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Singletrack Supply Co Tevis MTB Jersey Review

Haven’t heard of Singletrack Supply Co? You should! This clothing company is creating some rad stuff for the trail, including a few highly functional pieces for women.

I’ve been testing the Tevis Merino jersey and it’s quickly become my go-to long sleeve jersey. It’s comfortable, works well in a variety of weather conditions, and looks cute–what more could you ask for?!

Singletrack Supply Co Tevis Jersey Review

Review in a Nutshell


  • Merino wool blend works well in a variety of weather conditions
  • Good for multi-sport–bike, ski, hike, etc.
  • Flattering cut that isn’t too tight or too baggy
  • Cell phone pocket and sunglasses wipe are nice touches
  • Your purchase supports trail building and advocacy


  • Thumb holes / long sleeve length isn’t ideal for mountain biking

Price: $84.99

Tevis Merino Jersey Video Review

Merino Wool Blend is Comfortable In A Variety of Weather Conditions

The body of the Tevis jersey is made of a blend of merino wool, nylon and spandex; and the sleeves are made of VersaTek (polyester, rayon, and spandex). I found that this fabric combo was comfortable and worked well in the schizophrenic October mountain weather.

I wore the Tevis jersey on a 30-degree alpine ride one chilly Saturday morning as well as a 60-degree balmy Wednesday afternoon and was equally comfortable on both rides. The jersey breathes well, and even with a hydration pack on my back, I never got sweaty wet.

I also have super sensitive skin, and found the Tevis jersey soft and comfortable on bare skin. It wasn’t itchy and didn’t have any tags to irritate the skin either. The stitching was smoothe and high-quality as well.

tevis jersey stitching

Loose, Comfortable Fit

Buying clothes online is always a bit of a gamble. Fortunately, Singletrack Supply Co provides a helpful size chart. According to it, I was firmly a size small, and that’s what I ordered.

The jersey has a loose fit which I far prefer to the typical skin-tight athletic options. That said, it’s not baggy. I just didn’t feel the need to have to suck in my belly, which is always nice.

singletrack supply co merino jersey

Sleeve Length is Long and Includes Thumb Holes

The sleeve length is fairly long and includes thumb holes. While I loved this for lounging around the house after a cold ride, I did find the sleeves a bit long for actually wearing on the mountain bike. They were too long really to wear without the thumb holes on which was a bit awkward with bike gloves.

I love thumb holes…..just not sure if I love them on the bike…..

tevis jersey thumb hole

Cell Phone Pocket

The Tevis Jersey includes a rear zippered cell phone pocket. This could also be used to hold some cash or a granola bar.

Sadly, the cell phone pocket was a little too small to hold my freakishly large cell phone. I tried it out with my husband’s phone instead, and that did work just fine.

tevis jersey rear pocket

Sunglasses Wipe

Stitched to the inside of the jersey is a sunglasses wipe. I thought this was awesome! I’m constantly wiping off my glasses on whatever jersey I’m wearing, and it doesn’t usually work very well. The sunglasses wipe got my glasses nice and clean and didn’t scratch the lenses.

tevis jersey sunglasses wipe

Super-Cute and Flattering

Let’s be honest–the most important thing about a jersey is how it LOOKS, and the Tevis jersey is super cute. I found it to be flattering. The color looks great (at least for me), and I got a lot of compliments out on the trail.

tevis jersey

Good For Multiple Sports

I know most of you ladies don’t just bike–you also ski and hike and camp and run and drink spiked hot chocolate in front of the fire. The Tevis jersey is good for all of those activities.

It’s not a cheap piece but given its versatility, I think it’s worth every penny.

Your Purchase Helps Support Trail Building and Advocacy

Singletrack Supply Co donates 5% of all profits to creating and protecting what we love most–singletrack!

Bottom-Line: A Versatile Piece for Active Women

If you’re looking to add a versatile Marino piece to your collection, choose the Singletrack Supply Co Tevis jersey. It’s comfortable, fits well, and works as well off the bike as it does on it.

singletrack supply co jersey

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