)  as well as the Terry Merino Jersey (for cool weather).  Interested in hearing more about the different long-sleeve Terry options?

Read on for my in-depth review of the Terry Soleil Sun Jersey and the Terry Merino Jersey! 

Terry Long Sleeve Jerseys
From Left: Terry Merino Jersey, Terry Soleil Long Sleeve Bike Jersey, Terry Soleil Flow Long Sleeve Bike Jersey

Review in a Nutshell


  • All versions of Terry Long Sleeve Bike Jerseys are buttery soft…even the Merino Jersey which is 40% wool!
  • Terry offers both a warm weather long sleeve in the Terry Soleil Sun Jersey AND a cool weather long sleeve in the Merino Bike Jersey.
  • The Soleil Sun Jersey comes in both athletic fit and relaxed fit – so you can choose if you want it tight or loose! 
  • The cool versions keep you cool and protect your skin from the sun, while the warm merino version keeps you warm in the cold. 
  • These jerseys are well made and hold up. I have had one of my Soleil Sun Jerseys for almost four years, and it’s still going strong. 
  • The colors and styling are just SO much fun. No boring “black is the only option” here! 
  • The price of the Soleil jerseys is very reasonable, and I can often find them on sale.
  • Terry clothing is made in the USA in a green energy-certified sewing facility. 
  • The Terry Guarantee states if you are unsatisfied with your product you can return it for a refund, credit, or exchange. 


  • I find these jerseys to run a little bit bigger than some other companies. This isn’t really a bad thing (for me it’s great!). Just know that if you really like your jerseys on the tighter side you might want to size down – even with the athletic fit version.  
  • Speaking of athletic fit vs flow fit, it can be a little confusing to make sure you are getting the fit you want. Terry does a really good job explaining the differences on the website, but if you aren’t aware that there are multiple options you might end up with a fit that’s different from what you are looking for. 
  • The price of the Merino jersey is definitely higher than the Soleil. It makes sense because it’s a thicker, warmer layer, but it’s still a little bit of sticker shock in comparison to the Soleil.
  • I love the Merino jersey but was hoping it would be just a tad warmer/thicker for cold weather conditions. 

Price & Where to Buy:

  • Soleil Long Sleeve Jersey (fitted): $109.95
  • Soleil Long Sleeve Top (loose): $94.95
  • Merino Bike Jersey: $159.95

The Terry Soleil Jersey can be worn in very warm weather AND slightly cool weather

 I LOVE a long sleeved jersey for two reasons…when it’s really hot, and when it’s on the cool side. The Terry Soleil Long Sleeve Jersey somehow works in BOTH of these situations. 

It is very thin, so it offers sun protection on your arms in very warm weather. I don’t always feel like lathering up my arms with sunscreen, and I can get away with not doing it with this jersey. 

When it’s cooler and you just want a little something on your arms so they aren’t bare? It’s great for this TOO.

As a result I find myself reaching for the Soleil Sun Jersey in a lot of different conditions and it is BY FAR my most worn jersey ever.  

Terry’s New Merino Jersey Has a Flattering Fit like the Soleil Jersey in a Warmer Option 

Sometimes it’s just too cold outside for a thin layer, and you need something a little more substantial.  

The new Merino Jersey is great for this! It is definitely significantly warmer, but still fits awesome.

I took it out in 45 degree weather, and do have to admit that I wasn’t quite warm enough going least at first. As my ride winded on, however, I did warm up sufficiently.

I will say that I wish it kept me just a tad bit warmer.

If you are going to ride in sub-45 degree weather I would suggest a cycling jacket for cold weather over this. It still makes for a great, moisture-wicking base layer due to its breathable use of 40% Merino wool.

I will say one thing that is particularly awesome about this jersey is that it drops a bit lower in the back to provide a little extra warmth to your lower back/bum. This was MUCH appreciated in the colder temps. 

I also should mention that it does have a zippered pocket in the back which makes what you put in your pockets VERY secure, but a little harder to get to than the Soleil options with open back pockets. 

These Jerseys are SO Attractive/Colorful and Have Lots of Pattern Options! 

I cannot tell you how many times I have been looking for cycling apparel and it is just so BORING. No one would ever accuse Terry of having boring jersey options!

I know that I have mentioned in past reviews that Terry shorts/bottoms tend to be just grey or black, but when you look at all of the jerseys you understand why. Who needs fancy colored bottoms when you have all of these explosive top options to choose from?

I receive literally countless compliments over the years on my relaxed fit Soleil Jersey because of the super fun pattern. I mean, it’s this cool kind of bike illusion pattern that is so fun. The colors are vibrant and the pattern is interesting. 

Then, when I received my “northern lights” patterned jersey I was literally blown away. The colors just pop, and the jersey is so beautiful and so much fun. This is great not only because it looks awesome, but it makes me more visible on the road which I really appreciate.

Another cool thing is that patterns are constantly being changed and updated every season, so there is always a super pretty and fun new option to choose from!

As of now the Merino Jersey does only have two patterns, but they are very attractive. In addition to the grey and blue “saori” pattern, there is also a lovely orange and peach option called “ginkgo gold”.

I feel like Terry does a really great job with blending feminine and fun. 

The Soleil Long Sleeve Jersey is Available in Both Relaxed and Athletic Fit 

What I really appreciate about the Terry Soleil line is that they have so many variations of the jersey so you can find one that works for you. 

In addition to having a range of short sleeve, sleeveless, and long sleeve options (some with half zip, some without), the Soleil jersey also comes in both athletic and relaxed fit. 

The relaxed fit is just that, relaxed. It’s not as form-fitting, and it feels a lot more roomy. The Soleil jerseys that have “flow” in their name are relaxed fit.

The athletic fit is definitely more of a close, tight fit in comparison to the Soleil, but it’s still not what I would call tight. 

Some jerseys I put on and feel like I am totally squeezing myself and am wondering if the zipper is actually going to make it up. I never feel this way with Terry. In fact I actually tend to size down in Terry jerseys because I do like a somewhat tighter fit.

It is all personal preference, and I think it’s really great that Terry makes both athletic and relaxed fit jerseys available.

With options can come a bit of confusion, though, so just make sure that you are ordering the fit that you want when you are on the Terry site or are looking at Terry jerseys elsewhere on the internet! Also be sure to pay close attention to whether or not there is a half zip option if that is a must for you. Some of these jerseys just pull over like a shirt. 

All Terry Long Sleeve Jerseys Are Well-Made and The Soleil is Very Durable 

I am always impressed with the quality of Terry cycling clothing. I purchased my Terry Soleil Jersey in 2020, it is my most-worn jersey, and it is still in amazing shape. 

The seams are not unraveling and the colors are just as vibrant as they were when I first bought the jersey!

It is much more relaxed than my half zip “Northern Lights” patterned Soleil Jersey, so the stuff in the pockets does hang down a bit further.  I think this is more because of the different style and the fact that it’s a larger size than anything related to the wear of the jersey/it stretching out.

The Merino Jersey is brand new, so I can’t comment on the durability of it, but I can say that it just feels like it is very well-made.

This is not really a surprise since all of my Terry clothing is well-made, but I do think it’s important to note that the quality of the garment is apparent. 

There Are Pockets! 

I love the pockets in my Terry jerseys, so I wanted to just make a quick mention of them here.

The pockets on the Soleil Jerseys are substantial and DEEP. I have never had anything fall out of any of them! They also have three pockets which I love…I never am happy with only two jersey pockets because of how I like to arrange my items.

Do be aware, however, that there IS a version of the Soleil Jersey, not reviewed here, that does NOT have pockets. It is called the “free flow”.

My suggestion is that if you really want back pockets in your jersey to be sure to check all of the photos available to make sure that the Jersey you choose has pockets.

Finally, the Merino jersey, it should be noted, has just one zippered pocket in the back. It does not fit as much stuff, but it does keep your stuff VERY secure.

Bottom-Line: Terry Makes Exceptional Clothing For Women

Terry is a women’s specific cycling company that makes exceptional clothing for women. Each and every single Terry product I have tried over the years has shown evidence of this. 

Their line of long sleeve jerseys clearly reflects the reputation of Terry. The attention to detail on Terry long sleeve bike jerseys leaves very little to be desired. 

All of the three jerseys are incredibly comfortable, attractive, flattering, and well-made.

I would absolutely recommend any of these Terry Long Sleeve Jerseys to the Femme Cyclist Community.

The Soleil line of jerseys and the Merino jersey offer a fantastic range of options for anyone who is looking for a women’s specific long sleeve cycling jersey. 

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