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Thousand Heritage 2.0 Helmet Review

Do you look at the pictures of stylish women biking in the Netherlands and wish you looked just like them? You could always cruise around the city sans helmet also, but our roads in the U.S. aren’t exactly that safe.

That’s why I have loved my Thousand Heritage bike helmet. It protects your most valuable asset (your noggin’), but oozes sophisticated style at the same time. Recently, Thousand launched the Heritage 2.0 including the original features we fell in love with and some new rad ones as well!

Review In A Nutshell


  • Stylish design, comes in multiple colors
  • Rear dial provides good fit
  • Secret “Pop Lock” allows you to lock-up your helmet with your bike
  • Magnetic buckle is easy to use
  • Environmentally-conscious company
  • Updated version includes better ventilation


  • Helmet scuffs easily

Price: $99

helmet in action

A Bike Helmet That’s Actually Stylish

We hear from women all the time that want to be safe, but don’t want to wear an ugly bike helmet either. That’s when we recommend the Thousand Heritage 2.0.

According to Thousand, the Heritage collection was designed to look like a vintage moto helmet. We think it looks an awful like an equestrian helmet. In either case, it has nice clean lines and a sleek feel.

The integrated visor helps protect your face and eyes from the sun, but doesn’t look like many of the dorky visors on the market. The side straps are made of vegan leather and make the helmet look more expensive than it actually is.

We were quite happy that the updated version has the same retro style.

Updated Ventilation In the 2.0

In our original review, we listed the limited ventilation as our main con. Considering you’re probably wearing this helmet because you’re fashion-minded, having sweaty hair when you get to your destination is less than ideal.

The folks at Thousand have listened and the Heritage 2.0 features larger vents and more of them. The ventilation channels within the helmet are deeper and longer as well.

The new version no longer has vents at the back of the helmet, but the upgrades more than compensate for this change.

Rear Fit Dial Snugs The Helmet Down

Compared to ratcheting cages, or bulky pads, we much prefer helmets that offer a rear fit dial. The Thousand Heritage 2.0 has one, and it’s easy to tighten (or loosen) to ensure a perfect fit.

Info On Sizing And Fit

When I chose which size to pick for the original model, I found the measurements on the size chart didn’t quite translate to a perfect fit in real life. Even after cinching I found it to be a little wide from side to side (not back to front).

For our review of the Heritage 2.0, my sister (who has a larger head than me) was surprised her measurements fell in between the medium and the large. Following the size chart advice to size down if in between sizes, she chose the medium and has been quite pleased.

A main part of the Heritage redesign centered around creating a better fit for a diverse range of heads. Based on our experiences with the sizing, this is a top pick for folks with larger heads that might have trouble fitting in other helmets. If you have a smaller head, you might want to pick a different lid or just size down.

You Don’t Need To Worry About This Helmet Getting Stolen

Perhaps my favorite feature about the Thousand Heritage helmet is the stealthy lock hole. It looks just like a logo panel on the helmet, but actually opens to allow a lock to fit through. This is seriously cool.

lock hole

Most cable locks or u-locks will fit thru the hole, but not larger chain locks like the Kryptonite New York Faghettaboutit Lock (my personal fave lock).

This is a really cool feature. A lot of people will lock their helmet thru the helmet straps, but that’s pretty easy to cut. Or, they don’t lock their helmet at all, which is pretty risky.

If you often lock your bike up in urban environments, the lock feature on the Thousand Heritage collection differentiates it from its competitors.

Magnetic Buckle Is Easy To Use

We test a lot of kids bike helmets over on our sister site, Rascal Rides, and we always love the ones that have magnetic buckles (including the Thousand Jr). Unfortunately, it’s pretty unusual to see a magnetic buckle on an adult helmet.

That’s why I was so excited to see the magnetic buckle on the Thousand Heritage. It makes buckling and unbuckling incredibly easy, and it keeps you from ever accidentally pinching your neck skin.

Option to Attach Magnetic Light

One brand new feature of the Heritage 2.0 helmet is the inclusion of a dedicated space at the back of the helmet to add a magnetic tail light to increase visibility. However, the light is sold separately. *

The magnetic light easily attaches to the back of the helmet and it feels secure while riding around. If you are carrying your helmet in your arms or locking up your helmet, be sure to remove the light.

The red light has 3 modes: solid, gradual pulse and flash. Charges with an included USB-C cable- it is small so make sure to store it somewhere safe!

Matte Finish Scuffs Easily

I heard from several other ladies that complained that the Thousand Heritage helmet scuffed up easily. Unfortunately, I found this to be the case as well.

Even when being gentle with the helmet, it only took a couple weeks to get some good scuffs on the helmet. Even after wiping them with a wet cloth, the scuffs remained.


Thousand Is A Company You Can Feel Good About Supporting

Many of us ride our bikes because we care about the environment. That’s why it’s nice that Thousand is an environmentally responsible company.

They are a 1% For The Planet member, and they offset 110% of their annual carbon emissions. This is more than can be said of most helmet companies, so if you have to spend your money on a new helmet, you might as well give it to a business that’s trying to be environmentally conscious.

Thousand Helmet Video Review

This is the video we did on the original Thousand Heritage helmet. Most of the video remains true just keep in mind that the ventilation and shape of the helmet have changed!

Bottom-Line: A Stylish Commuter Helmet That You’ll Enjoy Wearing Out On The Town

Biking is good for your body and good for the environment. And with the Thousand Heritage 2.0, it can even be good for your style.

With the updated ventilation, the Heritage 2.0 is the perfect helmet for city riding. It looks good, comes from an environmentally conscious company, and above all else, it helps keep you safe.

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