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Terry Madame X Bib Short Review

There are some rides where pretty much any pair of bike shorts will do. We aren’t going very far, the weather is optimal, it’s just your average run of the mill ride. Some rides, though, require something a little bit more.

Any time that I am riding more than 20 miles or so, I want to be wearing bibs, not just cycling shorts, and I want a pair of premium bib shorts.

Enter the Terry Madame X Bib short.  These shorts are no joke. They are premium bib shorts at a premium price, and they are worth it.

These are quite possibly the most comfortable bib shorts I have ever pulled onto my body. The material is so buttery, the chamois doesn’t droop at all, and despite being solid black they are pretty

All of these things have earned the Madame X a spot on our list of the best women’s bike shorts.

Review in a Nutshell


  • Buttery soft and light. 
  • Straps stay in place and have a lovely cross back design. 
  • The attention to detail is incredible, everything from the meticulous construction to the lovely pattern on the mesh back. 
  • This is the best chamois I have ever tried from Terry by far. They finally have made a chamois that I can very comfortably wear on a longer ride. 
  • The cut of this short is just so flattering. You feel great when you wear them! 
  • The cuffs of the bib short do not roll up and stay nicely and comfortably in place. 
  • Made in the USA in a green energy-certified sewing facility. 
  • The Terry Guarantee states that if you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason you can return it for a refund, credit, or exchange. 


  • No easy access for nature breaks. The whole bib has to come down. 
  • The cuffs grip well and stay in place, but kind of stick to themselves. You have to peel them apart when you step in. 
  • The price. It’s a premium bib so it’s going to be more expensive than others, but that is industry standard. 

Price & Where to Buy:

Terry Set Out to Make a Premium Bib Short, and They Nailed It (For the Most Part)

Madame X Short Only

Like many women, I am very particular about my cycling shorts and bib shorts. I tend to prefer bib shorts because they just stay up better and don’t roll down.

I have tried premium bib shorts from a few different brands, and by and large I expect a few things from any bib short that is $200+.

From the moment I removed the Madame X Bib Short from the packaging I was honestly impressed. The stitching and attention to detail is notable. I absolutely love the patterned mesh on the back of the shorts inside the “X”. It’s so very pretty, and that is not usually a word that comes to mind when I am looking at a bib short!

I have a few minor issues with these shorts, such as there is no escape for nature breaks and the cuffs stick to each other a bit (more on that later), but for the most part Terry absolutely nailed the creation of this premium bib short. 

Terry is a Company Created By a Woman for Women 

In the vast landscape of cycling companies, more and more companies are emerging that are made by women for women. Terry was the first. It has been around since 1985 when Georgena Terry, founder of Terry Bikes began building and designing bikes for women. 

By 1991, Terry was making women’s specific bike clothing. This means they have been creating and developing women’s bike clothing for over 30 years! The Madame X Bib Short feels like a true culmination of all of these years of experience. 

The Madame X Bib Short Has an Incredibly Well-Fitting, Comfortable Chamois 

Madame X Chamois

I have a few different pairs of Terry shorts, and they literally never disappoint in relation to comfort. 

However, I find that the padding on my Terry shorts is not as substantial as some other brands, and therefore I often will find myself reaching for different bibs on longer rides.

The Madame X Bib Short solves this problem for me. Not only does the chamois fit incredibly well (no drooping which is a must), but it provides just the right amount of padding for a longer ride.

I think that if I am doing a 50+ ride I would still lean towards a short that has a little more padding, but I would be very comfortable grabbing the Madam X Bib Short for anything under 50 miles.

It should be noted here, however, that if you have a Terry Saddle, such as the Terry Butterfly, these saddles themselves tend to have more padding than other saddles I have tried.

I use the Specialized Mimic which is a harder saddle, so I appreciate more padding, but these bib shorts will likely pair perfectly with a Terry Saddle. 

The Material of the Madame X Bib Short is Flattering and SO Soft and Buttery

Madame X Side Detail

As I mentioned, I own (and have reviewed) many premium bib shorts, and the Madame X Bib Short is easily the softest and most streamlined pair that I have tried.

The lines are incredibly flattering, and I love that the bib comes up and over my belly button. It’s so nice to have that extra little bit of compression and coverage. It’s not a huge deal when my tummy rolls kind of peek out of my bib shorts, but I would just rather they not.

Also, I have to mention that the material  just feels SO luxurious when you pull them on. Buttery is not a word that I usually use with any cycling short or bib short, but these really DO feel buttery! 

There’s Just the Right Amount of Compression 

Madame X Rear View

I will be very honest, I do not love intense compression in my bib shorts.

I like a little bit so that I feel like I have some support, but not so much that I feel like a stuffed sausage that is squeezed to the point of no return.

The Terry Madame X Bib Short delivers exactly the right amount of compression. I have always felt that Terry Shorts are just so comfortable and easy to put on, and these are no exception.  

Additionally, I hate feeling like I have to squeeze and contort myself into a pair of bib shorts. I love that these suckers just slide right up and on but still hold in all the parts of my body that can use a little extra support. 

There is a SIDE POCKET for a Phone!

Madame X Side Pocket

I seriously could not contain my excitement that Terry added a side pocket for a phone. I have never seen this on a bib short.

Maybe there are other companies that are doing this too, but this is my first pair of bibs with a side pocket for a phone and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I don’t always want to wear a jersey with a back pocket, but I do always want to carry my phone for safety. These bib shorts completely solve that problem, and I am here for it!

You Do Have to Take These All the Way Off for Nature Breaks 

I am not sure what it is, exactly, but I feel like every time I find a wonderful bib short that fits great, it does not have any kind of way to get out of it other than taking it all of the way off.

Usually premium bibs have a clasp in the back or front, or a drop seat, but not the Madame X Short.

This is another reason why I am less likely to grab it for longer rides. No one wants to have to get completely undressed in the middle of a ride in a port-a-potty. I have never done this, and I probably never will, so on a longer ride I do really need a bib short that is easier to get out of. 

The Elastic On the Cuffs Sticks to Itself 

Madame X Cuff

I almost didn’t mention this, because it’s truly not a big deal, but I found that the elastic that holds the cuffs in place does tend to stick to itself when you store your bib shorts. 

As a result you kind of have to pry them apart a bit when you step in.

Once they are on and your skin is in between though, they are really perfect. I would much rather the elastic on the cuff stick together a bit than have my bib shorts rolling up on me, and these bib shorts absolutely stay in place.

Bottom-Line: A Premium Bib Short That Doesn’t Dissapoint

The Terry Madame X Bib Short is a premium bib short that really delivers on comfort and performance.

It is so incredibly comfortable, streamlined, and attractive. When I put on these bib shorts I simply feel great.

It feels like a company has taken the time, energy, and effort to craft a bib short experience for me that is truly next level and effectively combines comfort, performance and a flattering fit.

I absolutely recommend the Terry Madame X Bib Short to the Femme Cyclist community. Terry is an amazing, women-first company that has put together yet another top-notch product, and I am thrilled to have a pair of these shorts in my Bib Short collection.

I find myself reaching for them first above all others right now, and given the amazing choices I have, that is certainly saying a lot! 

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