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Best Women’s Cycling Jerseys

A good cycling jersey provides pockets for stashing food (and phones), wicks away sweat, and makes you feel fast and fabulous. To help you find the best ones, we’ve tested, reviewed, and surveyed our community.

The rest of the Femme Cyclist team and I have tested these jerseys on quick after-work spins, Saturday group rides, and the occasional century. We’ve ridden in the heat and the cold and put each jersey through plenty of wash cycles. The jerseys on this list are flattering for women of all body types, and offer plenty of technical performance too.

Note that these are traditional-style cycling jerseys. If you are looking for a looser, more casual bike jersey, check out our list of the best women’s mountain bike jerseys. And make sure to review our list of the best cycling shorts to complete your look.

kristen climbing a dirt road on the polygon tambora wearing the pearl izumi pro jersey

Our Top Picks

Pearl Izumi Pro Beautiful fit and color$185
Samsara Every RideFeminine fabrics$145 CAD
Pactimo AscentWardrobe staple$120+
Terry SoleilSun protection$85+
Velocio SignatureIncredibly soft fabric$179
Rapha Women’s ClassicMerino wool$170
Samsara TransitionLightweight and warm$169 CAD

Pearl Izumi Pro

kristen wearing the pearl izumi pro jersey

Price: $185


  • Luxuriously soft fabric
  • Stunning color and flattering fit
  • Rear-only waistband for added comfort
  • Excellent breathability


  • Limited color choices
  • Tight race fit is not forgiving

The Pearl Izumi Pro is one of my all-time favorites, not just for its performance but also for the number of compliments I receive while wearing it. The salmon-esque color is stunning. If salmon isn’t your style, the only other option is black, which might be a limitation for those who prefer more variety.

However, the premium quality of the fabric more than makes up for the limited color choices. The material is buttery smooth and feels incredibly comfortable against the skin, making it a joy to wear.

In terms of performance, the jersey excels in breathability. The front and underarm panels have tiny perforations that enhance airflow, making it perfect for hot weather rides. However, the breathability means it’s less ideal for cooler shoulder season days.

The practical design features of the Pearl Izumi Pro Jersey are also noteworthy. It has three rear pockets, including a zippered one for secure storage of small items like keys or cash. The waistband includes a silicone gripper at the back to prevent the jersey from riding up, and the absence of a band at the front ensures comfort without digging into your stomach. Additionally, the long sleeves offer good sun protection with UPF 30 fabric, hitting just above the elbow.

If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality road jersey, the Pearl Izumi Women’s Pro Short Sleeve Jersey is a top contender. It’s beautiful, soft, and fits like a glove, making it well worth the price.

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Samsara Every Ride Jersey

samsara performance jersey

Price:  $149 CAD


  • Unique and feminine prints
  • Matching kits (jerseys/shorts/socks)
  • Form fitting but forgiving cut


  • Inconsistent sizing

The Samsara Every Ride jersey has high-quality construction, is made in N. America, and comes from a company that specializes in women’s cycling apparel–all things we appreciate.

The jersey fits well, it is form fitting but not clingy. (If you prefer a tighter fit, they also offer the “endurance jersey.”) The rear is cut longer to help avoid plumbers crack, and the sleeves are a bit longer as well.

This is a great top for really hot days thanks to the mesh panels on the side and up the back. I found it very comfortable for summer riding.

And while the performance features of this jersey are great, what I love most are the beautiful colors and prints. They are feminine, eye-catching, and come as part of a collection so you can match shorts and socks as well.

The only complaint we have is that we have found their sizing to be inconsistent across products and collection years.

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Terry Soleil

stacy wearing the terry soleil jersey in front of her bike with the Terry Butterfly saddle


  • Sun protection (UPF 50+)
  • Lots of styles and prints to choose from
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Large rear pockets


  • Different fit options can be confusing

Price: $85+

The Terry Soleil jerseys are some of our favorites, and a lot of other women’s too! The Soleil comes in long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless versions. It also comes in a diverse range of prints and patterns, ensuring that every rider can find a style that resonates with their personality. From classic solids to vibrant designs, Terry offers something for everyone.

Comfort is a primary focus of this jersey. The fabric is lightweight and moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable even during intense rides. The fit is more relaxed compared to race-style jerseys, which makes it forgiving and comfortable, even after a hearty meal or a long day in the saddle.

As the name might imply, the Soleil jerseys are made with UPF 50+ fabric to help protect you on long days in the saddle. Our tester, Stacy, swears by the long sleeve version of the jersey. It provides ample coverage for sun protection AND cooler weather, making it a great choice for both summer and shoulder season rides.

In terms of practicality, the Soleil jerseys feature three large rear pockets, providing sufficient storage for essentials like snacks, a phone, and keys. (The only exception is the “Free Flow” Soleil jersey which does not have pockets).

While the relaxed fit is comfortable, it might not appeal to those who prefer a more tailored, aerodynamic cut. For the rest of us with more “average” bodies, the fit is forgiving and appreciated. The jerseys come in two different fits (athletic and flow), so make sure that you pay attention when ordering or you might end up with a different fit than you expected.

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Pactimo Ascent

pactimo bibs and jersey


  • UPF 50+ fabric
  • High quality construction
  • Several fit and length options
  • Wardrobe staple worthy


  • Fits better with bibs than shorts

The Pactimo Ascent comes in two different fits (aero or traditional) and short-sleeve or long sleeve. The traditional is form-fitting but forgiving, while the aero fit is tight and tailored.

There is nothing too out there or unique about the Ascent, but sometimes simple is exactly what you’re looking for. This is the kind of jersey that you can own in a couple different colors and use as a cycling wardrobe staple. Pair it with the Ascent bibs (also some of our faves) and you’re set.

The Ascent SS jersey feels lightweight and comfortable for warm days, yet it isn’t flimsy or thin like many summer-weight jerseys. It exudes a high-quality feel.

It had a decent length, but the narrower waist may cause it to ride up if you have larger hips. Consequently, I found it fit great with bib shorts, but not as well with non-bibs.

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Velocio Signature Jersey

velocio womens jersey

Price: $179


  • Luxurious, durable fabric
  • Bright solid colors
  • Flattering cut


  • Lower neck equals less sun protection

Velocio has, in my opinion, the very best fabric around. The Signature jersey is no exception. The material is luxuriously soft against the skin yet robust enough to withstand countless washes and rides.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this jersey features a tailored, compressive fit that flatters a woman’s form. The lightweight and breathable fabric wicks moisture efficiently, keeping you cool and dry even on the hottest days.

It comes in a large variety of bright, bold, solid colors. (Look elsewhere if you want fancy designs).

Aside from the high price, the only potential negative is that the jersey doesn’t have a collar. The lower fitting neckline means that there is not as much sun protection.

Rapha Women’s Classic Jersey

rapha womens cycling jeresy

Price: $170


  • Merino is stink free and warm
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Durable
  • Relaxed fit


  • Color fades with time

We couldn’t make a “best of” list without including a merino wool jersey. The Rapha Women’s Classic jersey is made of the softest merino wool and will keep you comfortable whatever the weather conditions may be. Merino is my favorite material for cycling because it is stink-free and works equally well in warm, cold, and wet weather.

The original classic jersey has now been updated as the Classic II and uses recycled material. This, paired with the fact that the jersey will last forever, makes it an environmentally sustainable option. Like a few of my other merino jerseys, I did notice some fading from the sun over time, which is a minor bummer, but doesn’t affect the functionality.

The fit is a little looser than some of the more performance-fit jerseys on this list, which makes it nice for longer, relaxed days on the bike.

Samsara Transition

samsara long sleeve

Price: $169


  • Lightweight and packable
  • Warm and cozy
  • Works well for layering or on its own


  • Limited colors/prints

The Samsara Transition is very likely the most worn piece in my cycling wardrobe, particularly during the shoulder months. It is a unicorn jersey–it manages to be both lightweight and packable AND warm.

I often wear this jersey by itself on spring and fall rides, and I use it as one of many layers on winter rides. Even during the summer, this often comes with me on bikepacking trips where I don’t want to carry anything bulky but know that early morning and late evening hours can get chilly.

The inside of the jersey feels fleecy and is cozy and warm. I like the full zip which makes taking it on and off easy, and the large rear pockets. The center pocket has a flap to help keep your cell phone or credit card safely tucked inside.

The only con, in my opinion, is the lack of colors/designs. If you don’t like this season’s, wait until next year.

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Things To Consider When Shopping For A Cycling Jersey

Here are some things you might want to think about when shopping for a bike jersey, and how the jerseys on our list stack up against each other in certain areas.


The biggest difference you’ll notice between a premium bike jersey and a more budget oriented bike jersey is the quality of the fabric. The Velocio jerseys, for instance, are made with Italian milled-fabric. This higher end material feels soft and luxurious, but not everybody wants to spend the extra coin.

You should also consider the type of weather you’ll be riding in. Don’t expect the same jersey to work equally well year round.

For hot weather riding, I really love the Pearl Izumi Pro. The front of the jersey and the underarms have small perforations for airflow.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Rapha Classic is ideal for wet and cooler weather riding thanks to the merino wool blend. If it’s time to move to long-sleeves, I like the Samsara Transition which has a fleecy interior.

Number And Size Of Pockets

I pretty much always pick a cycling jersey based on the size of the rear pockets. It’s important to me to have plenty of room for all the stuff I want to carry: a lightweight vest, my phone, a credit card, snacks, a C02 cartridge, etc, etc, etc. Of all the jerseys on our list, the Samsara Every Ride and the Terry Soleil jerseys have the most storage space.

That said, pockets may be less important to you if you plan on carrying your gear a different way. If you are using a hydration pack or a hip pack or bags on your bike, you may not need so much room in your jerseys.

rear pocket

Fit and Length

Consider what type of fit you’d like before buying. If you want a looser fit, you’ll be disappointed when you get a tight racer type fitting jersey.

Similarly, the length of your jersey will be dependent on your torso length and whether you are wearing regular bike shorts or cycling bibs. If you’re wearing bibs, you can opt for a shorter jersey as you don’t have to worry about plumber’s crack.

The most forgiving jersey on our list is the Terry Soleil, while the most fitted are the Pearl Izumi Pro and the Velocio Signature.


Most cycling jerseys will have either a short zipper at the chest or a full-length zipper that runs the full length of the jersey and comes on and off like a jacket. A shorter length zipper is nice as it tends to have less surface to rub against sensitive skin, while a full length zipper makes getting in and out of bibs easier.


How often do you bike. A couple of times a month or every day?

The more often you bike, the more often you will be washing your jersey. And the more you wash your jersey, the quicker it will start to deteriorate.

In my experience, it’s worth the extra money to buy a high-quality well-constructed bike jersey. A good jersey can last for YEARS, and may be more affordable in the long run than a “cheaper” jersey.

UV Protection

Many jerseys will come with built in UV protection which is important since we spend so much time on our bikes out in the sunshine. If this is important to you, make sure to look for the feature when picking a jersey. Both the Terry Soleil and the Pactimo Ascent are made with UPF 50+ fabric.

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