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9 Women’s Mountain Bike Jerseys You Will Love

Is it so much to ask to be cute AND comfortable while shredding the trail?!  Why no, no it’s not.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for performance when it comes to a mountain bike jersey, and we’ve rounded up 7 jerseys that prove that you can have both.

These are jerseys that we’re wearing, our girlfriends are wearing, and heck, even the pros are wearing.  If you want a mtb jersey that fits well, offers bang for your buck, and will stay comfortable on all day epics, give one of these faves a shot.

Women’s Short Sleeve Mountain Bike Jerseys

JerseyWhat We LovePrice
Club Ride Deer AbbyRear pockets$60
Wild Rye SandiaFlattering fit$75
Dakine RoslynStink free, wrinkle free$40
Fox Women’s RangerSimple design$50
Troy Lee Designs SkylineEnvironmentally sustainable$55

Club Ride Deer Abby

deer abby jersey

Don’t buy the Club Ride Deer Abby jersey unless you want to buy a couple.  Not because they wear out quickly, but because you’re going to LOVE it so much you’ll want more. 

And you’re in luck because the jersey comes in an array of soft, feminine colors so you can have more than one.  The jersey is soft, stretchy, and has adorable cap sleeves.

The other thing I love about this jersey is that it has POCKETS — something that’s almost impossible to find on mountain bike jerseys. If you don’t want to wear a hydration pack, this jersey is a great pick for stashing Cliff bars.

Price: $60

Wild Rye Sandia

Wild Rye makes my favorite mountain bike shorts, and their jerseys are pretty darn cute too. If you are tired of boxy, unflattering or overly clingy mountain bike jerseys, you’ll appreciate the Wild Rye Sandia short sleeve mountain bike jersey. (It also comes in a long sleeve version).

It’s long enough you won’t have plumber’s crack, loose enough that you won’t feel claustrophobic, and pretty enough that you’ll be able to wear it to the pub patio after your ride.

The only thing to be aware of is that the fabric did have a tendency to snag–so be careful when doing laundry.

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Price: $75

Dakine Roslyn Jersey

dakine roslyn ss womens mountain bike jersey

Long torsoed ladies rejoice!  The Dakine Roslyn jersey is long enough to provide coverage to even the tallest ladies. 

It won’t ride up, wrinkle up, or stink up.  The jersey is made with Polygiene® odor control technology which we’ve found to be super effective.

It’s also simple and affordable–a good staple to have in your mountain bike wardrobe.

Price: $40

Fox Women’s Ranger Jersey

fox racing ranger womens mountain bike jersey

Everybody in my family has a Fox Ranger jersey–my husband, my son, and me too. It just works well and looks good regardless of gender or age.

Unlike previous women’s jerseys that Fox has made, the Women’s Ranger isn’t too snug and fits well even for larger-chested ladies. The fabric is lightweight and stays cool and dry on hot days.

There’s nothing too fancy here. Just a tech tee style jersey that looks good and gets the job done.

Price: $50

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Jersey

troy lee designs womens skyline mountain bike jersey

The Troy Lee Designs Skyline jersey is a top pick for sweltering summer days.  The fabric breathes well and side mesh panels allow air to flow through. 

And the fabric isn’t just functional, it’s environmentally friendly as well. All of the Skyline line of jerseys (including the longssleeve version) are made of environmentally sustainable Bluesign approved fabric.

Price: $55 at

Women’s Long Sleeve Mountain Bike Jerseys

JerseyWhat We LovePrice
Singletrack Supply Co TevisMerino wool$85
Fox DefendProtection at the bike park$70
POC Resistance 3/4Durbale, high quality piece$160
Pearl Izumi Versa Long SleeveCasual style, longer cut$75

Singletrack Supply Co Tevis Jersey

We love supporting small businesses, and Singletrack Supply Co is one of my faves. Their longsleeve Tevis jersey is made of Merino wool and is one of those peices that you’ll keep forever.

The jersey works well for mountain biking but can also double as a ski shirt, or any other conditions that require being warm AND dry. Your purchase also helps support trail advocacy–something we all care about.

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Price: $85

Fox Defend Jersey

f.ox defend womens long sleeve mtb jersey

For long days at the bike park, we love the Fox Defend.  This is the jersey that Tahnee Seagraves has been rocking, and we trust her judgment. 

The material is thin and breathable but still offers plenty of protection. There are strategically placed abrasion-resistant zones that will help save your bacon when flesh meets trail.

Price: $70

POC Resistance 3/4 Jersey

poc womens mountain bike jersey

We swear by all things POC thanks to their durability and high-quality construction.  As we would expect, the POC Resistance jersey is equally top shelf. 

The material is stretchy and forgiving so you won’t spend time adjusting your jersey. You also don’t have to worry about the sleeve interfering with your hands and gloves because the sleeves are cut short at a 3/4 length.

It’s mid-weight making it a favorite jersey for autumn and spring days.

Price: $160

Pearl Izumi Versa Long Sleeve Jersey

pearl izumi long sleeve mountain bike jersey

The Pearl Izumi Versa jersey is cut long in back so you don’t ever have to worry about dreaded plumber crack.  As of that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love, we also love the sweat-wicking fabric.  It looks casual enough for a post-ride beer but don’t be fooled-this is high-performance top.

Price: $75

Comparison Chart: Women’s MTB Jerseys

Jersey NameLongsleeve or Short-sleevePriceMaterial
Club Ride Deer AbbyShort-sleeve$6092% Polyester / 8% Spandex
Wild Rye SandiaLongsleeve / Short-sleeve$75Recycled Polyester
Dakine RoslynShort-sleeve$40Quick Dry polyester, Polygiene Odor Control
Fox Women’s RangerShort-sleeve$50100% Polyester
Troy Lee Designs SkylineShort-sleeve$5592% Polyester / 8% Spandex
Singletrack Supply Co TevisLongsleeve$85Merino Wool, Nylon and Spandex
Fox DefendLongsleeve$70100% Polyester
POC Resistance 3/4Longsleeve$160Body fabric
Pearl Izumi Versa Long SleeveLongsleeve$75Transfer (polyester)

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Mountain Bike Jersey

Type Of Riding

The jersey you want is largely dependent on the type of riding you’re going to be doing and how much coverage and protection you need.

For cross-country racing, you likely want a tighter fitting jersey with pockets. Most cross-country racers don’t want to carry a hydration pack, so having pockets is key. If this is you, you probably want to consider a “cycling jersey” rather than a looser fitting mountain bike jersey.

For casual trail riding, focus on comfort. I like looser fitting (though not boxy) jerseys that allow for freedom of motion. You’ll also want to look for a jersey that is quick-drying as you’ll sweat on uphills and cool down on downhills.

Wild Rye Sandia Jersey (1)

Finally, for enduro and downhill riding, opt for a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve jersey that provides additional protection AND has plenty of room for pads.

Weather Conditions

Riding in hot weather? Look for a jersey with mesh panels or other breathable features built in. You also want quick drying materials so you’re not soaked in your own sweat.

For cooler and wet weather, we love merino wool. It stays dry, is reasonably breathable, and will keep you warm.

singletrack supply co merino jersey

Pockets Or No Pockets

Most mountain bikers ride with either a hydration pack or a hip pack. In that case, you don’t really need a jersey with pockets.

That said, there are other women who don’t like carrying a pack (especially on shorter rides) and really like having pockets on their jersey. If that’s you, then look for a jersey with pockets–though you won’t find many “mountain bike specific” jerseys with pockets.

Material And Durability

Before buying a jersey, I always like to take at least a cursory glance at the material it’s made from. Is it breathable? Is it sustainable? Will it last a long time? These are some of the things that might matter to you.

Personally, I like to buy pieces that I know will last for YEARS. Sometimes you have to pay a little bit more for these jerseys, but it’s usually worth it over the long run.

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