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Why We Need Bikes Designed For Women With Georgena Terry

In this episode, I interview Georgena Terry, THE first person to market bikes designed for women.  She’s the founder of Terry Precision Bicycles and a pioneer in the bike industry.  Her most recent venture is Georgena Terry, a hand-built steel bicycle brand.

We talk about the origin of Terry, why women’s-specific bicycle design is important, and how despite everything that she’s accomplished, she’s always prioritized time on the bicycle. 

Georgena is an absolute force of nature and an inspiration for all women.  You don’t want to miss this interview.

Connect with Georgena:

Terry Bicycles:

Other Things We Chat About In This Episode

  • Who Georgena Terry was before Terry Bicycles
  • How she learned to build bikes
  • Why bikes designed specifically for women are important
  • The benefits of smaller wheels
  • The link between stubbornness and confidence
  • How the bike industry is still letting women down
  • How the bicycle and environmentalist go hand-in-hand

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