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5 Best Women’s Road Bikes For Beginners Under $1,000

So you’re ready to invest in a road bike, but don’t have a ton of money to spare.  No worries, we’ve rounded up what we consider the 5 best women’s road bikes for women — and they are all under $1,000. 

These aren’t necessarily the lightest or fanciest road bicycles on the market, but they do provide the best bang for your buck.  And if you’re a total newbie, we’ve also offered some tips on how to pick an entry-level bicycle. 

Beginner women, get ready to rock and ROLL!

Specialized Women’s Dolce

specialized dolce

Specialized is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world.  This economy of scale means they can buy components in bulk and pass down the savings to their customer’s.  For nice bikes at a decent price, I always recommend Specialized. 

The Specialized Women’s Dolce is no exception.  The fork on the Dolce, for instance, is made of carbon.  It’s difficult to find carbon on bikes at this price point, and it provides a nicer, smoother ride than an aluminum or steel fork.

Because the geometry is more upright than many road bikes, this also happens to be a great bicycle for beginners.  It provides easy handling and isn’t too twitchy when climbing or descending. If you plan on doing some long days in the saddle, this is a comfortable bicycle to do it on.

The components on the bicycle are all brand-name with a Shimano Claris drivetrain and Tektro brakes.

Price: $800

Trek Domane AL 2 Women’s

Like Specialized, Trek offers high-quality components and design at an affordable price. While the frame on the Trek Domane AL 2 is aluminum, the fork is carbon which helps make the ride smoother and more enjoyable.

The bike climbs well thanks to a Shimano 16-speed drivetrain, and a relatively light weight for a “budget” road bike. It weighs in at 21 pounds.

This women’s-specific model also has a women’s-specific saddle and handlebar to help make the ride more comfortable.

Price: $859

Liv Avail 1 and 3

liv avail

Liv is the women’s-specific branch of bike manufacturer Giant.  They make some of the best women’s bicycles on the market.  In the sub-$1,000 road bike category, they have a couple offerings.  The Liv Avail 1 comes in at $970 and the Liv Avail 3 costs $700.

Both bikes have the same aluminum frame, but the components on the Avail 1 are slightly higher-end.  It comes with tubeless tires, composite fork, and Shimano Soris drivetrain.  The Avail 3 has an aluminum fork, standard wheelset, and Shimano Claris drivetrain (one step down).

Both bikes sport the brand’s proprietary D-shaped composite seatpost that helps dampen road vibration, meaning your bum will get a comfy ride.  The geometry of the bike has been designed using data on female body composition with the goal of fitting as many women as possible.

Price:$700 / $970

Raleigh Revere 2 Women’s

raleigh revere 2

The Raleigh Revere 2 has been designed specifically as an “endurance” bike, making this a good pick for women who are training for their first century ride.  It comes with a women’s-specific saddle that most women will find adequate without needing to replace it.

The frame is fully aluminum and lacks the carbon fork that several other bikes on this list include.  It does include, however, disc brakes for superior stopping power. 

The drivertrain is Shimano Claris, and the geometry and components have been designed specifically for women.  The crank arms are shorter than most standard road bikes as is the stem and handlebars.  All of these things will make the bike more comfortable for smaller ladies.

Summer 2020 Update: Raleigh recently discontinued this bike, but you can still find one for a good deal–so go get it while the getting’s good.

Price & Where to Buy:

Price: Price not available (Last updated: 2020-09-18 at 09:54 – More Info)

Felt VR 60

The Felt VR 60 isn’t a women’s-specific road bike, but it works well for women regardless. The smallest frame size (43cm) fits women as short as 4’9″.

The bike is designed for “endurance” meaning it’s slightly more upright and relaxed in it’s geometry than a race bike. This makes it a good choice for beginner women and those looking to ride longer distances.

The VR 60 sports higher end components like a carbon fork, 100mm thru-axles, and tubeless-compatible wheels. We also love that it includes disc brakes which you don’t see on a lot of bikes at this pricepoint.

Price: $999

Comparison Chart: Entry-Level Road Bikes for Women

BikePrice (MSRP)WeightDrivetrainBrakesForkQR or Thru-AxleWomen's-Specific?Smallest Frame SizeTubeless-Ready Wheelset?
Specialized Women's Dolce$80021.05 lbShimano ClarisTektro caliperCarbonQRYes44 cmNo
Trek Domane AL 2 Women's$859 21.7 lbsShimano ClarisCaliperCarbonQRYes44 cmYes
Liv Avail 1$635Not listedShimano SoraTektro caliperCarbonQRYes43 cmNo
Liv Avail 3$880Not listedShimano ClarisTektro caliperCarbonQRYes43 cmNo
Raleigh Revere 2$85023.2 lbsShimano ClarisTRP Spyre C mechanical discAlloyThru-axleYes48 cmNo
Felt VR 60$999Not listedShimano ClarisTektro Mechanical DiscCarbonThru-axleNo43 cmYes

How to Choose Your First Road Bike

Not sure what you should be looking for in a road bike?  Here are some tips to help you choose the right bike within your budget.

Women’s-Specific Bikes Versus Unisex Bikes

Just because a bike isn’t marketed as a “women’s” bike doesn’t mean that you should automatically discount it. In fact, the best bike for you might be a unisex bike.

That said, there are plenty of reasons you might want to opt for a women’s-specific bike. If you’re on the smaller side, a women’s-specific bike might fit better. They often come in smaller frame sizes and with other components better suited to smaller riders, such as shorter crank arms and a shorter stem.

The other “nice to have” item on women’s-specific road bikes are women’s bike saddles. If you end up choosing a unisex bike, you can always upgrade the saddle later on.

To learn even more on this topic, and decide whether a women’s-specific bike or a unisex bike makes the best sense for you read this article as well:


Sub-$1,000 bicycles are going to be heavier than their more expensive counterparts.  That said, it’s still wise to look for the lightest bicycle within your budget. 

The lighter a road bike is the faster it is, the longer it will take you to get worn out, and the easier it is to maneuver.  Road cyclists tend to be big weight weenies, and there’s a good reason for it. 

You can use the comparison chart above to compare weights.  Make sure if you look at other bikes that aren’t on this list to get their weights too.


The bikes on this list come in two categories: those with traditional caliper style (rim) brakes and those with disc brakes.  Road bicycles have traditionally come with caliper brakes and most bikes you see still have these rim brakes. 

That said, more and more bikes are being offered now with disc brakes.  Disc brakes are generally found on road bikes at higher price points, but we’ve found a couple in the sub $1,000 category as well.

Disc brakes do a superior job of stopping when compared to rim brakes.  This becomes particularly true in wet weather, so if you live in a rainy climate this might be something to think about seriously. 

The drawback of disc brakes is that they usually weigh a bit more.  Still, when given the choice between rim brakes and disc brakes, we’d always go with the disc brakes.

The bike on the left has disc brakes, while the bike on the right has traditional caliper/rim brakes.


Nearly all the bikes on the list come up with the same entry-level drivetrain components, so there’s not much differentiation here.  Shimano Soris is a step up from the Shimano Claris drivetrain. 

If you can afford it later, you can always upgrade when it is time to replace drivetrain components.  And by drivetrain components, we’re talking about the chainring, cassette, shifters, and chain.

rear bicycle gears

Frame and Fork

The frame and fork are perhaps the most important thing to look at when buying a budget road bike.  Why?  Because nearly everything else on the bike can be upgraded and replaced over time if you get more serious about road biking. 

Carbon is generally the most comfortable and lightest frame material, but you won’t find any full-carbon frames at this price point.  Still, you can look for bikes that offer a carbon or composite fork as you’ll still get some of the benefits of a smoother more comfortable ride.

Quick-Release Skewers Versus Thru-Axles

Most bikes at this pricepoint have traditional quick-release skewers on the wheels. Borrowing from more modern, higher-end bikes, however, you’ll notice a few have thru-axles instead.

Thru-axles provide a more stable ride and are a bit safer. (You don’t have to worry about your quick-release coming loose mid-ride). I wouldn’t worry too much about this feature, but it is nice to know that you’re bike has the latest technology.

Tubeless-Compatible Wheels

Tubeless wheels are one of the best things to ever happen to bicycles. Don’t like changing flat tires? Who does.

Tubeless tires are exactly what they sound like–they have no inside tubes to pinch or get punctured. This greatly reduces the number of flats you’ll get.

While not many bikes at this pricepoint have tubeless wheels, if you really hate changing flats, you might want to look for bikes that have tubless-compatible wheels. Many of these won’t actually be set up tubeless, but they are easy to set up–especially if you ask your local bike shop to do it.

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