Why You Need To Attend a ROAM Event

For my first ever Femme Cyclist podcast, I sat down with Ash Bocast and Andi Zolton, the founders of Roam Events.  

Their bike event empire includes Roam Fest, the world’s biggest all-womens mountain bike festival, Roam Retreats, the Rusch Academy, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and the Sturdy Dirty.  

Ash is a bike-industry veteran who’s worked for Liv Bikes as well as Backroads.  Andi is professional bike mechanic and pro racer.  

Together they’ve built a company that is recognized as a leader in the bike industry, and they are providing lots of rad opportunities for women riders.

In this episode we talk about what you can expect at Roam Fest and Roam Retreats, why they don’t include skills clinics at their events, and how they struggle finding enough time to ride–just like the rest of us. 

roam events

Other Stuff We Talk About

  • How Roam got started
  • Hand-holding and pandering to women within the bike industry
  • Why you should feel comfortable attending a Roam event all by yourself
  • How to get a gig in the bike industry
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to work on your own bike
  • The secret recipe for hosting a great bicycle event
  • Traveling and living on the road full-time
  • And more

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