Video: Marley Blonsky Rides Her First Century In Journey To Unbound

At Femme Cyclist, we’ve always been big fans of Marley Blonsky. We’ve had her on the podcast to talk about what it’s like to be a cyclist with a bigger body, and how we can build more size-inclusive communities.

We like her because she’s relatable. Who hasn’t dreamt of doing something big–like riding 100 miles–but not been sure if they can do it?

That’s the topic of Journey To Unbound, the latest video release from Pearl Izumi. In it, Marley dreams of participating in Unbound Gravel, but isn’t sure she can meet the time cut-off.

“I always felt like an imposter, having never actually ridden a century in my entire cycling career. I set the goal of completing the Unbound Gravel 100 and wasn’t entirely certain I could do it. While maintaining a 10mph doesn’t sound that hard, I really like to take breaks while riding,” Blonsky says.

Spoiler alert: yes, she finishes. And she’ll make you believe you can too.

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