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Terry Metro Bike Skort & Universal Liner Review

Wearing padded bike shorts to run errands or tour a city can feel a little dorky. On the flip side, gym shorts are uncomfortable (nor or they cute) and regular skirts and dresses can be restrictive or dangerous on the bike.

Enter the Terry Metro bike skort. This skirt and Universal chamois liner combo is designed for urban riding. And it looks as cute off the bike as it does on the bike, so you can bike to the coffee shop with your girlfriends without feeling out of place once you’re there.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Light and airy feel
  • Can be used with or without chamois liner
  • Pocket space
  • Doesn’t interfere with pedaling or saddle
  • Cute enough to wear off the bike
  • Reflective accents
  • Full zipper makes taking it on and off a cinch


  • No way to snap the chamois liner into place
  • Skirt turns easily

Price & Where To Buy:

Can Be Used On And Off The Bike

Unlike traditional cycling shorts, the Terry Metro skort can be used on or off the bike. It comes with a chamois liner, but the liner is not attached, so you can easily use the Metro for other activities.

The word “skort” may be a bit of a misnomer. The Terry Metro is a skirt with an included chamois liner. The two are not attached, so if you use the skirt without the liner, you’ll need your own undies or liner shorts.

The Metro is ideal for urban riding, winery tours, and group ride coffee stops. Ladies who prefer additional coverage, or simply enjoy a feminine vibe, will also love this skort.

Nothing about the Metro screams “bike” so I was also happy wearing it for any sport-y activity like hiking or simply running errands. I also thought it would work great at a cover-up that you could throw over any pair of bike shorts when you get back to your car. Taking it on and off is a cinch thanks to the full zipper on the front.

Comfortable To Pedal In, But Skirt Can Twist

Unlike many traditional skirts, the Terry Metro skort is designed to provide lots of range of movement, and doesn’t restrict your pedaling. This is largely thanks to a looser fit as well as well as splits at the hem.

The fabric is mostly nylon but has a little bit of spandex to provide stretch as well. The overall feel is lightweight, sporty, and airy.

The only thing about the Terry Metro skort I wasn’t crazy about was the fact that it was hard to keep in place. Both the skirt and the liner have loops, but there isn’t a snap or any way to connect the two which I found odd.

As a result, the liner stayed in placed while riding, but I found the skirt would twist. I plan to add a snap in the future so I can keep wearing these, but I’m not sure why it didn’t come with it in the first place.

Adding to the twisting issue, I found the waist was really large on me. I wore the size medium, which is the same as what I wear in the Terry Bella shorts, but the waist was so large I always found it riding up and slipping around.

You can see here that the liner came up to my belly button but the waist on the skirt fell much lower. Not ideal.

If you have a larger midsection, this may not be an issue for you. Otherwise, consider sizing down.

Comfortable, Non-Bulky Chamois

The Terry Metro skort comes with the universal and liner and “urban chamois.” This is smaller and less bulky than the chamois found on the Terry Bella shorts, for example, and is intended for more upright riding on a city or hybrid bike. Ladies like myself who are physically smaller will appreciate that the surface area of the padding is smaller than most.

I found that it provided plenty of cushion for longer rides around town. For shorter rides, I simply wore the skort with non-padded booty shorts underneath.

Reflective Accents For Urban Riding

When I’m riding around traffic, I’m a big fan of wearing clothing with reflective accents. The Metro skort has accents on the both the front and back. It might be nice to have even more reflective material, but the small accents are low key and mean you won’t look dorky wearing it off the bike.

Useful Pocket Space

As women, we’re accustomed to being denied useful pocket space. Fortunately, with the Metro skort you’ll have plenty of pocket space you can actually use.

There are two front hand pockets (less useful), but there is also a zippered pocket and a cargo pocket with magnetic closure. These are large enough to safely and securely stash an ID, credit card, cash, keys, etc.

Bottom-Line: A Great Choice For Anyone Looking For A Skort Rather Than Shorts

Bike shorts are the most common cycling bottoms, but definitely not the only option. Whether you are looking for something more feminine, something with more coverage, or something that doesn’t scream “cycling clothing,” the Terry Metro skort is a good option.

We found the fit flattering, the material stretchy, and the chamois comfortable. The only potential drawbacks are the lack of a snap for the liner and a large waist; both can contribute to the skirt twisting around.

Even so, the Terry Metro remains one of our favorite bike skirt options. It’s a piece that can be used on and off the bike, and looks good no matter what you’re up to.

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