From Intimidated Newbie To Confident Cyclist With Stacy Smith

A few years ago, Stacy Smith was brand new to cycling. As in, she literally had to learn how to ride a bike.

She had told herself all sorts of stories about why biking wasn’t for her. She was too big, she wasn’t athletic enough, biking was uncomfortable, scary, and no fun. 

loving your body as an overweight cyclist

Today, she’s an avid cyclist and a Femme Cyclist website contributor.  In fact, you might remember Stacy from her article “Loving Yourself And Your Body As An Overweight Cyclist.” I

In this podcast episode, Stacy and I talk about all the things that kept her (and keep other women) from entering the sport, and what she’s learned on her cycling journey.

Things We Chat About In This Episode

  • How she got started cycling and what held her back from getting started sooner.
  • Resources that helped her get started.
  • Advice for women who are new to the sport.
  • Clothing that works better for bigger women.
  • How cycling can improve our confidence in every day life.
  • Doing a self-supported century doing COVID.

Connect With Stacy

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