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Terry Coolweather Bike Tight Review

When the weather turns cooler, it can be harder to motivate yourself to get on the bike! One of  the big reasons why I resisted riding in cold weather for so long was that I simply didn’t have the proper gear. Well, to be fair, I also just truly despise being cold. 

Terry Coolweather Full

When I am on the bike and the wind feels like it’s cutting me to the core I am DONE. I just want to be home, on my couch, with a hot cup of tea.

The thing is, as the temperature starts to dip below sixty degrees fahrenheit our usual short sleeve/shorts kit combo is simply not going to cut it. At a minimum, we need long sleeves, tights, and some full-fingered gloves.

The Terry Coolweather Bike Tight is a great option to try as the leaves start to turn and the temperature starts to drop!
The tight is warm, it’s comfortable, and it’s so easy to just pull on and go.

Interested? Read on for our in-depth review of the Terry Coolweather Bike Tight! 

Review in a Nutshell


  • Lightweight, comfortable, and warm. 
  • Good wind protection. 
  • AMAZING size options. It comes in  plus sizes as well as regular, tall, and petite length!
  • Sidezip pocket that fits a phone.
  • Chamois is well constructed and offers moderate padding. 
  • Flattering lines and waist fits snugly but comfortably…it doesn’t roll! 
  • Materials are of great quality for the price. 
  • Price is very reasonable for a long tight. 
  • Made in the USA in a green energy-certified sewing facility. 
  • The Terry Guarantee states that if you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason you can return it for a refund, credit, or exchange. 


  • Only comes in one color, black. Given the size diversity this is understandable as it would be potentially costly to make it in a lot of colors, but if you prefer a flashier tight this might not be for you. 
  • It’s only rated for 40-60 degrees fahrenheit, so it will likely not feel sufficient in colder temps. 
  • The chamois is sufficient, but not substantial. Those who prefer a thicker padding might want to look elsewhere. 
  • The plus-size tights are $5 more. 

Price & Where to Buy:

Designed with Women in Mind From a Bike Company Focused On Women

The Terry Coolweather Bike Tight  is made locally, with local labor, at a green energy-certified sewing facility.  

Terry calls itself “the original women’s bicycling company”, and it’s easy to see why. In 1985 Georgina Terry, founder of Terry Bikes began building and designing bikes for women. 

Before Terry Bikes, female cyclists were riding bikes designed by and for men. This Vermont-based company truly revolutionized the sport of cycling for women, and by 1991 Terry was making women’s specific bike clothing.

Terry makes its tights locally in Vermont, and I love this. It’s really great to know that they provide production jobs local to their company.

These tights definitely show evidence of this female-centered method of construction. The lines of the tights are very flattering, and the waistband is super comfortable! It has great elastic and a panel right in the front that I can only guess must help with a) the comfort and b) keeping these suckers from rolling down.

There is nothing worse than riding your bike and having your tights or shorts roll under your belly. It feels weird and then your belly gets COLD! No thank you! I am thrilled the Terry Coolweather Bike Tight does not do this. 

Terry Made in USA

Great Materials, Very Comfortable, Awesome Fit, and a Phone Pocket!

I absolutely LOVE pulling these tights on. The material is soft, the seams aren’t itchy, and you can feel the quality. 

Also, the Terry Coolweather Bike Tight is stretchy. You do not feel like you are stuffing yourself into these tights. I am not sure how Terry does it, but hands down, by far, all of these tights and shorts are this way and it’s amazing.

It is also super helpful just how flattering these tights are. The lines are great, the cuffs don’t squeeze too tight at the ankle, and the crotch area doesn’t hang down. They truly felt like they fit me like a glove, and it was wonderful to be able to get a tight in petite-length! 

I always have so much trouble with tights bunching up, but being able to get these in petite minimized that. I am rather short, 5’ 2”, so I did still have a little bunching, but it was definitely minimal.

There’s truly nothing better than having bike clothing fit well. It is so skin tight and can feel intimidating. I was able to pull on the Terry Coolweather Bike Tight easily and didn’t have to adjust anything at all to make it work for my body. 

This is actually true of all of the Terry clothing that I have tried, and it’s a wonderful trait.

Finally, these tights have a side-zip pocket that fits a phone. Though I will admit it feels a little awkward having your phone in the pocket, it is really nice to have this feature if you aren’t wearing a jersey/jacket with back pockets.

Coolweather Side Pocket Close

They are WARM! Very Well-Suited to the 40-60 Degree Temps 

When I went outside in these tights it was a pretty cool 49 degrees. I will say that it felt cool for sure, but NOT in the legs!

As I was riding I could feel the wind going through my jacket and my jersey (I did not really optimize these for the weather) but I did not have that experience with the tights at all. The wind did not penetrate my tights, and my legs stayed very cozy and warm.

It’s important to note, however, that these tights are rated for 40-60 degrees. In other words, if you try to go out in sub-freezing temps they might not feel quite so warm or be the best choice.

I did notice that there was a review on the Terry website that mentioned that they work well in colder temps, but since they are not designed for this you might want to try a different tight if you plan to ride when it’s below 40 degrees. 

Terry Coolweather on Bike Full

Comes In a Variety of Sizes BUT Plus-Sizes are $5 More. 

The variety of sizes for the Terry Coolweather Bike Tight is truly remarkable. It is so rare to find cycling clothing specifically for women that comes in XS-XL, 1X-3X, and Petite, Regular, and Long lengths.

This is honestly the first time I have ever experienced petite bike clothing, and I wasn’t disappointed! One of the best things was that the petite length meant just that, petite length. I don’t know how many times I have ordered something petite only to find they made the entire garment slimmer and it just didn’t fit at all.

I was also very excited to see inclusive sizing that extended to 3X, but when I saw that the plus-sized clothing was more expensive I was disappointed. The clothing industry will tell you that plus sizes cost more because of the extra fabric and the extra research and development that goes into making the garment great.

I don’t produce clothing and can’t speak for this. I will say, however, that I would much prefer that the additional cost be spread out over the entire line. That feels a lot more inclusive than charging $5 more for plus sizes. Other cycling companies like Machines for Freedom do not charge extra for plus sizes, and this is by far my preference. 

Chamois is Well-Constructed But on the Thinner Side 

I am always impressed with how a Terry Chamois is constructed, and the Coolweather Bike Tight is no exception. There is always attention to detail in the stitching, and to making it a seamless part of the tight. 

I have tried so many shorts where the chamois just kind of hangs down and feels like a diaper, and this is never the case with Terry! 

I will say, though, that most Terry chamois tend to be on the thinner side, and this doesn’t always work for me. It’s great for short family rides/rides around the neighborhood, but once I get up into the 20-30 mile range it tends to falter for me and I start to get saddle pain.

I could tell from the moment I sat on my bike with the Coolweather Bike tight that it was more of the same in that regard. It just isn’t quite enough padding for me for longer rides.

I cannot emphasize enough, however, that it is the combination of saddle and short that always make the ride more smooth. Also everyone is different! Depending on your own personal preference and how padded your saddle is, this chamois could be absolutely perfect. I adore my Terry chamois when riding indoors on my Peloton because the Peloton saddle is already pretty soft.

Additionally, a lot of bike companies tend to design their shorts with the saddles in mind, so that is something to consider. I reviewed the Terry Butterfly Ti Saddle as well, and I found it to be a much more padded saddle than some others that I have tried. Therefore, it makes sense that the padding in the Terry Coolweather Bike Tight might be a little less than some other tights out there. 


The Terry Coolweather Bike Tight is a great choice for when you are going to be riding in 40-60 degree weather. It is comfortable, attractive, and comes in a variety of sizes.

Cons? I do wish there were more colors available, and for me the chamois is a little thin, but as long as I am not doing a 25+ mile ride it is sufficient. Additionally, it is frustrating that they have such an amazing range of sizes, but choose to charge $5 extra for their plus-sized versions. 

That said, I do appreciate that they are made in the USA with local workers.

Coolweather Side on Bike

Overall, I believe the Terry Coolweather Bike Tight is definitely worth a try, especially for those cooler fall and warmer winter days. Terry offers a well-made tight that will keep you warm, won’t roll down at the waist, and will be at just the right length. 

Sometimes that’s truly all I am asking for, and the Coolweather Bike Tight fits the bill! 

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