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VeloSock Review: A Stylish Indoor Bike Cover

Back in my early 20s, I lived in a small apartment with no secured storage space and 3 bicycles. I stored my bikes against the wall in my dining room.

Fast forward ten years, and I owned a house but still had no garage. By now, I’d gotten a little more organized about bike storage and had my bikes indoors on racks, but still dirtied the carpet bringing my bikes in and out of the house.

In either of these scenarios, a VeloSock would have gone a long ways toward keeping my indoor space clean and tidy even while storing bicycles inside. The VeloSock is a stretchy piece of fabric that wraps around your bicycle and protects your floors/carpet/furniture from grime and grease.

It also happens to look really cute, with customizable designs, so no matter your interior design aesthetic, you can get a VeloSock to match.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Looks snazzy
  • Customizable
  • Keeps your apartment/house clean
  • Easy to put on/take off


  • Bike grease can stain the cover

Price & Where To Buy: $79.99+ at

You Can Choose Pre-Made Prints Or A Custom Design

VeloSock offers both stock designs (that are quite cute!), or you can make your own custom design. Want a VeloSock with Harry Styles face on it? You can do that.

For me, I chose to make a custom design with the Femme Cyclist logo. Because, duh, right? And it turned out so well!

The process was super easy. I uploaded a file with our logo, and a few days later, I had my own custom VeloSock.

The printing and colors were spot on. I’ve tried creating all kinds of Femme Cyclist merch over the years, and let me tell you, it’s quite difficult to get companies to print colors correctly. VeloSock did an exceptional job of printing my custom design.

Protects Your Walls/Furniture/Carpet

If you store your bike indoors, you’re already painfully familiar with how a bike can leave tracks on the carpet and grease stains on the walls. The Velosock protects your beautiful indoor things against the grease and grime that comes with storing a bike indoors. I was very pleased that I was able to lean my bike up against our entryway bench and not damage it in anyway.

Use It In Hotel Rooms Or In Your Office

We travel quite often to bike, and I always (guiltily) bring my bike into the hotel room for safety. I’d feel a lot less guilty taking it inside with the VeloSock on it, and plan to from now on.

The other time I could see the VeloSock being quite handy is for storage inside your office. I don’t go to an office anymore, but would feel fine carrying my bike inside an office space inside the VeloSock.

Does Stain Easily

The only complaint I can think of with the VeloSock was that it was quite easy to get it dirty putting it on or taking it off the bike. It didn’t take many uses before I had grease stains on the sock.

The material is machine washable and dirt cleaned off easily, but grease was more permanent. If you’re really good about cleaning your bike before putting the VeloSock on, or you’re just more careful , this may not be an issue.

Unless you look really closely, you can’t see the stains against the navy fabric. For this reason, I’d suggest sticking with darker fabric colors. White might look dirty in a hurry.

Stretchy Material Is Easy To Take On And Off

It took me a time or two to get the hang of, but the VeloSock is quick and easy to put on and off. The material is stretchy and it just slides on–no zippers or wrangling required. This is better than other bike covers I’ve tried that have always been quite awkward to fit over the bike.

Bottom-Line: VeloSock Is A Great Option For Indoor Bike Storage

If you need to store your bike indoors, I’d highly recommend the VeloSock. It keeps your space clean and tidy and is a lot prettier to look at then the other bike covers on the market.

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